Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grandma's crystal at the Jones Victorian Estate

Happy Planning!

Yesterday, I met with Tiffany and her Maid of Honor, Megan. What a delight! We had so much fun! The two of them found beautiful glass vases and accent pieces from their Grandmother's and Mother's china cabinet. What makes these finds even better is that each piece has a story that will enrich Tiffany's Wedding Reception, and when assembled together, the pieces create a magical look!
We decided on a variety of three different pieces: Crystal vases for main floral arrangements (they are beautiful and each different), crystal candy or nut dishes for floating flowers (for a low accent), and crystal candelabras or candle holders for tapered candles (to mix up the arrangement). We will add additional elegance to the table with beautiful linen napkins tied with a rich ribbon.
We spent about two hours together going over different ideas and details. Megan was there the entire time. Now, she is MY kind of Maid of Honor! She accompanied Tiffany and I at the florist! She has been a true friend as she unselfishly offers a myraid of assistance and found crystal pieces to include in the centerpieces. Thank you! Thank you Megan!
Later, Tiffany emailed me what they found and put together! She even found a beautiful vintage lace overlay for her Sweetheart table. In a simple word... GORGEOUS!
I love my job!! Well done, ladies!!!
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Wedding Planner/Designer all at the Jones Victorian Estate


Are you looking for a Wedding Planner or Designer? Are you looking for some assistance with just finding a site? Are you looking for someone to help you with every step of the Wedding planning process?
Look no further!! Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, your Wedding Planner/Wedding Coordinator and/or Designer is INCLUDED!!
Let us help you throughout the planning process and be there as you walk down the aisle. It is just that simple.
Are you stuck on what to do next? We have all the answers for you!
Are your relatives driving you nuts with all their input? We will help you redirect their love!
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Are you short on time and energy? We have plenty and are glad to help!
Are you confused on this "theme" thing that everyone is talking about? We have lots of ideas for you!
Are you looking to have fun and enjoy the process? We believe fun is what wedding planning is all about!

Call today and let's discuss what is most important to you!
Michelle Gregory
Wedding Coordinator/Wedding Designer/Wedding Planner
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p.s. Thank you Joel at EMP Studios for the pictures!!