Monday, September 13, 2010

Cutesy Mini Cakes!

For Brittany and Rodney's wedding, she wanted to do something a little different for her cake design. Michelle suggested creating three different cakes and utilizing the Estate's clear, crystal stands for added height and definition. For a vintage flair, plates were hung behind the cake with ivory ribbon, so sweet!

Petite flowers were stenciled on the cake with peach centers, while others were topped with hydrangea flowers making a soft and sweet design.

Beautiful design Brittany!


Snack Time!

Tantalize your guests taste buds with these sweet, savory and salty treats!

For an after dinner snack, Brittany's Mom, Nancy, provided the supplies for a snack table with chocolate dipped pretzels, assorted popcorn: zebra (white chocolate, dark chocolate, and carmel), cinnamon toast, nacho cheese, strawberry cream, corn nuts, peanut butter pretzels, along with chocolate kisses! YUM!! Guests filled golden bags full of these sweet and savory treats!

Great idea! We loved this feature!

Erica & Michelle

Brittany & Rodney's 9-11-10 Wedding & Reception

When Brittany and Rodney came to the Jones Victorian Estate, Rodney, a marine, had two months before he was scheduled to ship out. Luckily, September 11th was available and they chose to make their special day glamorous with a military tribute!

The Swordsmen welcoming Brittany to the Marine core with a swat on the butt! Semper Phi!

For the color scheme, Brittany loved peach, pink and gold. To make those colors "pop," we also added some blue/green succulents and green and white hydrangea. The end result: stunning!

Her arch was a whimsical display of grape vine draped with greens, dahlias, garden roses, hydrangea, succulents, AND artichokes! Artichokes gave a wonderful contrast to the delicacy of the dahlias and roses.

The bouquets! For the girls a burst of color, for Brittany, classic white, ivory, green, and blue finished with a golden locket.

The head table! A display of silver teapots, creamers, sugar boats, and more makes this table simply adorable!

Table Design started with our Silver Tea Pot's centerpieces, gold chiffon overlay, peach napkins and finished off with chocolate covered apples to provide a sweet treat!

Congratulations Brittany and Rodney!! Thank you for choosing the Jones Victorian Estate and Semper Phi! We wish you many, many years of happiness and a safe journey home Rodney!

Michelle & Erica