Monday, February 23, 2009

Jenna and Jeff Murray - our Valentine's Bride and Groom

February 14, 2009
It was a Valentine Wedding day! 
Jenna and Jeff were married at the San Antonio Catholic church and had their Reception at the Jones Victorian Estate.  She had lunch with us before the wedding and was able to take pre-wedding pictures at the Estate, so I was able to see her in her gown!
The day was absolutely beautiful, but earlier in the week, the news showed a darker side of the weather. So, the Culwell's decided on tents!  The giant 40 by 50 white tent in the front courtyard was decorated inside with strings of twinkle lights while a 30 by 40 white tent in the back courtyard had old fashioned party lights strung above the dance floor. As the sun set, there were plenty of heaters to keep everyone warm and toasty. 
Jenna used white and red feathers to accent her bouquet and centerpieces, respectfully.  The feathers were her design touch that changed her bouquet from ordinary to spectacular. 
They used a red bandanna ribbon on their invitations, so we incorporated a larger red bandanna ribbon on the napkins. The cake was really fun accented by a red linen and a black lace overlay. Each layer was a different cake flavor, but all with raspberry truffle filling! Yummy!
 It was a wonderful day and I feel so privileged to be a part of it. She is beautiful, creative, and such a pleasure to work with throughout the planning. I can hardly wait to get pictures from  Joel at eckman maus photography.  I'm sure he has spectacular pictures of the lighted tents!
Here's a few of mine!

Happy Anniversary!!

      I have had the pleasure of coordinating Weddings and Receptions now for over 21 years. I thought it would be wonderful to wish all my Bride and Grooms a very special Happy Anniversary  each month here! What's truly amazing is as I sit here and look up the names of each couple, I can still remember all the incredible and special memories of  their day! Since I only had one event per day, it gave me an unique opportunity to really get to know my clients. They are now so much more than clients! They are special friends which I hold close to my heart.  Thank you so much for allowing me this special privilege of sharing in your Wedding day!! 
      Happy Anniversary to Megan and Micah Dahlberg - married at the Jones Victorian Estate on February 2, 2008!! Happy Anniversary to Mary Katherine and Rory Patterson - married at the Jones Victorian Estate in February 26, 2005!! Happy Anniversary to Kelly and Rick Kramer - married at the Jones Victorian Estate in February 22, 2003! Happy Anniversary to Margaret and Shidan Towfiq - married at the Jones Victorian Estate in 2002!! Margaret and Shidan got married at 2:00 on February 2, 2002! Now that is a fascinating day with all the 2's!! I was just wondering... did they have two children? Happy Anniversary to Cherie and Mark Childers - married at the Jones Victorian Estate on February 27, 1999!
Michelle Gregory

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Experiencing the Jones Victorian Estate

Welcome to the Jones Victorian Estate's blog spot. I will be updating the blog with pictures, anniversary announcements, helpful suggestions and much more!! Have a wonderful day and check out our website at
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