Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Favorites of Christine and Gary's Wedding!

I was able to go to JerayandKim. com and steal a few of my favorite photographs from Christine and Gary's wedding. 
For me, the day goes by so fast so I just love to go back and revisit! Come along with me and share in my joy!
Thank you Jeray and Kim Photography! 

Exquisitely lovely!

Meet Christine! I love this one!!!

Our Ceremony from the cobblestone's perspective!

The Vienna gates never looked so good! Cute Blue Shoes!!

THE ROAD SHOT!!! Seriously, they had so much fun!!! Can you see that big grin on Gary's face!! Priceless!

Christine and her Bridesmaids. They were a joy to work with!

The Kiss! I always ask my Brides and Grooms to practice their kiss especially since everyone will be watching and it can be a bit unnerving. 
Gary didn't need any practice!

Thank you to you both for allowing me to share in your special day!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Pictures of Kari and Haamed!


Kari and Haamed were married at the Jones Victorian Estate on April 28th under a gorgeous sunny day! It was a blast and now I can share a few images of their day! Thank you so much for allowing us to share in your special day! I loved working with you two!!!

Jeray and Kim were the photographers for the event and they just sent me a sneak preview!  
So here we go... 


The Jones Victorian Estate is where the fun is!
Let's plan your wedding together!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

A Ribbon Fever at the Jones Victorian Estate


Oh boy! I am having so much fun!!
It's ribbons! It's bright fun colors! It's so creative!! It's love at first sight!

Kallie's wedding is just days away and I'm working on putting the finishing touches on a few items before the big day on Saturday! She has given me the freedom to create and that's the best part.

As I think of more ideas, I take a picture and send it to her. I just love this new technology!! I want her to have the final yes or no on the projects. Here are just a few...

 With my ribbon fever, I was thinking about something special for the Bride and Groom's chairs. Ribbons!!! The bright colors of her ribbons are a fantastic and just the right touch!

Kallie's Mother dropped of two floral tin cones for the chairs... add a few flowers and waa laa! (They are artificial now but just wait for the fresh flowers on Saturday!!)

What do you do with a pretty Pink vase that Kallie wants branches in? Ribbons!! My Ribbon Fever took over! Honestly, it's contagious! I'm not done yet! I have this vase and another one, but Orange! She loved it! 

What about the cake table? Ribbons, of course! I made a ribbon skirt for the table and I can hardly wait to post it!
That's not all.... 

Look what I found? That's right... a ribbon departure!! So cute! Ribbon Fever in the best way!

Brandi of Brandi Barr Photography is the photographer for Kallie and Nick this weekend. She is creative, talented and fun! Her pictures will be so much better than the set-up photos! :)

The flowers will be Kallie's rich bright colors of Pink, Blue, Green, Orange and a "10%" Yellow to go with her ribbons, bird houses, lanterns and more!

What's your idea?
Let's get to planning...
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Color, Color, Color for Kallie and Nick at the Jones Victoran Estate!

An inspiration! Color, Color, Color!!
I just love it when a Bride meets with me and she has ideas that she is trying to impliment in her wedding.  So many of my Brides are a bit fearful at first but it doesn't last long!
It's amazing how that idea expodes with fun and detail!
Here's what happened!
Kallie met me with this photograph of ribbons, a trunk full of items she had or had purchased recently and a question of what do I do now?
I always start the say way, I ask... "Do you love it or like it?"
She loved the photograph and loved all the bright elements that she brought. 
She was in turmoil because  she thought she should have a vintage ivory and white wedding.
 I asked, "Why?"
When we started playing with all of her bird houses and place mats and I saw how much she loved the rich colors, I couldn't help but encourage her to go with what she loves!
That's when the magic began!

We are using this inspiration for the Arch and I have so many ribbons!!! I have to admit, I got ribbon fever!
This fabulous idea spread to the cake table, his and her chairs and her "Just Married" sign!!

Here are just some of the fabulous elements that Kallie brought! The rich color and textures are a perfect match to the white backdrop that is the Jones Victorian Estate. 

Place mats!! Fun, pretty and so original. We are using them on the guest tables but only half! We brought the ribbon idea back for the other half of the tables!!

So, with the ribbon idea in mind, I wove together the different color ribbons to create the place mats for the other tables! Ribbon Fever!
It's getting better and better!
Kallie and Nick's wedding is days away!
Wait until you see what we are doing!
Have fun! Be Bold!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Lisa Was Married at the Jones Victorian Estate 20 years ago!!

I just had to publish this post  of an email I just recieved today, because it made me smile! I emailed her back right away to come and visit!! Why wait for your daughter to be married! You can visit today!
 It's these precious things in life that make life worth living.

"Hello. I just wanted to say that I got married at The Jones
Victorian Estate almost 20 years ago. My wedding date was August 22, 1992. 
I loved this place and Michelle who did my wedding. It is really nice to 
see that after 20 years couples are still enjoying this place. Maybe when 
my daughter gets married we will come back!"
Lisa Dubose

Thank you Lisa for the wonderful note! 
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Amaryllis In All Their Glory at the Jones Victorian Estate

All over the Jones Victorian Estate, I have noticed the welcoming of Spring!
The planters are starting their beautiful blooming ritual that I look forward to all year.
The Oleanders, the Society Garlic, the Bougainvillea, the Amaryllis and more!
The Amaryllis flowers are extra special to me because their blooms come only once a year. 
So, today I took my phone/camera and shot a quick picture of their amazing elegance and robust color!

I think this picture means that I really need to use my real camera!

                         The Amaryllis blooms are still breathtakingly beautiful in any picture!

It's Wedding time at the Jones Victorian Estate.

Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator
the Jones Victorian Estate
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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Pure Magic of Nature at the Jones Victorian Estate

There are certain days for me that start out okay but end spectacularly. 
Saturday was just that day!
I had back to back appointments and as I was getting ready for those meetings. I needed certain supplies from my Art Studio/Awesome Wedding Supply House.
As I was coming out of the little house, I noticed about 6 or 7 Bees flying around.
I thought that it was a bit strange because even though there was vegetation on the hill, the flowers weren't in bloom yet. As I walked down a few steps, I turned around to look back and this is what I saw.... 

Under the chair was a BEE HIVE! A real live Bee Hive! The Bees weren't agitated. They were actually quite peaceful with a few just flying to and fro.
Well, I was so excited! Now, I know some of you would run in fright and I completely understand that. 
I didn't! I was completely energized!
 I called my favorite Bee Man, Jeff, and asked and urged and prodded him to  come right over. 
He Did. 
It was the most magical act of kindness I have ever seen. I wish I had thought to video tape it.
This is what happened. 
Jeff came as promised and outfitted in his white Bee-Suit, much like a white Green Lantern.  He approached the hive with slow and determined movements. He ever so gently kneed down and moved his hands under the hive. He  s l o w l y  guided them into the new bee box that he put on top of the chair. 
It was like pouring water into a glass but these were hundreds of bees. 

It took him three hand fulls and waa laa... 
the Queenie and her family were inside in a safe and lovely new home.
Jeff was amazed at how calm the Bees were and how easy the transition was. 
But, he cautioned me! There is a "gestation" period of about 48 hours to see if the Bees will stay. 

I'm proud to say, the bees are happy and coming and going to feed their family as I write this post. They are moving in furniture and the Queenie is showing them where to put everything.

                              I went up to see them and they didn't even give me a slide ways glance!
The box will be moved farther up the hill but for now, the pure magic of nature is there for all to see.

It's special days like this when Nature shows itself in such glory that it makes the world, at least for me, a better place.

Thank you for reading!!
Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator
the Jones Victorian Estate

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A New Slide Show... Shelby and Justin!


I just received this new slide show from Michael Jonathan Studios (alias Memories by Michael. com)!
I love your new name and your slide show of Shelby and Justin's wedding! It's heartwarming, beautiful, fun, playful, elegant and so much more!!

Please go to:

You won't be disappointed!! Once I receive the photos, I'll post them!! Congratulation Shelby and Justin!! Well done Michael Jonathan!!! You're the best!

The Beauty of Silver!

Ah, the beauty of Silver! I love it!
Today, my Bride, Tammy, met me over at the Flower Allie Flower Shop in Fullerton.
  Allison of Flower Allie,  wove her magic and created a mock up of the centerpieces and fine tuned Tammy's overall  floral order!
I thought it would be fun to post a "before" and "after" picture as the design comes together.

Tammy was excited to use all of our silver pieces after I showed her how beautiful her purple and magenta looks with rich silver! So, we had a start. From there, I added silver tea pots, small silver elements, silver candy dishes and of course, silver candelabras. 
In order for the design to really pop, I added silver trays.  (Shown above)

 I suggested our silver rimmed china plates for the table numbers! We added a silver boutonniere
holder and waalaa... a lovely accent with fresh flowers. (The plate is blank as I haven't painted the numbers as of yet.)
 We are using two different main elements within the overall design. Half of the tables will have a main focal point of the silver Tea Pot....
Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis Orchids, Roses, Heather, Cala Lillies and purple Hydrangea were part of  the mock up! Tammy was trilled!

And the other half, the focal point will be the pedestal candy dishes (larger top flowers)!
 Each table decoration along with either the candy dish or tea pot will include two small silver pieces, a beautiful silver tray, a silver candelabra or silver candle sticks along with the silver edged china plate for the table number!!
Is that all?

I added a beautiful eggplant satin overlay (a special thank you to Flower Allie for the fabric!) to really give it pop.  Above is another "mock up" table! The napkins will be white but wrapped with a silver ribbon and topped with a dendrobium orchid bloom.
The wedding is just a couple of weeks away! I can hardly wait!!!
Ahhh, the beauty of silver. We have it all here!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

A Different Shot!

After each wedding, I invite the Bride and Groom inside the Victorian House to share some private time together.  It's a time just for them! This is a very important transition...They just got married!!
After the tears have dried and they are ready, I then invite the photographer inside. 
 This is where the magic begins.  
At Shelby and Justin's wedding, I asked for a different photographic angle and Michael was up for the challenge...   They were to sit on the rug!
At first, everyone was a bit puzzled as to what I was thinking. 
So, I showed them. 
In the living room, the red and gold wool rug is over 150 years old. It's beautiful all by itself. When we added Shelby and Justin, W O W!  This is the first shot that Michael of MemoriesbyMichael Photography sent over for me. 

I love the back lighting and the pure elegance of the shot! 
What a Great Job, Michael!
Thank you Shelby and Justin for your willingness to try something different while having fun at the same time! 
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Daisies For Kathleen and David's Wedding Day!

I am so excited to post a few of Kathleen and David's wedding photos. I just received them from Jeray and Kim Photography and I can hardly wait for MORE!

The windows were used for the guest's seating and accented by her daisies!  They were fun and playful while adding just the right touch for her outdoor wedding.

 Here's the adorable  Flower Girl with her daisy head wreath! Flower Allie mixed a touch of Monte Casino daisies to the head piece and created such a precious accent.

I don't think I ever get tired of posting a road shot of the Bride and Groom. This picture was taken on April 7th just before the flowers were in full bloom on the drive. Jeray and Kim framed the couple with the trees and bushes to create this magnificent photograph! 

The Bridesmaid's black dresses was the neutral color that made Kathleen's daisies POP!

 Kathleen with her black accent on her dress! Just beautiful!
 And here's David!  He's the quiet type and so handsome.
 Kathleen and David took advantage of the front courtyard's Vienna Gates for this photo... another great back drop!
 The wedding cake found its home in the gazebo with the crystal chandelier above! The intricate black lace accented  the bottom layer, black dots added just a touch of black to the middle and the cake topper adorned the top layer! The vintage cake stand was weaved with black ribbon for just the touch Kathleen wanted!
 Ahhh, Kathleen's daisy bouquet! Can you see the black centers of the Gerbra daisies? Little jewels were added to the delicate Stephanotis blooms to create her "Country Sparkle" bouquet.
 With the natural lighting from the window behind Kathleen, this is one of my favorite photographs.

Thank you Jeray and Kim Photography for the photographs. Thank you Kathleen and David for allowing us to host your beautiful wedding and reception. I miss you already!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Engagement Photos of Marcie and Justin!

Here's a few photographs of Marcie and Justin at their recent engagement shoot at the Jones Victorian Estate!

It's really beneficial to be able to have a shoot like this before the wedding day. 
 It  gives the Bride and Groom and their photographer an opportunity to get more familiar with our site in a relaxed environment.  They freely  walk around and get those pictures that they won't be able to get on the day of their wedding. This particular photographer could not resist our phone booth!
For me, it's a great way to spend more time together!!!
For Marcie and Justin, August 4th will be here before we know it!
I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate