Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Post For Everyday This Month!!


I started out this month of July with a goal to post everyday or a total  of 31 posts. I have to admit that it was so difficult at times because there was so much going on!! But, I DID IT! This is my 31st blog and it's July 31st!!!

In celebration of achieving my goal of posting,  here is a collection of just a few of my favorite photos! Once I started to attached the photographs, there were so many that I love! I guess it's time for another Blog!!!!

A special thank you goes out to all the photographers that were so generous with their creative work!!!
MichaelJonathanPhotography.com (Memoriesbymichael.com), Brandibarrphotography.com, JerayandKimPhotography, EMPStudios, Michaandmeganphotography.com, joelausteall.com, and others!!

A huge thank you goes out to all my Bride and Grooms, their parents, family and friends for allowing me this incredible honor of sharing in your day!!!

Lots of Love,
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

A Vintage Suitcase Gets a New Life!

Sara and her Mother In Law, Linda, created this beautiful floral suitcase display of family photos!
It was such a lovely presentation of Grandparents, Parents and the Bride and Groom!

This darling photo of the Sara and Ryan was taking by Linda! She is so incredibly talented!!!
These  live Alyssum plants were so lovingly care for by Linda.

They did an incredible job of selecting the photos as well as the special mini frames that made this display a huge hit!

 This suitcase transformed the guest book table and was the focal point of conversation.

It was so endearing to see the photos of Sara and Ryan's Parents and Grandparents on their wedding day! What a wonderful way to display them!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Phone Home!


Over the years, our phone booth has evolved and has taken on different duties.  It began and a phone source for the Estate and its guests.  Since Ma Bell took our old coin operated phone, we have found a token replacement. 
I'm proud to say that our phone booth has come alive once more with so much fun! 
Who knew?
It's the unique backdrop for our photographers! 
Here are just a few!

Phone Home!!

Just another reason why the Jones Victorian Estate is the perfect site for your Wedding and Reception!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What's Your Hang Up?


Have you thought about a beautiful hanger to display  your gown?
Hehehehe... a play on words!
The Bridal Shops always include the standard plastic hanger, but really... it's your GOWN!

 Here at the Estate, I have thought of that little detail just in case you haven't. 
I have a collection of different colors in satin, floral patterns with a touch of glamour and even some that are vintage! 
On Etsy, the Original Bridal Hanger offers customized hangers with your name on it! 
Just think, Mrs......!

Since her theme was nature and green, this gown is surrounded by the environment!

 The Vienna Gates are an intricate detail  for the backdrop of this gown!
The Bougainvillea was a great backdrop!

Our Front Door!
No matter where you are getting married, treat yourself to a pretty hanger.  Just an idea, you can purchase the satin padded hangers for you and your Bridesmaids!! Add a silky robe in a hat box and you have a lovely gift that they will all enjoy!

Love and Smiles,
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tammy and Andrew's Photos by mystudioq.com


Tammy and Andrew were married on the Memorial Day weekend and it was a Blast!!
I just received these images from Tammy via mystudioq.com facebook. 
The colors pop and are so fresh!!

 Do you see the "I DO" on her shoes? I love the fun in this shot!!
 The ever so beautiful Tammy in the main house of the Victorian Estate.
 The main Arch decoration was breathtakingly beautiful with all those Orchids!
The cake came in a proud second with its accents on purple!
 The proud Bride and Groom, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kim!
 I just loved this photograph of Tammy's bouquet. Its richness, its color palette and its symmetry.
 The Men! All we need in the photo is some beers!
 Ah, the Bridal party. Who says men can't jump?
 This is the first arch, the entrance to the back courtyard. Simply lovely.
 The road shot...it never disappoints me.
 The farewell! At the end of the evening, the Bride and Groom are showered with fresh rose petals, lots of cheers and love!

Congratulations Andrew and Tammy! I will miss you!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

It Just Makes ME Smile!

Here's Kathleen and her Mothers! 
I found this shot amongst the photographs from her wedding and it just made me smile.

It's called a Bride Sandwich!! I love it!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade!!!


In these summer months when the weather is heating up, here at the Jones Victorian Estate we make homemade, fresh squeezed Lemonade to help keep you hydrated! Actually, we make Iced Tea too.

I was reading recently of a man collapsed from heat exhaustion even though he had drank more than 4 large soft drinks!!So, I investigated. This is what I found under the title;
 "Soda Soft Drinks Do Not Hydrate Your Body!:

"If you look at any soda label you will note many have phosphoric acid at approximately, 2.8 pH (very acidic) a soda triggers a massive emergency calcium (alkaline) flush to balance the acid. The body is safe at 7.3 pH to 7.4 pH, which means you are putting something into your body that is hundred of thousands of times more acidic that your body is! Diseases flourish in an acidic environment."

The article went on and on, but you get the drift!

The vintage Lemonade Sign adds just the touch to the bar!

So,  don't forget to hydrate and if you happen to be at the Jones Victorian Estate, enjoy a nice, tall glass of fresh squeezed Lemonade!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Surprise Visit!!


I had a wonderful surprise visit from one of my past Brides, Andrea! Andrea and Derek Tanji were married here at the Jones Victorian Estate on September 18, 2010.

They have a new addition!!

Meet Layla Tanji! She loves to smile and is so precious. And it all started here... figuratively speaking.

A big, special thank you to Andrea and Layla for stopping by! Come back and visit again soon!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

The Love Of Peonies!


A gorgeous flower that is seasonal and offers a huge romantic pop in the design.
They are light and airy while being robust and hardy. 

Here is Erica and her blush pink, peony bouquet.
 Each centerpiece was different and they all  reflected her eye for detail. They were  whimsical, romantic and artistic.  These innovative centerpieces included vintage, assorted canisters and pink depression glass.

Elise mixed the precious peonies with baby's breath for an airy and fresh bouquet. Her centerpieces were a mix of crystal and milk glass with the peonies and baby's breath and strands of pearls.

Stacy mixed the peonies with stock, roses, tulips, ranunculus and crystal broaches for her bouquet! The yellow was just the  bright and cheerful accent she wanted in her mixed bouquet. The centerpieces were a mix of black candelabras and yellow flowers!!
Denise' bouquet was a full white peony bouquet with touches of greens. The peonies soft, romantic petals matched her very feminine, ruffled gown!

 Rachel mixed peonies with viburnum and roses for her bouquet.
The ivory and blush pink peonies were a perfect fit for her style and her wedding day!

This photograph of Sara is just lovely! The peonies were teamed with blue hydrangea, greens and curly willow branches for a completely different bouquet. The tiny branches set off the ivory peonies and add another texture to the overall design.

Ashley also loved peonies but added a pop with one large magenta peony to her bouquet!

 The tables were brilliant with the use of vintage silver trays, vintage crystal vases and of course... peonies!

Thank you Flower Allie for these fabulous flower arrangements and bouquets!!

What is your favorite flower? 
Let's get together!!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate