Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Specialty Drink!


Are you thinking about serving your guests a Specialty Drink that sets your event apart?
Allison and Kyle did and we had a blast!

Allison found a  delicious recipe and nick-named it the "Ruber Relaxer!"

Allison and her Mother, Mary, were on a quest to find just the right menu board to display their beverage choices. They found this clever old door with windows! They added the process to create a chalk board on the windows!  
A back support  was added and presto!

The Bar Menu was a hit!

I wrapped the canning jars in old lace and topped it with a pearl and silver button.  
The beverage presentation was complete served over ice with a pretty grey striped old fashion straw!

The Ruby Relaxer was a great accent to their beautiful color pallet!

What's your dream?
Love and Smiles,
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The High Light Photo Booth That Highlights Fun!

Since everyone seems to be asking for, or wanting to use, or trying to find,
just the right Photo Booth Company that gives you all the options you desire at a
price that you love, I have found just that company.
High Light Photo Booth Company (formally Dragon Fly Photo Booth).
Ms. Sue Accongio makes your dreams come true. 

She has a large variety of props that are bold, creative, decorative and just plain fun!

The bridesmaids got in the act!

Yes, that's me on the Left. Who says the coordinator can't have fun? Right!

The Groomsmen and their classic attire. 
A copy for them, a copy for you and ALL the pictures on a flash drive!!

What are you looking for?
High Light Photo Booth is the company for you! Call them today at (949) 379-0049! Smile!

Love and Smiles,
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

More Photos of Allison and Kyle's Wedding! Yeah!


Okay, so I know I have posted a few photos of Allison and Kyle's wedding from September in the past but I found more pictures!!!

It's so much fun to relive the day and these photos make time travel easy!

Allison's bouquet was dramatic, bold and beautiful with the bridesmaid's bouquets!
Thank you Flower Allie of Fullerton... wow!

For the aisle decoration, we used canning jars filled with flowers and dusted the walkway on both sides of the aisle. 

The Ceremony Arch was a beautiful mix of textures with the use of curlie willow, flowers of roses, stock, hydrangea, orchids,  and the crystal strands woven in.

I love the Maid of Honor's expression at the Kiss!

What a great shot! Way to go Allison!

With such a fun Bride and Groom,  their wedding party was up for anything!!

Allison and Kyle... their time together!

I thought this was a lovely shot! The Victorian House in the back drop made them jump off the page!

Ahhh, so sweet! Brandi took this picture at a different angle on the drive. Isn't it funny how just a small adjustment makes the back drop so different!

And... one of my favorites! (I think I said that earlier!) the Rose petal departure!!! Do you see the gentleman on the left with the fist full of petals?

Into the 1952 Bentley for the get-a-way!

The end... so bitter sweet!
Lovely job Brandi! Thank you for the photos!
Brandi Barr Photography

Smiles and Love,
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

A Night View!


Brandi Barr Photography sent me over this enchanting photo capturing the Jones Victorian Estate just at dusk: The old time street lights are all aglow. The chandelier above the sweetheart table eliminating their special seating below. The blue-blue of the sky in contrast to the white-white of the Victorian House and tables. 
It's just lovely.
Thank you so much Brandi!
Well done!

What's your dream? 
Call me today... (714) 744-1608 or email;

Smiles and Love,
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Magic Window!


The elegance of the right backdrop makes the Photographers job a bit easier and a lot more creative.
Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, it's a backdrop heaven!
The front window is just one of the many many locations that I look forward to at each wedding.
 I  know what the past photographers have captured. 
So,  it's always exciting for me to see what the next photographer will come up with! 
I move furniture, turn on or off lights, adjust the drapery and the Bride's gown... anything to help make their experience and the end result, AMAZING!
What do you think?

Lovely light work by Kevin Vu Photography with the stunning Brianna Miller/Romero!
I love the tiny detail of the light from above!

 An elegant shot by BrandiBarrPhotography of the beautiful Sara Cargill/Oaks!
 I love the softness of the picture.

 Hillary Nichols is illuminated in this gorgeous photograph! I love the detail on her gown!
Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the photographer!

I loved this one of  Shelby and Justin Castells!  
Michael Johnathan Photography, aka, always gets the freshness of the natural light. He captured their joy!!!

Brandi and Josh Coker, what fun! I can see the sparkle of mischievousness in her eye as she looks at the camera. They really enjoyed the entire picture taking process!

Eric and Cheyla Snyder ! I love the silhouette!

Tammy Cho/Kim taken by Studio Q Photography... absolutely lovely!

And... Katie Schmidt/Dykler by Santiago Valencia Photography. Wow!

The windows become magical by the presence of such beautiful ladies (and men) and how each one is captured. 
I just love it!

Thank you to all the photographers and Bride and Grooms!

Smiles and Love,
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Monday, November 19, 2012

Who Is Michelle Gregory?


Who is Michelle Gregory?! 

I thought I would answer that question with some photos! 
Besides,  what a  hoot to post a couple of different pictures of me in what I love to do best...

Here's Kelly and I in an impromptu photo with my camera! 

The happy couple.. Mr. and Mrs. Blake Hill!

Here I am! Thank you Square Eye Photo!

Here I am with Kallie and Nick all clean and smiling!!
(Just after  the infamous cake cutting pictures!)

The lovely Lynne and Ron Bayles before they headed out to their new home in Oregon!!

Money Dance time with Shanntel and Aaron... me peaking around the corner!

Everyone was in Pink for Diana's special day. In fact, it was  pink everywhere!

In for a  quick hug!! Michelle and Troy Fennell and Me!!

This photo is extra special to me because not only did I plan Kathleen's wedding this year but I also planned her parents wedding...Kelli and Rick Kramer!!!! ummmm 16 years ago? 

Here's Kari and Haamed! Let's party!!

A couple of last minute touches and we're good to go!

Yes that's right... I'm on the left. Who says a planner can't have fun too??!

Joking around with Sara and Ryan!  They were so precious!

I just had to stop for just a quick pic! Thank you Sara!

Who is Michelle Gregory? I'm your Stylist and Wedding Planner!!
Call me or email me today and let's have some fun!!!
(714) 744-1608

Love and Smiles,
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

p.s. And an Officiant! Thank you Jinelle and Jeremy!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Fun With Bridesmaids!!

What can I say? These Bridesmaids are a hoot!
Thank you for supporting your Bride and being there for her!!!
Here are a few of my favorites!!

               Sarah and her ladies choice the hibiscus out in the front courtyard for their backdrop joking!

Shelby and her Bridesmaids with all the trees for the backdrop. Love it!

Hillary choice the rustic backdrop! Precious!

Kallie showed her fun incorporating the park bench! Waa Hoo!

Ashley's  close up is gorgeous!

 Tammy used the old fence as her backdrop to make them pop! Lovely!

Brandi and her ladies got close together with the old drive as their backdrop. She had eight and they fit!! So pretty!

Susan enjoyed time with her ladies in our grassy area and the sun was just right. I love the tenderness of this photo!

Brianna and her Bridesmaids showed their humor with the old drive as their backdrop. So Much FUN!

Stacy and her ladies stopped for a quick photo! Beautiful!

Shanntel and her ladies were smiles all around! Fresh and Lovely!

Kathleen's photos were a blast! She took a group shot (below) but I loved the individual photos of each Bridesmaid.  Each one was playful and showed off their personality!

 Here they are all! Lovely!!

Let's meet and start your planning!!!
Love and Smiles,
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate