Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Susan and Travis Moore!! Just a few to delight!

I'm so excited because I received the link from Joel Austel for Travis and Susan's wedding!
Here are just a few. The half of the original files were deleted but the second batch is here and I'll post more. 
For now, here are a few of my favorites!!!

Part of the Bridal party but oh so sweet!!

Travis' family with very proud Dad, Mom and Brother!!
No jackets here!

And my favorite!! Travis with his Mother Pam!

The Girls!

Show us a little leg... check out the flower girl!! She is getting into the act too!!

And now Mr. and Mrs. Travis Moore.... Here Comes the Bride!

This one I had to post, a fun perspective out in the palm farm. 

Susan and Travis....beautiful!

This is the drive shot but from a different angel. I love the softness of the moment. I love the fine detail of Susan's gown. 

I'm getting ready to download the "preferred" photos and I'll post more!!!
Thank you for stopping by!
Congratulations to Travis and Susan!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Using Nature As Your Canvas!!

One of the spectacular features of the Jones Victorian Estate is the nature that surrounds us!
There are so many different locations that make for breathtaking backdrops.
 Each unique spot is colorful and easily accessible while being diverse and playful!
We have an Electric Cart that speedily gets us to the meadow, the palm farm, the field, the old tree lined dirt road and the rock caves. 
All without getting dirty!
 I always try to have an old quilt in the cart to get into the thick of things! 

Posted here are just some a few of the high spirited images of Brandi and Josh Coker's wedding on  June 2nd!

A special thank you to John Robert Woods Photography for the creative images!!!

Here's a photo of nature accenting our gorgeous wedding party! 
This lavish wedding party was no problem for this area that is so expansive! 

 When I think of flower girls, I envision lots of flowers, bows and smiles. This delicate floral background was just the site for a darling photo!

Props! How I love them! When we all took the electric cart out to the field, I brought the quilt and this lace parasol. Little did I know how cute the end result would be!

I just love this group shot with all the bridesmaids! It feels like a great big hug of love!

  Submerged within the field of wild mustard, the quilt was just the handy element that helped make this photo totally enjoyable and relaxing.  Nature really at its finest!

                                Ahhh, and our drive as the backdrop for Brandi and Josh.
                                      The lighting was perfect as it illuminated her veil and his shoulders.
I don't care how many times we take pictures on the drive, each one is spectacular and unique!!

What can I say? Brandi and Josh with a new look for the park swing! Do you want a push? hehehe

 The Jones Victorian Estate offers unique locations that are all within easy reach!
Come see us today and enjoy nature!
It's carved out of the hills of Orange right in Orange County!

Thank you Brandi and Josh for allowing me the honor of planning your wedding. It was a blast!!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shelby and Justin!!

At last!! I was so excited to post these photographs because I had missed placed the CD!
I hope you enjoy this special day with Shelby and Justin!

 Here's Shelby with her twin brother and Mother!!
Shelby chose rich, spring time flowers that really popped with color!

 The Bridesmaids dresses set off the beautiful purple in her bouquet!
Up close, the flowers had all the elements of spring! The Monkey Tails (the curly brown accents), the yellow Billy Balls (they really are fun!), the green Coffee Beans (the cluster top right), the green Verbena (looks like mini green hydrangea), the purple Stock (Popcorn on a stem), orange Calla Lillies, orange Ranuculas, peach Roses  and the purple Sweet Peas made these bouquets sensational. 

 Justin and Shelby on the drive! I love the soft lighting behind them!
The centerpiece was a mix of live herbs and plants, all displayed on a large wood wafer. 
Shelby's students helped her make 1000 colorful origami cranes. It's a wonderful task seeped in legion of good luck and answered wishes!
So, we put cranes everywhere and had so much fun doing it too.
 I never realized how many 1000 cranes really was. I strung them on fishing line. I stuck them with a wooden skewer for the centerpieces. I draped them, tucked them, placed them and hung them!

The cranes were multi-colored and added that special touch that only they can.

Here they are right outside the Vienna Gates. I love this shot!!

Or this one on the swing!!! Love it!!

This lovely portrait was taken inside the Victoiran House. Love it!
 Shelby's hair was so soft and flowing! With the intricate design of the tiny braids, her hair style fit her outgoing personality and joy for life. The fresh flowers added that special touch and her color scheme!

The cake cutting was done with a trowel! They had met on an anthropology dig and so, the trowel was a fitting knife to cut the cake!!

I wish you two the very best! Congratulations!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pink Flowers... Up Close and Personal!

You have chosen your Gown and the Bridesmaid's dresses are ordered. Now, you are trying to decide  which flowers to use for your bouquet?
 I think the best starting point is to find out first what flowers are in season. 

Diana's heart was set on all the beautiful Pink flowers so Alison at Flower Allie in Fullerton, helped us bring the colors and textures together. 
One of the main focus of the bouquet is to accent the Gown. 
Alison came up with amazing suggestions!!

 The hot pink Ranunculas was a definite first choice for their spectacular color. Stephanotis (small, white star like flower)  with little crystals hidden inside was next. The soft, fluffiness of the pink blush peony (multi-petal flower next to the bright pink Ranuncula) was a terrific recommendation. The Country Style ivory roses (tucked between the two hot pink Ranunculas) brought a touch of romance. The Pink tipped Lisianthus  (soft petals to the left between the hot pink Ranuncula and pointy Astilbe)for its heartiness and softness was added. The pink Sweet Peas (far left) was chosen for their delicious scent! They were a must!  For the soft texture and wispiness,  Alison advised us on  the delicate ice pink Astilbe (the pointy, delicate flower on the left).
 One more item was needed ... the crystal broach accents!
  So, minus the ivory country Roses, the ice pink Astilbe and the white Stephanotis, the Maid of Honor's bouquet was everything PINK!
 The ice pink Astilbe in Diana's bouquet mirrors the delicate lace of her gown.
We started with the bouquets to find color and texture of the flowers and then moved on to the Ceremony decorations and the centerpieces. It was really a snap, once we knew what flowers we were using!!
                                    Thank you so much, Alison at Flower Allie for a spectacular job! A big Thank you again  to MichaelJonathanStudios for always supplying me with the best images!!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Sunday, August 12, 2012

How To Get Your Guests More Involved?

Wouldn't it be great for  your guests to feel more part of your event?
I think so and that's what I work so hard with during all my events. 
  So, whether its the extra service we provide with the drinks or hors d'oeuvres,  the overall service or just good ole hospitality, I want the guests to really enjoy themselves.

At Diana and Michael's wedding, the Maid of Honor thought it would be so much fun if there were headbands for all the ladies!
Since Diana's colors were pink and black, they came up with a beautiful arrangement to display all the finery!
As the ladies signed in at the guest book, they were encouraged to  select and wear a headband of their choice. I saw ladies of all ages laughing and enjoying this special gift just for them.

                                There were feathers and jewels and ribbons galore on the headbands.
They went to downtown L.A. shopping district and found some and made others!

 Even the Mother of the Groom had a special headband set aside just for her! 
Dressed in Pink for her Son's wedding, her head piece was a lovely accessory.

Either the ladies were wearing their finery for the ceremony or waited until they found a mirror to put it on just right after the ceremony!

My Staff and I got in the act too! Diana loved that everyone was decked out in Pink

The guest book/gift table is the perfect place for this presentation! 
It's the first place the guests stop and the first place to feel extra special!

How to get your guests more involved? 
With just a little bit of effort... spread the love.
Whether it's sandals, headbands, hankies, pashminas,  fans or anything else, the extra touches you offer makes the event extra special for everyone! 

Thank you for the beautiful photos!!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pink, Pink and More PINK!

I can't believe I miss placed the MichaelJonathanstudio's C.D. full of pictures from two of my weddings; Diana and Michael March 31st and Shelby and Justin April 21st!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! MichaelJonathanstudios (
So, of course, the first thing I thought about was downloading the images and posting them here!
I hope you enjoy this bright and beautiful wedding for Diana and Michael!

The welcome table was bright and playful! 
As the guests finished signing at the guest book, the ladies had their choice of beautiful hair bands to wear!
 Diana's colors were bright pink and black so the black and white polka dot linen was just the accent we was looking for, for this table!

Her bouquet was breathtaking with the mix of flowers and the mix of pink hues! 
Thank you Flower Allie for all these amazing flowers!

The Arch was decorated with full pink and white flowers on top, our crystal stained glass piece along with a tender, pink sign flagging each side. 

Here's lovely Diana!

The men wore silk, pink striped ties and topped the suit lapel with a pink boutonniere!

The tables were scrumptious! Black and white damask with full silver candelabras. 
We added vintage crystals to the arms of the candelabras for an extra special presentation.

Lovely, just lovely. 

 The Ring Bearer was all smiles as he was dressed to the top.
Even the band on his hat has a pink hue to it!
The Bridal party just isn't a bridal party without the ladies' precious best friend!

Diana and Michael enjoyed their photo booth along with the rest of the guests. 
The pink boas and hats were just the ticket!

  Since March is known to have cool evenings, Diana thought ahead and bought light pink, medium pink and dark pint pashminas for all the ladies! It was a thoughtful and beautiful gift that they all enjoyed and had the added pleasure of taking them home!!

The cake! With the pink fondant flowers and sparkling crystals, (above and below), the cake was not only delicious but elegantly pink. 

The candy station was a burst of color and flavor! 
The sweetest way to end the sweetest day!!
Thank you Diana and Michael for allowing us to share in your joy!
There is more to come....
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate