Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shelby and Justin!!

At last!! I was so excited to post these photographs because I had missed placed the CD!
I hope you enjoy this special day with Shelby and Justin!

 Here's Shelby with her twin brother and Mother!!
Shelby chose rich, spring time flowers that really popped with color!

 The Bridesmaids dresses set off the beautiful purple in her bouquet!
Up close, the flowers had all the elements of spring! The Monkey Tails (the curly brown accents), the yellow Billy Balls (they really are fun!), the green Coffee Beans (the cluster top right), the green Verbena (looks like mini green hydrangea), the purple Stock (Popcorn on a stem), orange Calla Lillies, orange Ranuculas, peach Roses  and the purple Sweet Peas made these bouquets sensational. 

 Justin and Shelby on the drive! I love the soft lighting behind them!
The centerpiece was a mix of live herbs and plants, all displayed on a large wood wafer. 
Shelby's students helped her make 1000 colorful origami cranes. It's a wonderful task seeped in legion of good luck and answered wishes!
So, we put cranes everywhere and had so much fun doing it too.
 I never realized how many 1000 cranes really was. I strung them on fishing line. I stuck them with a wooden skewer for the centerpieces. I draped them, tucked them, placed them and hung them!

The cranes were multi-colored and added that special touch that only they can.

Here they are right outside the Vienna Gates. I love this shot!!

Or this one on the swing!!! Love it!!

This lovely portrait was taken inside the Victoiran House. Love it!
 Shelby's hair was so soft and flowing! With the intricate design of the tiny braids, her hair style fit her outgoing personality and joy for life. The fresh flowers added that special touch and her color scheme!

The cake cutting was done with a trowel! They had met on an anthropology dig and so, the trowel was a fitting knife to cut the cake!!

I wish you two the very best! Congratulations!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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