Thursday, January 27, 2011


Here I am with the beautiful Pamela and the resourceful Wayne... the new Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lin.
Congratulations, I loved planning your event with you! Your flowers (by Flower Allie) look amazing.
One of my favorite parts of the Reception was when you were blindfolded. You had to touch six men's legs to determine which one was Wayne's! On the your first touch you knew!!! It was so funny!! What a great day!!
Thank you so much for the photo and including me!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bride's Choice Award for 2011


We won the Bride's Choice Awards 2011 from Weddingwire! This means we are in the top 5 percent of Wedding Pros nationwide!!!! I am so grateful!!!!

Here are the responses from my Past Brides:

Thumbs up: Tonya Schuster, Brent Galasso, Kirstie Grondorf Margalit!

Sue: Wonderful!!!! We already knew you were the best :) Love Ya:)
Tina: Congratulationsssssssssssssssssss... you are amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing.
Janai: As you should be!
Irene: Congrats on winning the bridal choice award! You must be so thrilled. I just knew you did
beautiful work... now everyone knows it too! Lots of Love!
Debbie: That is so cool Michelle. We had a wonderful experience working with you for both
Amber and Heather's wedding!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Your Road to the Future at the Jones Victorian Estate

Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, our private drive leading in is the road to your future!!
Our drive, longer than a football field, is spectacular any time of year. Whether the road is in full flower bloom or just the mix of greens, whether it's Jan. or June, whether the Vienna gates are open or closed, whether it's a sunny day or almost twilight, it doesn't matter. Our road delivers every time!

Here are just a few of my favorites from the photographers I love.
Check out the mix of style, colors and lighting that each photographer offers. They are all fresh and fun!

There are so many locations for your photographer to capture and this is just one!

No where else can you get these spectacular photo opportunities but the Jones Victorian Estate.

Enjoy the day with us!!
Special THANK YOU to Joel at EMP Studios, Memories by Michael, Jeray and Kim Robbins Photography, Wesley Kong Photography and Jim Kennedy Photography.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fun with the Planning and Fun on Your Wedding Day!


The reoccurring theme that the Brides have mentioned this year is not color or style or even decoration, but rather having FUN! They've discussed with me in detail the need to have fun on their wedding day! It seems simple enough to me but maybe not always the case. Well, one thing is for sure, they came to the right place. If you can't have fun, I ask WHY NOT? (I'm the one on the left.)

I just received a note just yesterday from Michelle and Troy that I thought I'd share as a segue and proof to this blog:
"Dear Michelle:
We wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did as our Wedding Coordinator. It was Perfect! We felt so carefree and relaxed. Many people have called to say how much FUN they had and were overwhelmed by the sense of happiness they felt at our wedding. Troy's parents wrote in their Christmas car that the Jones was "a piece of Heaven." Thank you so much for the memories! Hugs, Michelle and Troy Fennell"

I am here for you! I always say that if the planning is fun, the day will be too! Why? Because if you enjoy the process of discovering it all, the enjoyment multiples. It's simple physics.

This past week, I met with my April Bride, Hillary. She collected all sorts of wonderful items for her centerpieces and it was discovery time for us that day. We piled a linen table full and then began fitting and changing and using everything she brought. I added just a few of our items and presto! We created 13 tables that are amazing and full of life. When we were finished, she admitted that she thought the process was going to be so difficult! It wasn't! We had a great time! It was so much fun turning tea cups on their sides, adding velvet bows and buttons to vases, placing one object inside another to create a fresh look for each table.

If you and your finance are looking for not only a beautiful location but one that offers you support, experience and FUN, look no farther than the Jones Victorian Estate. I am here for you!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Something New! Astrology!!!


I recently met a wonderful woman named Sharon Martin, who is an Astrologer. Everyone knows their astrological sign but did you ever want to know more? I did and I am so glad I had an appointment with her! Her English accent is endearing and sometimes funny too. We talked about my career choice and I thought she said I was going to Korea!! After all our giggles subsided, we got down to business. Her wonderful sense of humor and her amazing talent teamed up to make my reading truly enlightening.

If you ever wanted to know a little bit more about yourself, I highly recommend a session. There is so much to learn and you'll most likely get an epiphany after your meeting. I did.

You need your birth date and time for the most accurate reading.
It was so easy and she is lovely, truly! Here she is!

Contact Sharon Martin at (760) 586-7776 or She even does phone appointments! How easy is that!! By the way, it's a wonderful gift too. Be bold, it's your life!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

White Milk Glass.... or is it?

Have you ever searched for Milk Glass and only became disappointed by the price or the glass itself?
Well, here's a solution for you!! Alison, of Flower Allie in Fullerton, told my Bride, Elise, and I about a process of turning regular glass vases into beautiful milk glass look-a-like. She found it on a MBS blog! I think any great idea is worth sharing!
All you have to do is find some great looking glass pieces at swap meets, garage sales, antique stores or better yet, thrift stores. The more unique the better the outcome! Next, make sure the glass is clean and free of tags. Line all your pieces up and spray them with flat white Kyron Fusion! Make sure you let them dry overnight. If you are worried about peeling or chipping, a clear sealer may be added. I didn't find it necessary!
We had so much fun at the florist working out all the details for her centerpieces using different textured and colored glass, pearls, ribbon, lace and milk glass pieces. Since she is using milk glass with the crystal glass as the bases for the centerpieces, it gives us another option if we can't find what we are looking for. In the picture above, can you see the difference between the real milk glass and the other?
Elise loves the idea of lots of Baby's Breath for her wedding to create a real romantic feel. We added more flowers to balance the centerpiece and walaaa! Eight different glass pieces for each table! It's going to be fresh and lovely!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Planting time!!


We're so lucky to live in California where the weather is so beautiful most of the time!! It's a gorgeous day today so I thought it would be a perfect time to add more flowers to the Estate during this dorment time of year.

Since the roses are sleeping and waiting for spring, I thought I'd plant some happy pink and yellow daisies to make the Jones Victorian Estate smile all the more! But that's not all.... Our delivery truck was filled with Primroses, Cyclamens, Begonias and more daisies to welcome spring. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers, I love it!!

I hope you have an opportunity to get outside today. I'll be Wedding planning in the beautiful sunshine and smiling the whole time.

Enjoy! Love,

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mixing and Matching in Different Ways!

I thought today I would highlight just a few features that we created here at the Jones Victorian Estate. By "we", I mean me, the bride and our brilliant florist, Flower Allie.
It is my hope that I can encourage you to be bold in your creativity and sure footed in your decision making. It's not always easy at first but it can be unbelievably FUN! So here we go....

First, here we have our vintage silver tea pots. Now in the past, we have had a singular tea pot as the centerpiece. However, look at the WOW factor, the elegance and the beauty when you mix smaller silver pieces with the larger Tea Pots. I had one tea pot pouring into the other, in a stack, with flowers drizzling out it's spout! It was a feast for the eyes! Thank you Joel at EMP Studios in Fullerton for the photos!

Next, we have an unusual napkin treatment with corks and wires. We added palm seed pods to the plate to enhance the wine bottles we used as centerpieces. The bottles were a mix of the color green, mix of sizes and all with burgundy and green floral accents! We added a vintage "Crazy Quilt" for the linen overlay and here's that WOW factor again! Wine bottles are beautiful in their mix of color and design and a wonderful way to get more out of the presentation!! Wine anyone?

Here, an old cabinet door was transformed into a beautiful keepsake. My neighbor was remodeling and I helped him by taking all his old cabinet doors. Ms. Janey Saavedra of "Liquid Language" helped with this sign by hand painting the names and date, we added the canning jar filled with flowers, the Bride found and added green knobs to the board that we used to hang it on the entrance gate leading back to the ceremony site. This was EASY and FAST and look at the impact of this feature. Gorgeous!

Whatever your color or theme is, there are countless items that can be used in different ways that can create an amazing pop to your overall look. If you don't have a color and theme yet or can't think of one, start with your gown! Your wedding gown sets the stage for all the decorations and themes. Everything should accent you! If you need help, call me!!!