Thursday, April 26, 2012

5th Year Anniversary!

This past weekend, Tony and Heidi Wang along with their son, Lucas, visited the Jones Victorian Estate on their 5th year Anniversary!
Heidi and Tony are expected another son in August so it was an extra special day for all of us!

 So, in celebration of their anniversary, here are just a few of the photographs Tony sent me!

 Below, Heidi extended her peach and green theme to the cake. Each layer was decorated with
sugared green grapes and the top filled with flowers! The cake table was draped with a sage green satin linen and an ivory lace overlay.

 Green is the color that we were able to have fun with. The vases were filled with green apples and limes topped with a gorgeous and huge arrangement!

 Heidi and Tony's sweetheart table was decorated with a low centerpiece. She wanted the tall ones for the guest tables.
 Heidi and Tony moment together!

 Our road makes an outstanding backdrop and is so beautiful no matter what time of year!

Here, the swing shot before kids!!!
Congratulations Tony and Heidi. May you have many, many, many more years of love!
Michelle Gregory
Wedding Coordinator
the Jones Victorian Estate

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pink, But Look What We Did!

Pretty in Pink... it never looked so good. 
Did you ever think of using an old quit for an overlay?
Did you ever think about using your family photos as an inspiration for your overall design?
Did you ever wonder if your little collectibles would enhance a centerpiece?
Did you ever just want something different but with a real homey touch?
Did you ever wonder how you can do it?

Well, I hope your answers to some of these questions are a responding Yes!
I'm here to help!
Look what we did with the help of Alison at Flower Allie of Fullerton and Joel of EMP Photography!

 We actually started this design with the quilt and the family photographs as inspiration.
 We added a pink Tea Pots, pink gloves, pink vases with rich texture...

 Added mini photographs of grandparents,
Added an old pink water pitcher, an old floral pink plate and... 

stacked some of the arrangements on two silverware boxes and added a delicate bouquet with lace and ribbon and waalaa... a masterpiece. Not only beautiful to look at but endearing and interesting for your guests.  Each table was different but all had a wonderful elegant feel that was so unique!

We didn't stop there! We added delicate fine china, vintage napkins wrapped in pink pearls and tucked a rose embossed menu under the napkin!

When flowers are added to the overall design, it becomes fuller and more interesting while being absolutely beautiful!

Thank you Flower Allie for seeing our vision and Joel at EMP Studios for capturing it!!

Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator
the Jones Victorian Estate

A Dance That Sizzled!


Shanntel and Aaron Hobbensiefken delighted their guests with an amazing first dance! They choreographed it themselves and I had the privilege of watching them rehearse before their Wedding.

We brought in a special checkered board dance floor that helped highlight their incredible routine! It was fun, energetic, playful, endearing and just so well done! Everyone loved it and it was the perfect kick off for the party! They set the bar high that night!

Here is how they began their first dance ...

A perfect ending to a perfect dance!
A special thank you to Michael of MemoriesbyMichael Photography! I love the pictures! You captured  the fun and allowed all of us to relive the joy!

What do you want to do at your Wedding? The sky is the limit!
Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator
the Jones Victorian Estate

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Great News!!


I would love to share this wonderful news with everyone! Katie and Teddy Dyker, who were married here at the Jones Victorian Estate on September 10, 2011, are expecting their first child!! Wow, Congratulations!!! I am so excited for them!

So, in honor of this beautiful and loving couple, I am posting some of the pictures from their wedding day, thanks to their photographer Santiago. Katie has an incredible eye for detail and loved the planning process. At every meeting,  we talked about all the  special touches that made her day her own. I had a blast working with her and her mother. I wish we could do it again!

Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Monday, April 16, 2012

Candelabras; White, Black, Silver and Gold?

 Candelabras... ahhhh! The romance and elegance of the candle's glow. 
They are a wonderful addition to any centerpiece or like below, actually part of the centerpiece!

They can be White. How about the dramatic effect of black? Here, we accented them with bright yellow flowers but any color would be spectacular! Stacy and Joe's centerpieces were breathtakingly beautiful.

 Where do you find these candelabras? I find them at Estate sales, Thrift stores, Flea Markets. They are fun and can change your centerpiece from wonderful to gorgeous.
They might be painted fuchsia or yellow,  but look past the color to the design.
You might have found a real gem like this brass candelabra!

 This candelabra is painted ivory. They are going to be paired together with Hobnail glass for a unique and vintage setting.

 Silver? Yes, ahhh Silver! It never goes out of style. Add a tall candelabra or short, it doesn't matter. Each one brings the elegance of silver and style of romance!

 Here, Kristen and David had their Hallowedding in October. We brought out the black candelabras added flowers, pumpkins, flowers, burlap overlay and a spooky table number to create their scary centerpieces that were a huge hit.

It doesn't matter if the sun sets later on your wedding day. 
Candelabras are a wonderful accessory that gives a WOW effect to any arrangement. Think about it!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate