Sunday, January 24, 2010

The little details that matter...Jones Victorian Estate!


I just want to say for the record, the little details do matter. They make a stunning difference to any table decoration or wedding! Here are a few ideas for you that I think are wonderful and affordable!!!

For her summer wedding, Rachell didn't miss a lick. She supplied her guests with colorful programs (with pictures of the Bride and Groom!), fans and sunscreen packets! In another basket, she filled it full of colorful parasols! She had painted a sign for a personal touch!

Sometimes, the little details are forgotten or discarded for lack of time or money. Think about them again.

At the bar, Rachell included a yellow (her colors) jar filled with an assortment of Salt Water Taffy, a vintage "Lemonade" sign and a chalkboard with the bar menu! All these little details set her bar apart from the others with very little effort.

Where do you find a guest book? Don't! Make one. Here, Rachell made a scrapbook and the guests picked their page to sign and write a well wish. It's beautiful and a wonderful way to capture those extra pictures you have in that box. (hehe) She found a book with extra pages and had a ball!

Here is my suggestion to you: Make yourself a board or page of little details that appeal to you. Cut out pictures and make your own collage! Take into consideration all sorts of textures (fabrics, feathers, containers and etc), styles (vintage or new wave, etc) and mix it with your colors (all different shades) for fun! See how your creative juices flow even if you don't think you are creative. It will definitely surprise you. This is the best way to begin your planning and you won't have to try to remember what and where that picture you saw in one of the magazines looked like!!!
I'm here for you at the Jones Victorian Estate!!

An accent of Blue on a Beautiful Day

I just had to post more pictures from Micah and Megan Dahlberg Photography!! See for yourself the details and the joy that they captured at the Jones Victorian Estate!!

Thank you, I love my job!!