Thursday, February 27, 2014

What Kind of Hanger Will You Use For Your Gown?

Have you thought about what  hanger you will use for your gown? I agree, It's a small detail.  I love all the components that when added  altogether, become spectacular. The Hanger is one those elements.
Here, the gown is hanging in our painted Bride's room closet. Hanger?

Here, the gown is suspended from one of our old arches. Hanger?

I always keep a stash of satin padded hangers just in case we need one for the gown or gowns, or bridesmaid's dresses. They come in a delicious variety of colors and just add an elegant touch to the overall photograph.

BUT, how about a Rhinestone hanger? If you love bling, it's a great look and a wonderful keepsake!

Where did I find it? I made it! I started with an old wooden hanger. I painted it silver then wrapped and glued the Rhinestones over the entire hanger. The silver bow was next and then an old vintage rhinestone earring completed the project. 
It's that easy. 
Do you have a hanger ready? 

Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kids! Wow, You Gotta Love 'em!

The Bridal party has been selected, so now you are thinking about a flower girl and ring bearer... or two, or three?
They are so adorable. 
See what I mean? ...

It doesn't matter if you are thinking of one or five children, remember, it's your wedding...
have fun and keep your sense of humor!!

I always have a goodie bag ready just in case! The best prize for good behavior... popsicle coupons.

Let's have a ball!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Monday, February 24, 2014

Special Photos Inside!

The Jones Victorian Estate is known for it's lush grounds, breathtaking drive and beautiful surroundings, 
it's also a magnificent venue for indoor photographs!







 I love these photographs!! Thank you!
Come see us today for your very special day!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Friday, February 21, 2014

The New Beginning!

Are you looking for a new beginning? 
How about starting one with history and elegance and romance?
What about something that you may not have seen?


Here, our road is your new beginning to fun and romance!

Are you looking for something unique?
Call us today! 
Go back in time when you were who really mattered!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Food Tasting is not just for Food Tasting!

Recently, Carissa and Lee along with their parents and grandmother, joined us for our food tasting evening. Now, our food tasting is about the food of course. But, it's so much more. 
It's a relaxing evening to showcase the centerpiece that was selected, decide on a beautiful napkin treatment (yes, napkins can be a pop of color or texture, but are an intricate part of the table decoration. Don't forget them!) and fine tune any details such as bridal table, chiavari chair color, or overlays. 

It was an opportunity to see it all together before the big day. As a result, Carissa changed the overlay from organza shimmer to a beautiful satin. And, she is considering our silver charger plates as the final touch. 

The centerpieces: silver frame, a variety of three vintage crystal vases, the table number incorporated on the crystal bud vases, votive candles, and a black and white photo...

hand tinted in her colors! 

Remember, the napkin!
Carissa did. She decided on a rhinestone napkin ring for her "roll" design ivory napkin. She loves "bling" and it was just the perfect touch for the place settings.

No matter what you are planning on serving or serving on or serving with...
keep it fun and be brave!
I'll be there to help!
Michelle Gregory

Design Feature: Cake Table or Cake Dresser?

So, the next item on the list is cake tasting! Yumm, right? Right!
So, while you are all enjoying cake, let's talk about how you would like the cake displayed!
Would you like a Cake Table?

A Cake Dresser?

I love aprons for the cake cutting because it's just so cute! Aprons make the process that much more playful while being completely practical! No cake on this dress!Even the Groom, Aron, joined in on the fun.
Aprons with deep pockets also doubles as a perfect accessory for the money dance.

Cake Table?  ....

                                                                   Or Cake Dresser?

Another photograph of the apron for cake cutting... special accessory It just makes you smile.

Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, there are lots of options to chose from...
and the cake and dessert display is just one!

Don't forget to bring the fun while planning!
Michelle Gregory

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Wedding Video Highlight - Jade and Warren!

I was just emailed by Prince Wedding Films with a beautiful Wedding highlight from Jade and Warren's wedding.
It's magical, beautiful and so lovely!
Check it out:
Sorry it's such a long address but it's worth it!!

Jade and Warren Brown - their engagement photo!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate