Thursday, February 20, 2014

Design Feature: Cake Table or Cake Dresser?

So, the next item on the list is cake tasting! Yumm, right? Right!
So, while you are all enjoying cake, let's talk about how you would like the cake displayed!
Would you like a Cake Table?

A Cake Dresser?

I love aprons for the cake cutting because it's just so cute! Aprons make the process that much more playful while being completely practical! No cake on this dress!Even the Groom, Aron, joined in on the fun.
Aprons with deep pockets also doubles as a perfect accessory for the money dance.

Cake Table?  ....

                                                                   Or Cake Dresser?

Another photograph of the apron for cake cutting... special accessory It just makes you smile.

Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, there are lots of options to chose from...
and the cake and dessert display is just one!

Don't forget to bring the fun while planning!
Michelle Gregory

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