Monday, February 28, 2011

What about the Men at a Wedding?


When I show the Estate to a prospective Bride and Groom, the Groom is always amazed that we have a "Groom's Room" for him. Complete with hardy sandwiches before the wedding, our Grooms are treated like royalty too!

Jeray of Jeray Lynn Photography - (909)709-3638), sent over these great shots of the Groom and his Groomsmen. The Bride's Mother took me up on a wish I have had for a long time. She found a special t-shirt and the Brother of the Bride wore it!!! .... Superman in my phone booth!!

Don't be left out or looked over or neglected, The Jones Victorian Estate is a site just for you!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Crystals added the Glam to Heather's day!


Heather's theme was glam, Glam, GLAM. It was wonderful because it was definitely
glamorous but also precious with a real personality.
We added crystals to the arch, the aisle decoration and her bouquet. Heather brought in a variety
of crystal vases that we filled with flowers. Each table was different and unique thanks to Alison at Flower Allie. Did you see her bouquet, breathtakingly beautiful!
We had so much fun meeting and figuring out just the right touches!

Heather and Chris at the Jones Victorian Estate!

Joel Austell of Joelaustellphotography just sent me a couple of photographs from Heather and Chris' wedding.
His pictures are so adorable that I feel like a Peeping Peggy looking at them. It's like each
picture captured their private moment but in reality, I was right there too!
Great job, Joel! Well done!
Pictured here, Heather and Chris sitting on the our swing in the grassy knoll, walking together to the swing and up behind the waterfall. The sun was in the perfect spot to capture the beauty of them and their surroundings.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our site for her and now her daughter!!


It's a great day at the Jones Victorian Estate!!!!
Kathleen and David are getting married here on April 7th, 2012.
You might be asking, what the big deal is? Isn't fun with all your brides?
My answer is definitely Yes!!!
However, What makes this day extra special for me is that her Mother, Kelly, was married here too!!!
Here's Kelly, Mom and my past Bride, with Kathleen, my new Bride!!! I had to take a picture of me and Kelly!
I can hardly wait.
It's so funny because Rick, her father, wanted lots and lots of shrimp cocktail at his wedding. In fact, I think that was his only request. So, I told him that at his daughter's wedding, he'll have his own plate heaped full of shrimp cocktail!
Thank you so much for choosing the Jones Victorian Estate and most importantly, entrusting me with your daughter and new son-in-law!!! I love my job!!!

Charming touches at the Jones Victorian Estate


I met with Sarah, one of my May Bride's, and we both agreed that we wanted to add a few more special touches for her special day!
Since, we're using our
amazing silver candelabras dripping with pearls for the centerpieces, we decided on something romantic with the
same feel for decorations.

Check this out!! (It was cloudy :) when I took the picture this morning.) I made a crystal and pearl wreath to hang at the entrance to the ceremony. Sarah is having a beautiful caligraphy card made with "Sarah and Greg" to add to the wreath.

It's a simple way to add charm and value to her Wedding. Besides, it was so much fun making it and it's gorgeous! Pearls and Crystals, I love it!

Find your own style and have fun with it! The value comes when it's just the right touch!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Wedding and Reception at the Jones Victorian Estate

I just received this note and it brightened my day!!
Thank you so much Brandi and Kyran. It was an incredible day!


This is a long over due note but Kyran and I cannot thank you enough for everything you did to make our wedding the best day of our lives. Your attention to detail, meticulous planning and kind nature helped create a magical day – one that exceeded all our expectations.

Walking up to the Jones Victorian Estate on the day of our wedding was a moment we will never forget. Everything was set up and placed perfectly - from the flowers, to the arch for the ceremony, to the napkin folds, all perfect. You took our ideas, added your creativity and imagination, and crafted an event that will live in our minds for the rest of our lives.

You made the most important day of our life a wonderful and stress free day. From the first day of planning thru the day of the wedding -everything ran smoothly because of you. On our wedding day, if we needed something you knew where to find it, if our guests were sitting in the sun, you adjusted their umbrella, if someone needed a drink, it was refilled immediately. Somehow, you managed to be everywhere, yet you remained hidden in the shadows, never taking the spotlight off the event. You truly have a gift for knowing what your bride, groom and guests need. We will never be able to express our true gratitude. Simply awesome! We hope to talk with you soon.

Brandi and Kyran

The Jones Victorian Estate is going GREEN with style!


The Jones Victorian Estate is going GREEN with my Bride and Groom, Denise and Jeff, for March! What are we doing? It's amazing! Check this out!!!

The tables will be first draped with burlap overlay for texture. It's a great idea to add a rustic, natural feel and color to the base design of the tables, besides the price is incredible! (Not shown :( in this blog) Great Idea Denise!!

Next, we are adding tree stumps (Jeff found a textured log and cut them to match) with cute
little homemade Mushrooms and Snails! The Snail is so cute with its little antennae!! It was an find!

We saved wine bottles to use for the guest tables. (Recycling at its BEST) There will be three wine bottles per table (Green, Amber and Clear)with ivory tapered candles.

Denise has cute vintage bottles of different sizes and colors that we are adding just greens too! That's right, just greens. We have really lovely trees and plants at the Jones Victorian Estate so we are maximizing the look with them. We are using Silver Dollar Eucalyptus leaves, Pepper Tree mini branches, Mesquite leaves and more!

Clumps of natural Moss and acorns and seed pods of all sorts will be added along with five amber colored votive glass holders with candles to finish the look!

What are we doing for napkins? I thought you'd never ask....
We are using brown napkins tied with twine with a sprig of rosemary tucked inside.
Now that's an incredible look, blessing nature and it's beauty. BUT THERE IS MORE!!!

Denise designed her own invitations on wood veneer! That's right. Check it out! I have one of her invitations on the top picture leaning against the stump! She said the wood cuts easily with an exacto knife to fit the size you are working with. She found a printer and it's done! (I'm getting the name of that printer, for sure!!) The invitations are already out! What an amazing presentation, their way!

Find your own way, I'll help you! That's the fun of it!
Smiles and love,