Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our site for her and now her daughter!!


It's a great day at the Jones Victorian Estate!!!!
Kathleen and David are getting married here on April 7th, 2012.
You might be asking, what the big deal is? Isn't fun with all your brides?
My answer is definitely Yes!!!
However, What makes this day extra special for me is that her Mother, Kelly, was married here too!!!
Here's Kelly, Mom and my past Bride, with Kathleen, my new Bride!!! I had to take a picture of me and Kelly!
I can hardly wait.
It's so funny because Rick, her father, wanted lots and lots of shrimp cocktail at his wedding. In fact, I think that was his only request. So, I told him that at his daughter's wedding, he'll have his own plate heaped full of shrimp cocktail!
Thank you so much for choosing the Jones Victorian Estate and most importantly, entrusting me with your daughter and new son-in-law!!! I love my job!!!

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