Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Erin and Greg Wright! The pictures are in!

Here's Erin and Greg! 
This blog allows me the special pleasure of enjoying the day once again. 
It was amazing!
I loved your woodsy style and creativity!!!

I love this photo! Her playful personality was a blast!
This is the first of more postings to come.
Thank you to Marcella Treybig Photography for the photos!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Ladders for Wedding Decoration?

Are you looking for some fun with your decorations? 
Would you entertain the idea of using ladders for your wedding?
They are rustic and woodsy. They give heigth and texture. They are a perfect backdrop for displays.
In a word, yes!
A ladder may be dressed up with a fresh coat of white paint (or color!) and some fun jewels for that sparkle Bride. 
A ladder may be paired with another for a table... the possibilities of endless. 

Here are a few examples of what we did! 

Jessica used our ladder as a fun decorative addition for the bar. We included photos of her with the Groom, their families and friends to bring out their party side of wedding planning!
 What better place than at the Bar, right? 
It was a conversation piece as well as a warm tribute!

Here, Ashley and James agreed to add the ladder with a touch of color with blue canning jars, flowers and another crate filled with flowers and plants for a special accent piece.  An old wooden tray was added to the top so their monogram "B" would bounce!
 This spot was screaming for attention so the ladder and crate design was a perfect. 

I hope you can enjoy your wedding planning process. Because, isn't that what it is all about?
Let's get together!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Another Favorite!

A couple of days ago, I posted my favorite picture from Greg and Erin Wright's wedding
 but I stand corrected!
I love two or three or ... gosh, they are wonderful. 
A big shout out to Marcella Treybig Photography for supplying me with "my favorite" precious photos. (more on the next post)

This is my favorite, really I mean it! It looks like it should be on a magazine cover! Right?!
 I sent it off the image to the "Vows Magazine" to see what they think! 
This really is a great shot! Erin and Greg look amazing AND the dogs are perfect! The dogs each are wearing their floral wreaths, they are looking right at the camera and if you look really close, 
they are smiling for the camera!
This is a keeper!

G  R  E  A  T      J  O  B Marcella!!

More to come....
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate



Are you looking for something fun and well, just adorable as a special accent piece?

I found a photograph of a heart and thought how perfect it would be to be cut out of a wooden crate! It's just a special rustic creation for any wedding!
I just love it and although it was taken by my camera, I can hardly wait
for the professional ones. 

I enjoy the little details that when added up, they create a whole look that is precious!
Enjoy the process!

From my heart to yours!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Monday, August 11, 2014

My Favorite Shot! the Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964

It's that time again when I go through the photos from a wedding and pick out my favorite!
Here it is from Carissa and Lee Artavia's wedding!

Why is this my favorite?
This is the first time any photographer has captured the Bride and her Father as they enter the ceremony site  from this angle.
I have the Pastor asked everyone to please  remain seated until the Mother of the Bride stands for the Bride. 
And it worked!
The guests are seated as she enters the courtyard, so Lee is able to be the first to see his Bride!
The guests turn and wait until Carissa and her father reach the designated spot, and then everyone stands!
It's all about the presentation!!!
I simply love this shot!
Thank you again to Gina and Ryan Photography. Well done!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Carissa and Lee Artavia

It was Carissa and Lee's day and the photographs from Gina and Ryan Photography are amazing!
Carissa chose sparkling crystals, the subtle tones of grey and silver with the rich variations of white  flowers as her main theme colors. 
Thank you for the beautiful Flowers! Amazing work by Flower Allie in Fullerton! 
She added a pop of color in the bridesmaid's dresses!

Here's Carissa with her Bridesmaids. Great Shot!

 The flowers are spectacular against the mix colored Bridesmaid's dresses! Carissa decided on a variety of blooms and tones of white for her flowers for her day.  The result... perfect. The grey shoes tied in her theme!

Beautiful Carissa with her silver satin tie.

Don't forget about the Groom! Here's Lee and he looks so handsome in his grey suit.

                                           Simply gorgeous!

The ceremony with crystals, grey satin and lots of white flowers!

The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen actually sat during their ceremony! I'm sure they appreciated it!  

The kiss... I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. 

They look great! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Artavia!
It was a spectacular day.
A special thank you to Gina and Ryan of for the fabulous photos and for getting them to me so quickly! 
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Guest Book/Gift Table

The Guest Book/Gift table is typically where the guests "sign in" at a book and retrieve their dinner seating. It's a place for the gift and a general starting point for the event. 
Why not make this table a beautiful focal point while being a practical vignette?
To give an example of what I mean, below are a couple of my favorites. 

Here, Carissa and Lee had a completely separate table for the sign in book. Rather than a table, it was a mirrored cabinet she found on Craig's list. She added a pretty lamp, a special box for the card gifts and  she made two simply gorgeous scrapbooks.   The guests had their choice of page and book in which to leave a their special note. 

I added the window and personalized it to them to complete the design. The finished product was fun, beautiful  and completely functional.

Ashley and Jim went with vintage fun! The table was draped with lace and heart burlap bunting. She made a cute card box and a instagram sign for the guests. I used vintage silverware boxes, tins, crystal, vintage places, stacked tea cups, old pitchers, an old metal arch and of course, a chandelier! 
It was perfect because during the ceremony, we transformed it into a snack table! (I'm waiting for pictures from the photographer!)

Kelly and Joey went with a family theme for their table. Family photos, their engagement photo, old family books, vintage postcards with an old toast holder to display them, her pretty fabric that brought in her colors....

Then I added the flowers, the vintage typewriter with a special typed note from the Bride and Groom, an old purse basket for the safety of the card gifts.  This table was warm, inviting and fun while being completely practical.

Hillary loved the vintage look. Her table was draped in vintage lace and she used an old suitcase with her special finds! Her guest book was created when...

the guests took their picture with the old fashioned backdrop. (Her Father made it!) The camera in the photograph was made to look like the old style! Hillary's mom and dad had a special hand in helping her vision come together. 

Denise and Jeff went with the rustic feel for their guest book table with burlap, a branch framed board for the seating cards (the pins had pebble on top), an old egg basket for the programs, a beautiful apothecary jar for the card gifts, photos in rustic frames and 

a kumquat tree arrangement as the centerpiece. 

It's another detail that you might not have put that much thought into. It's really worth the extra effort! Remember, it's usually the first detail the guests see so have fun with it.
Don't forget the card box for the card gifts! It can be an old hat box, an old sewing box, a decorated cigar box, a trunk or small suitcase, a wrapped box with a slit on the top... whatever you decide, have a safe place for those gifts!
Enjoy the process!!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones  Victorian Estate

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

And Now It's Our Pleasure To Present To You... Mr. and Mrs. Greg Wright!

Is this the best photo ever?
I totally think so!!!

I love it... the fun, the enthusiasm, their joy and the whole family!
Here, Erin and Greg are introduced to their guests via the front door of the Victorian House. 
The landing created a picturesque backdrop perfect for their presentation.
And what fun! The two of them and their dogs pose for a great shot!

Thank you Marcella Treybig of for the wonderful photo. 
I have selected my favorites from her work and will  post them here soon!

It was a great day with an absolutely fun and gorgeous couple!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Artist Erin Sanderlin-Wright!


I'm often asked about inspiration and where it comes from. Simply, everywhere and everything. For Erin and Greg, it was easy... nature!

The best part of my job is when the Brides and Grooms are open and really take an idea and run with it. Erin Sanderlin-Wright was just that Bride. She did an absolutely fabulous job with all the painted accents and enjoyed personalizing it to her!!

 Table numbers! Adorable! The old wood found a new life and they were perfect on the tables.
All the numbers together! Job Well Done!!

The Mr. and Mrs., these blanks were suspended above the Bridal table for a special wooden detail that I think was so perfect for the day. We hung them with  thick twine and added flowers and greenery for a romantic touch. 

I added succulents and logs to complete the vignette.

I have to say it... I love it!
Thank you Erin and Greg for all the fun and your amazing creativity.

Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Monday, August 4, 2014

Erin and Greg, A Warm Earthy Design

I had the pleasure of working with Erin and Greg to help them create and bring together all of their special ideas. 
Erin found some wonderful accent pieces at her work. Her wooden crates, terra cota vases, and wooden cheese board were just a few items that got us started. 

For her head table, I used small logs and branch clusters with the succulents and flowers. I drilled holes in 2" tall branches for the candles that were so much fun! I love how the burlap helped soften the table. 

Small floral clusters from the florist were the perfect accents that were tucked in between logs and branches. 

Even a lonely succulent looked great on top of a branch grouping.  

Erin was quite the artist with her handy work on the "Mr and Mrs" as well as the table numbers. 
We suspended them from wire and added greenery for a wonderful wooden type chandelier!

The hydrangea, coffee beans, lisianthus, stock and other flowers were a fresh look to the head table. 

I just love how these mini signs turned out. Up high and out of the way, these old boards came alive with love. 
Well done Erin and Greg. I think Greg cut the boards!!
Come back and see us soon!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate