Thursday, December 23, 2010

A New Slide Show at the Jones Victorian Estate


I have great news!! Michael of Memories by Michael Photography just sent me a new slide show!! Here's the link:

It has many highlights including our swing and our drive! The Swing is just one of the many, many, many locations for photos that makes the Jones Victorian Estate so wonderful! This slide show reminded me of what a gorgeous day Michelle and Troy had!!!
It was sunny and warm with a gorgeous sunset that helped make their day a fabulous event. Thank you Angels!

Michael captured the joy that made this day unforgettable! Well done Michael!

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.
Love and Smiles,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The most beautiful day in December... the 11th!


Michelle and Troy were married on the 11th of this month and wow... it was a GORGEOUS day. We decorated with lanterns and fresh greens! We added
pine cones and lots of votive candles. When the
sun set, the mix of lighting transformed the Jones Victorian Estate and highlighted the event.

Memories by Michael was our photographer and he
sent this one over for me!! I can hardly wait for more!!!

Here I am in a bear hug with Michelle and Troy!! Congratulations Michelle and Troy. Thank you for allowing me to share in your special day!


Thank you!!

Michelle (and whole Jones staff):

Thank you for being our all world coordinator! Our wedding could not have been more perfect. Everything
went so smoothly and it seemed so effortless, but we appreciate all the work that went into it.
Your positive attitude mode the whole experience such a pleasure.
Thanks a Million!
Jason and Kristen Melchor

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun and Time at the Jones Victoiran Estate


I just received photos from today! It was so much fun going through all the pictures. I would have loved to post all of them but here are a few of my favorites!!!

Here, Jill chose red against the dramatic black!! I love her choice for bridesmaid's dresses!! They were light and perfect.

Jill and Damon decided to name all their tables with actual street names! They took pictures of the street signs in Los Angeles and we displayed them on our card holders! It was a hoot!!

Their candy station
featured fun candy with a vintage feel. Candy necklaces, rings and lips were added to the display. Who says the coordinator doesn't have fun?! I'm the one on the far left!! hehehe

Remember, bring out your style and enjoy the day!!

A special Thank you!


This morning I opened up my email and found this special thank you! It's what makes my
job so special and rewarding!
Thank you for making my day!!

"we got married there in Dec. '03.  I thought of you all today,  and wanted to say thanks.  Jeffrey Brennan"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alycia and Joe wanted that vintage backyard feeling!


Alycia and Joe wanted a vintage wedding with fun and playful accents. She loved the backyard wedding theme and wanted to incorporate that intimate feeling but with a lot more guests.
She achieved that and more!!!We had so much fun planning and creating just the right touches.

The arch was probably the most challenging. We had scoured the Internet and magazines trying to find the perfect decoration for their ceremony. With a armful of printouts, we figured it out! Something completely different and yet simple and elegant and ethereal... stained glass. I contacted Sue at Maiden Glass and she created a beautiful accent piece for us. One huge request, it had to have hearts in it! Not an easy feat to be sure. She did it. We hung the beautiful bevel art piece in the middle, draped ivory chiffon on the top and sides. We then added two floral "tie backs" for a simple yet gorgeous backdrop for their wedding. My pictures don't do the artwork justice at all I am sorry to say. I will post more when I receive them from the photographer!!!

Joe helped us with the theme by carving Mr. & Mrs. out of wood for their head table. We suspended them with ribbon and then added an old croqueted lace table cloth, their family Wedding photos, old candle holders and vintage bottles filled with flowers. Thank you JOE!!

My absolute favorite was her guest book or rather her guest QUILT!!
She had cut fabric squares for everyone to sign with colored fabric pens! Each guest picked their favorite colored fabric and pen to write that special wish for the Bride and Groom! I Loved it!!!
The note in the typewriter was a thank you to all the guests and an explanation that Grandma was going to
take all the squares, sew them together and make their wedding keepsake; a warm and beautiful quilt!!! Thank you so much Grandma!!!
We added a stack of books, a strand of pearls, a vintage satin glove box with brown gloves (that matched her theme colors of course!) and an old oil lamp to complete this amazing table!

Instead of the traditional cake, they decided on a delicious Croquembouche! It was proudly displayed on a table that was layered with vintage lace of white and ivories. In the background, we added flower filled canning jars wired to old frames and washboards. Votive candles were added and presto, her theme shined through.

Thank you Alycia and Joe! It all came together and I loved it!!! Thanks again!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Square Cake with Pizazz!


We were square but we were hip! The recipe to create this beautiful dessert called for fresh flowers, striped ribbon, crystal cake stand, a beautiful rosette linen, mix it all together with a tasty cake and wahhlaaaa.
p.s. Thank you for the photos Jeray Lynn and Kim Robbins Photography

Vintage vases and containers! Talk to your Grandmother!

I had to post another blog on the centerpieces from Katie's wedding. There is so much more to say!!!

It's an incredible feeling when everything comes together beautifully and it's a great success. That is how I felt with Katie and Chris' wedding. Our ideas matched together, which matched with her Mother, which matched with the florist, which matched with the linens, which matched with the cake, which matched with the photographers! It was a wonderful day!

So many of the guests told me that their Grandmothers or great Aunts had some of the same type glassware in their china cabinet. They never thought about using them before Katie's wedding.
They loved the mix of shapes and the combinations of sizes on the tables. They wondered where she found all the glassware. EASY! We have them! It's all about the details!

I have to tell you a secret. I use my Royal Albert china for everyday plates. I have so many
friends that worry about using them. Enjoy them, I say! I love them too! I used to only see them twice a year; at Thanksgiving and Christmas, it seemed like such a waste! Now, my toast and I are treated like a Queen everyday. Try it, better yet... Use it at your own wedding, your daughter's or grand daughter's wedding. You won't be sorry!!!

Love and Smiles,
p.s. thank you so much to Flower Allie, the best florist in the west and to Kim Robbins and Jeray Lynn Photographer, you two are awesome!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We were covered!! Crystal tenting above and crystal centerpieces below!!


This weekend Katie and Chris had their wedding and reception under the protection of gorgeous clear tenting. Because the tents were clear, we could see tiny water drops glistening in the sun. The crystal water beads above and the vintage crystal centerpieces below created a sparkling event. We turned a gloomy rainy day into a wonderland of warmth and happiness.

We used the Estate's vintage crystal glass from the 1930's as the base for the centerpieces! Check out these tables!

We added champagne rosette linens, gold rimmed plates, satin napkins and crystal stemware to add to this breathtaking event!!!

I love the flowers!!! Alison at Flower Allie, Fullerton created just the look we in visioned. It was soft and delicate and simply gorgeous. Just what Katie and her mother, Sue, wanted.
Check it out!!
Love and Smiles,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Couple More from Kelly and Joey's Wedding!

Here are a couple more pictures we snapped of Kelly, her beautiful bridesmaids, and their bouquets! Enjoy!

Check back soon for pictures from the photographer!


Michelle & Erica

Cake Time! It's Sweet Inside and Out!

Made by Missy Divine Desserts and decorated by myself and Michelle, these trio of cakes were sweet inside and out! Lovely lace accented the top and base of the cakes, soft rose and hydrangea decorations, crystal pedestals, vintage decorative plates and more adorned this cake design.

Hanging gently from ivory satin ribbon, purple, green, and white plates with lavender flowers decorated the walls of the gazebo. On the windowsills, mason jars were filled with flowers.

For the main cake, a single, delicate rose accented the cake finished with a charming vintage bride and groom cake topper.

As sweet as this cake looks, guests agreed savoring pieces of chocolate with cookies and cream filling and vanilla with fresh strawberries!

Sweet Days to everyone!



Oh, happy day! Kelly and Joey's Vintage Wedding!

Oh, happy day!

Although the morning began with ominous clouds threatening with rain, thunder, and lightning, a soft breeze guided the thunderclouds away creating a blessed and beautiful sunny day at the Jones Victorian for Kelly and Joey known to friends and family as "Jelly."

When guests arrived, they were directed to the Guest book where an ensemble of vintage items and heirlooms welcomed them. A classic typewriter held a note inviting guests to write words of wisdom and well wishes for the couple on postcards.

For the table decor, Kelly and a good friend designed each table with a vintage mirror, croqueted doily, picture framed chalk board, green and clear bottles, and a mini lavender bouquet. To finish the tables, ivory napkins were tied with raffia and knotted, then topped with a sprig of lavender. The end result: fresh, creative, and beautiful!

Above, Kelly printed the bridal party information on the back of her petite chalkboards to give the centerpieces details from every angle! Below, mason
jars and fresh flowers decorate the sweetheart table atop a green printed overlay.

The wedding. On the entry gates to the wedding, a sign mirrored the design for the ceremony area with a sweet mason jar filled with roses, hydrangea and lavender sweet peas. Michelle and Kelly designed the ceremony area with clear mason jars that hung from chairs on the aisle as well as from picture frames on the arch creating a refreshing design!

Congratulations Kelly and Joey! We wish you a future as bright and beautiful as your wedding day!

Michelle and Erica
The Jones Victorian Estate

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cutesy Mini Cakes!

For Brittany and Rodney's wedding, she wanted to do something a little different for her cake design. Michelle suggested creating three different cakes and utilizing the Estate's clear, crystal stands for added height and definition. For a vintage flair, plates were hung behind the cake with ivory ribbon, so sweet!

Petite flowers were stenciled on the cake with peach centers, while others were topped with hydrangea flowers making a soft and sweet design.

Beautiful design Brittany!