Monday, November 1, 2010

Vintage vases and containers! Talk to your Grandmother!

I had to post another blog on the centerpieces from Katie's wedding. There is so much more to say!!!

It's an incredible feeling when everything comes together beautifully and it's a great success. That is how I felt with Katie and Chris' wedding. Our ideas matched together, which matched with her Mother, which matched with the florist, which matched with the linens, which matched with the cake, which matched with the photographers! It was a wonderful day!

So many of the guests told me that their Grandmothers or great Aunts had some of the same type glassware in their china cabinet. They never thought about using them before Katie's wedding.
They loved the mix of shapes and the combinations of sizes on the tables. They wondered where she found all the glassware. EASY! We have them! It's all about the details!

I have to tell you a secret. I use my Royal Albert china for everyday plates. I have so many
friends that worry about using them. Enjoy them, I say! I love them too! I used to only see them twice a year; at Thanksgiving and Christmas, it seemed like such a waste! Now, my toast and I are treated like a Queen everyday. Try it, better yet... Use it at your own wedding, your daughter's or grand daughter's wedding. You won't be sorry!!!

Love and Smiles,
p.s. thank you so much to Flower Allie, the best florist in the west and to Kim Robbins and Jeray Lynn Photographer, you two are awesome!

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