Friday, May 27, 2011

After Seven Years, She is STILL glad!!!

Stacy and Joe getting married on August 14th! (Joe is Tammy's brother!)
Hi Michelle,
Tammy Bugarski commented on The Jones Victorian Estate's status.
Tammy wrote: "Seven years later, I am still glad I called! The most beautiful, serene setting and sweet, most helpful staff a bride (and groom) can ask for! I have attended so many weddings since then and never regret my choice to wed at the Jones! Michelle is awesome!"

Thank you for posting such a comment! I am looking forward to seeing the family again in August!! It's going to be sooooo much fun!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another Slide show from the Jones Victorian Estate


I just received an email from Megan and Micah Photography showing this slide show!! I thought you'd love to see their work!

Priceless!! Turn up the volume!!
Thank you so much Megan and Micah!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A frosting-less Cake at the Jones Victorian Estate


Who says you have to have frosting, anyway? I love the design that Hillary found for her cake! This three layered confection was accented with fresh flowers between the each layer. On the top layer, a homemade cake topper made by her Mother. It was lacey and beautiful and had the special touch of having the paper couple look just like the Bride and Groom!

The Silver Cake stand and the vintage Lace Table cloth were Hillary's!

The Gazebo walls were decorated with bouquets of Baby's Breath and her vintage china pieces. It was the set that the Groom had bought for her at an Estate sale during our planning stages! It was an impressive find! The China had a beautiful lime green border that matched her theme. They even ate their cake on the desert plates from her set.

Her Mother finished the overall look with these whimsical doves that hung from a Baby's Breath garland at the entrance of the Gazebo!

Be unique! Be bold! Have fun!!!

To Prop or not to Prop... that's the question!


"Do Props really make a difference to my day or overall design? How much is to much? How do I find props? What kind and how large of props do I need? Is anyone going to really notice if I have props or not?"

To Prop or not to Prop... that's the question. Let me help!

A prop can be something as simple as an old suitcase. You can sit on it, use it for card gifts or create a special vignette. A prop can be large such as a special couch and have pictures with your entire bridal party having more fun on it. A prop can be a special old table with seating cards displayed on it, ornate bottles for your centerpieces, home made bench for photos, glass or stained glass windows for backdrops. There are all sorts of props. It's up to you! It's what draws your attention and makes you think.

A vignette of precious items, both old and new! It's easy and adds a touch of romance.

Here, Hillary's father made this Moon photo bench for the backdrop of their Polaroid pictures and we hung the fabric with stars!

If you "have" to like it, it's not for you. If you are worried about it, it's not for you. A prop is an item that makes you smile and have fun with it! A prop is an item that shows the guests who you are.
Do you have to have a prop? Absolutely not!

Would I like you to think about it? Absolutely, yes! It can add more character and detail to your event but only if YOU want it.

Be bold! Have fun! Be you!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Let's Talk Napkins at the Jones Victorian Estate!


I wonder how much thought the napkin treatment actually gets in all the wedding planning? It's simple enough but most of the time, it's over looked. It's an easy way to bring in more color to the table. It can include a wonderful treat for each guest as they take their seat. It may include a menu, a program or a thoughtful quote. What ever you do, don't forget the napkin!

I'm posting this simple detail because Jen of Jen K Flowers was amazed at the care and detail of our napkins this Saturday. We folded Candice's napkins using yellow and green, to give it a striped effect of color and then wrapped it with a polka dot ribbon. I thought...hmmm...We do this all the time. I should share this!!

So, in an effort to make easier, here are a variety of fun napkin designs that we have done here. (I have lots and lots!) AND guess what? We DON'T charge the $3.50 per napkin fee like other sites. It's part of the planning and it's included but most importantly, it's a fun detail that you don't have to do! How about that?!

Love and fun planning!!

Here, we added a pretty jewel to the knotted napkin!
How about adding a treat for each guest!
How about a satin napkin with a pretty menu with a bow?
How about adding a ribbon to your napkin and menu and top it with a fresh mini rose!

We tied this napkin with twine and added fresh rosemary for her woodsy theme.

A new Video for the Jones Victorian Estate


I just received this link for the video taken at our recent event for Hillary and Ryan's wedding. Take a peak!! It has a vintage flair and it's just yummy! (That's Bridal Coordinator's word for love, fun and creative!)   

Hi michelle!  We want to thank you for giving us the most amazing day. You are so sweet. We are loving ireland! I attached our video link if you would like to see. Hopefully you were able to see the pictures?  Thanks again-  Ryan and hillary

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bride, Boutoniere, Bird nest and Boots at the Jones Victorian Estate


I just can't seem to get enough of Denise and her wedding. Honestly, when I receive an entire CD from the photographer all I want to share them all! In reality, nobody wants to sit through every single image unless they are yours. So, I am posting them in groups so you can enjoy them as much as I am!

A huge thank you goes out to Michael for an incredible job and these photos! Check out his website at You won't be disappointed!!

Here's Denise! I love a Bride in Boots!
This boutonniere and all the flower bouquets were made with love by Flower Allie of Fullerton. We added twine to the boutonnieres and the napkins to bring her woodsy, green theme through the entire event.
Denise had found a bird's nest for her son to carry the rings with but it was so fragile. I remember seeing one in our attic. We used her nest for the arch with blue eggs inside (for her something blue) and mine for the rings! Perfect!!
We hung her gown from a tree, added her boots, the bouquet, one of your "quote" tags and presto...

Let's bring out your style today!

The new "Mr. and Mrs"!


"Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting for the first time today, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Magstadt!"
It was a wonderful and heartfelt moment as Jeff and Denise became husband and wife. What a priviledge for me to share in such a momentous moment. They added a bit of fun....

As they were presented to the crowd for the reception, Denise's son led the way as he carried a precious "Mr. and Mrs." sign.
Add fun to your event with little touches that are easy but carry a big punch.
Congratulations Denise and Jeff!
Thank you again to Michael of photography!!!!!

Paper Flower Decoration at the Jones Victorian Estate

Have you ever wondered what an alternative to real flowers would be? Now, I know flowers are gorgeous but sometimes do you ever wonder what else you could do?

Denise and Jeff had a very "green" wedding with rich elements of nature. Together we created this dramatic arch of fresh branches. We tucked in a bird's nest in one of the branches.

From high above the wedding couple and their guests, we hung ivory and soft green paper flowers. Each flower opened into a full with three dimensional pedals.

It was a easy way to add a breathtaking element to their Wedding. I'm here to help you be creative and bold. Together, we can create your special day that reflects your style and colors.

Thank you so much to Michael of for all photographs!! They are lovely!!!
Have fun with it!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Evening on the road


Of all the pictures of our drive, I have never had one in the evening.

Matt and Abbey sent this to me and I thought it was so charming. It's like a walk to their future, together hand and hand. It just seemed magical to me because the rain had stopped just in time for their wedding.
Dreams really do come true!

A special day at the Jones Victorian Estate

Yellow never looked so good!
Cup cakes for dessert! Beautiful and delicious. Yumm!!!
A kiss from the porch! Adorable and priceless!
The flower girls and Abbey at the gazebo! Simply Gorgeous!
I received this wonderful email that I just had to share. Abbey also sent these pretty pictures! They are so beautiful!!! Thank you Abbey and Matt for allowing us to share in your special day!!!

"Hi Michelle,

I was just watching the video of our wedding ceremony and toasts and I was again just amazed at how beautiful everything was!! If I didn't say it enough before, thank you so much for every thing that you did for us! People at the wedding still mention to me how gorgeous it all was and how incredible it was that the rain stopped and the sun came out! Such a special day!

Matt and Abbey Mankiewicz"