Monday, May 16, 2011

Let's Talk Napkins at the Jones Victorian Estate!


I wonder how much thought the napkin treatment actually gets in all the wedding planning? It's simple enough but most of the time, it's over looked. It's an easy way to bring in more color to the table. It can include a wonderful treat for each guest as they take their seat. It may include a menu, a program or a thoughtful quote. What ever you do, don't forget the napkin!

I'm posting this simple detail because Jen of Jen K Flowers was amazed at the care and detail of our napkins this Saturday. We folded Candice's napkins using yellow and green, to give it a striped effect of color and then wrapped it with a polka dot ribbon. I thought...hmmm...We do this all the time. I should share this!!

So, in an effort to make easier, here are a variety of fun napkin designs that we have done here. (I have lots and lots!) AND guess what? We DON'T charge the $3.50 per napkin fee like other sites. It's part of the planning and it's included but most importantly, it's a fun detail that you don't have to do! How about that?!

Love and fun planning!!

Here, we added a pretty jewel to the knotted napkin!
How about adding a treat for each guest!
How about a satin napkin with a pretty menu with a bow?
How about adding a ribbon to your napkin and menu and top it with a fresh mini rose!

We tied this napkin with twine and added fresh rosemary for her woodsy theme.

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