Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A special day at the Jones Victorian Estate

Yellow never looked so good!
Cup cakes for dessert! Beautiful and delicious. Yumm!!!
A kiss from the porch! Adorable and priceless!
The flower girls and Abbey at the gazebo! Simply Gorgeous!
I received this wonderful email that I just had to share. Abbey also sent these pretty pictures! They are so beautiful!!! Thank you Abbey and Matt for allowing us to share in your special day!!!

"Hi Michelle,

I was just watching the video of our wedding ceremony and toasts and I was again just amazed at how beautiful everything was!! If I didn't say it enough before, thank you so much for every thing that you did for us! People at the wedding still mention to me how gorgeous it all was and how incredible it was that the rain stopped and the sun came out! Such a special day!

Matt and Abbey Mankiewicz"

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