Monday, March 23, 2009

Are Swings just for kids?

Are swings just for kids? Not at the Jones Victorian Estate. We love our swing and so do my
Brides and Grooms. It's a wonderful spot to sneak away to and  relax! Besides, what a wonderful 
photo opportunity. A special thank you to Joel at Eckman Maus Photography and 
Brandon Kidd Photography!
How about taking a swing?

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers at the Jones Victorian Estate

Here at the Estate, our florist, Flower Allie, helps us create  beautiful back drops for every Wedding.  However,  we have lots of flowers too! With each season, new flowers bloom to create their own special touch to make each wedding  unique and gorgeous.  From roses, to daisies, to bougainvillea, to ivy geraniums, to lilies and  more, the list just keeps growing. 
Above, James escorted his lovely Bride, Summer,  down the aisle with the soft lavender flowers in the background. Next, with their Minister officiating, they are united in marriage under a trellis of colorful flowers.  Courtesy of Studio 7 Photography!
Come and enjoy the splendor of Spring!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love this picture!!!

I just wanted to add this picture to the blog because I just love it! I love everything about it!
I hope you do too!
p.s. Thank you Joel at Eckman Maus for an awesome photo, as always.

Take the time for those special moments!

Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, there are countless backdrops for that perfect picture. From the acres of palms, to the hill over looking the city, to the waterfalls and bridges, to the old phone booth and wine cellar, to the old rock walk pathways, to the white washed wooden fencing around the grassy knoll, all designed to be available for you! Oh,  and please don't forget, our swing!  Courtney and Michael shows just of few of the locations that make the Jones Victorian Estate so unique and Fun! A special Thanks to Joel at Eckman Maus Photography for always doing the most incredible job! 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Have some fun with your set up! Mix it up!

Recently, Judy Vo decided to add two long banquet style tables to the round tables for her guests.  These tables flanked the round tables and were placed on either side of the courtyard. Seated at each long table were the families of the Bride and of the Groom.  Together, we accented each table with their own unique centerpiece, capturing the style of each one.  The long tables had a rustic table runner with  two tall explosive centerpieces that sat at each end. In between the large arrangements, we alternated the table with petite rustic accents, fall leaves and lots of candles.  The  60" round  tables had wonderfully textured centerpieces that were low and full. 
 Her chairs were the fruitwood  wooden chairs that accented nicely with her oranges and reds. The brown shade was added to the top of the table with wooden framed menus.  Brown Coffee beans were tucked into all the low centerpieces, again offering a warm  brown accent.  I love the crisp white linens that makes the entire set up elegant. 
Try mixing up your set up for more fun and a dramatic look! Here's to Judy! Do you want something different but now costly? Let's get together and see what magic we can create!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our road is your road to the future!

     Here at the Estate, our road sets us apart! As you enter the property through large wrought iron gates, the magic begins. Making the turn from North Renee Street, you not only leave behind the asphalt but the hustle and bustle of daily life. With over 100 rose bushes, oleander bushes, bougainvillea, assorted palm trees and magnificent pine trees, this drive becomes an arbor of color and peacefulness. One can't help but drive slowly down this long, long private road to see what's next. It only gets better! 
Take the time to visit us and enjoy the splendor of real history in your Orange County backyard.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Private Estate is the Jones Victorian Estate!

     At the Jones Victorian Estate,  privacy is paramount. After all, your wedding day should not only be the way you want it but with only the guests that you invite.  Since we only have one event per day, you have the opportunity to enjoy the splendor of a time gone by.  As our Bride and Groom, you have time for those special moments that will last a lifetime. 
     Here Jenny and Cameron have their first kiss as husband and wife. Next, they take a few moments together inside the Victorian House, unrushed and peaceful after the ceremony.
     There is always time for those special pictures that sets the Jones Victorian Estate apart from all others!
     Let us help you make your wedding day, yours!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is Orange the new Pink in garden weddings? It's Orange at the Jones Victorian Estate

     I don't know if that's really true but  Amber decided on both colors and it was incredible.  If you are looking for a garden wedding, look no further than the Jones Victorian Estate. With the special florist touch of Flower Allie and all the flowers at the Estate showing their colors,  it made for some breathtaking photographs! (Compliments of

       Amber selected two shades of orange with hot pink. We 
 carried that theme throughout the entire Estate. The Bouquets, arch, cake and centerpieces all reflected these brilliant colors. We added decorative touches 
with urns on the Vienna gates, wreaths for the cherub fountains, floating flowers in the bird baths and pocket urns for the Bride and Groom's chairs.

       The overlays and the chair cover ties accented the fruit and  floral centerpieces. I love the look of fruit in the centerpieces, it gives the whole courtyard a yummy and fresh feel.  Let's not forget the menu cards too! They were a lovely 
detail that did not go unnoticed!

The arch was a spectacular backdrop for the back courtyard. The combination of the waterfalls and the bright colored flowers made this setup unforgettable.  It was just so happy! As the sun set, the tiny white lights underneath the flowers added a golden glint to the evening celebration. 
     Here at the Estate, each Bride's style is reflected! I'm here to assist you during the entire process.  Enjoy the splendor of a site that is ALL yours! Enjoy the Estate's private venue. Enjoy a family tradition! Years from now, I would love you to be able to come back and visit and remember that joy. 

The time change for the better at the Vintage, Jones Victorian Estate!!

I love the time change in spring time because I am an early riser anyway.  The mornings are fresher this time of year and our flowers are starting to show their full potential. The Jones Victorian Estate is that vintage venue for all occasions. 
I was reviewing
our photo file from last year and the colors are spectacular!  I thought I'd share some of them
with you here. The bright oranges, pinks and reds are breathtaking. The soft pinks and yellows are romantic and feminine. No matter what color you chose, it's your day so have fun with it. 
Here, Annie brought her red accent to her napkins and cake by incorporating the red gingham print.  We added different shades of beautiful red and hot pink roses, red peonies, red and pink gerbra daises and orchids to create an  amazingly romantic and stunning event. In addition to the cake, they offered their guests homemade pies (Simply From Scratch pies from  Pie, oh my, we love pie!  The homemade Lemon Meringue pies and  homemade Berry Blast pies (keeping with the red theme!) were big hits. Actually, there was cake left over but no pie! 
She had a down home barbecue with all the fixins.  Each guest was furnished with dental floss and hand wipes that were tucked neatly inside the napkin along with their menu card.  
  In keeping with her theme, I even remembered the Cherry popsicles for the little ones!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Better Deal!

I have been getting calls from Brides that are looking for the better deal. Aren't we all!! So in light of those inquiries, The Jones Victorian Estate is that better deal. We are licensed and permitted to have events and have done so for many, many years. One event at a time! With so many new homes opening up to supplement their income in these economic times, one has to be extra careful with zoning and especially parking regulations. 
The Estate has a tree and flower lined drive with its own parking lot, with valet parking.  This feature is extra comforting for those grand parents.
 What is even more important is our service. I work with each Bride during the entire planning process and the day of their Wedding. I don't hand you over to a complete stranger on your special day. I want you to have the confidence that your Wedding day will run smoothly and I will be there if you need anything.
There are all sorts of features that sets us apart. Check out our website; Let us help you make your dreams come true!
Love,   Michelle

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary to my March Brides!!

Happy Anniversary to my March Brides! Another year and I can hardly believe it. I look forwarded to looking at my list of  Brides that were married here. So, for March thank you and Happy Anniversary:
Judy and George Willis III - March 2, 2002, Heather and Chad Seaman - March 11, 2000, Elizabeth and Joey Kaewpalug - March 20, 1999 - I love their Christmas cards with all the children! They had twins like me!! Lindsey and Bill Fowler - March 23, 2002,  Olga and Ovi Virge - March 25, 2000, Angie and Gabe Torres -  March 29, 2003.
We have more from the 1980 - 1998! I will post them shortly.