Sunday, March 15, 2009

Have some fun with your set up! Mix it up!

Recently, Judy Vo decided to add two long banquet style tables to the round tables for her guests.  These tables flanked the round tables and were placed on either side of the courtyard. Seated at each long table were the families of the Bride and of the Groom.  Together, we accented each table with their own unique centerpiece, capturing the style of each one.  The long tables had a rustic table runner with  two tall explosive centerpieces that sat at each end. In between the large arrangements, we alternated the table with petite rustic accents, fall leaves and lots of candles.  The  60" round  tables had wonderfully textured centerpieces that were low and full. 
 Her chairs were the fruitwood  wooden chairs that accented nicely with her oranges and reds. The brown shade was added to the top of the table with wooden framed menus.  Brown Coffee beans were tucked into all the low centerpieces, again offering a warm  brown accent.  I love the crisp white linens that makes the entire set up elegant. 
Try mixing up your set up for more fun and a dramatic look! Here's to Judy! Do you want something different but now costly? Let's get together and see what magic we can create!

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