Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vintage Romance with Classic White!

intage Romance with Classic White!

Ever wonder if you can design your table with classic white, but do not know quite how to accomplish it?

If you're thinking you need to pop a color, here is a beautiful, timeless design with the simple elegance of white that we created recently. With layers of white, cream, ivory, and pearl, the design is light and romantic!

Layers of textured ivory and white laces atop of a striped, white satin linen creates a refreshing romantic look. The million-star and baby's breath duplicates the texture and lightness of the linens. Ranunculus, peonies, and anemones accentuate the delicate white vintage cake stands, teacups, pedestal candy dishes, and candle stick holders.

For a Romantic Vintage wedding theme, this classic design highlights the elegant richness and glamour of white.

Designs by Erica and Michelle Gregory
Flowers by Flower Allie of Fullerton, CA
Photos by Joel Maus of Studio EMP, Fullerton, CA.


Michelle and Erica

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We're Cover Girls!!


We just found out that Rachell and I are Cover Girls for the "VOWS" Magazine.
This issue
features the Mothers of the Brides, "the significant challenges and meaningful rewards," and they
picked our picture!!!
In the picture they selected, I was trying not to cry! I made a joke about going surfing in her gown. Since Rachell is an amazing surfer and her wedding was at the beach, it was a perfect remedy. We both laughed and that made it all the more special.

Thank you VOWS Magazine and Joel of EMP Studios!


If you'd like to read all about it or if your mother would, please go to:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



I just wanted to blog a HUGE THANK YOU to all the Brides and Grooms that posted
reviews of me and the Jones Victorian Estate on the I am truly humbled by
your candor and love. I am so honored to know each and everyone of you!! It is an absolute privilege to share in your most special day and I will never forget that. Thank you for choosing the Jones Victorian Estate for your Wedding and Reception.

You will never know how high your reviews lifted my spirit when I needed it so badly.
Please come back and visit!
Love from the bottom, sides and top of my heart!

Photo provided by Joel at EMP Studios!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hugs to Neil and Tracy Cullen


I received a wonderful email today from Neil Cullen. He and his wife, Tracy, were married here
15 years ago!!!! I thought you'd like to read what he said!!
Thank you for choosing the Jones Victorian Estate!! Hugs to you both.

"Today is Tracy's and my 15th aniversary - I was looking at
pictures and remembering the great time we had - Just wanted to say hi,
and thanks for the great memories. - Neil"

Don't forget your feet!!


Are you wondering what type of shoes to wear to your wedding? Why not try your accent color like Kristina or blue like Emily? As in your "Something blue!"
It's fun to spice it up! I recommend two pairs of shoes for the day of the wedding. One pair for show and the second for go!! It's really amazing how long you will be on your feet, so
be kind to them and have a change of shoes. In the past, some Brides have decorated or blinged their converse or flip flops. Whatever you choose, save your feet and enjoy your day to the fullest!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finding Your Accent Color in the Prettiest Places!!


Derek and Andrea are off to Europe for their engagement party but before they left, Andrea found her color in a cute
clutch bag!!
Now the possibilities are endless because we have a starting
Whether you find your inspiration in your grandma's hope chest, at the department store, a flea market or on-line, it doesn't matter. What matters is the fun that you will create with the Wedding planning process! I'd love to help!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Backyard charm at the Jones Victorian Estate


I love all the backyard wedding posts for their creative, vintage and intimate settings. Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, you can have the same loving, intimate feeling as a backyard wedding while accommodating your guest list.

We recently had a photo shoot highlighting our many creative ideas, vintage supplies, and beautiful backdrops.

This table was named the pink table. It got its name from an old quilt we used as an overlay. We brought out three wooden silverware boxes and set them at different angles for the base of the centerpiece. It gave the arrangement different levels to have fun with in designing. From there, we added vintage plates, framed pictures, tea pot, mini bouquet tied with lace and ribbon, vintage gloves and the large floral arrangement was an old, water pitcher. We didn't stop there!! We added vintage, Theodore Haviland china (it has pink and gold ruffled edges), white napkins that were folded with old, ruffled linen napkins and tied with pink pearls for a layered appeal and we polished our old silverware to a bright, gleaming shine! We threw in menu cards and stemware and hung old pictures in the background and presto... a warm and inviting setting for any wedding or shower. Grandma loved having her pictures displayed!!

You can do it too! Layering and adding even the simplest item can turn a regular table into a
spectacular table. Don't be shy! Ask! Everyone is always anxious to help. You never know what
might inspire you!!

A huge thank you to the best and most talented florist in the O.C.; Flower Allie in Fullerton. A huge thank you to Joel Maus of EMP Studios for the coolest pictures and most enjoyable photo shoot!!!



It is still amazing to me how fast time flys. Please come back and see us!!!

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