Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Picture of Your Gown!

There are so many locations for those special photos of you and your Groom, here at the Jones Victorian Estate. 
There's one detail that is fun that I don't want you to forget. So please, add this to your photographers list of "must haves!" 
Photographs of your Gown!!
Talk with your photographer and see what she or he has in mind. Remember,  you also need a special hanger. Padded Satin hangers are my favorite!  
It's all in the presentation and this simple, little detail will matter later. 
 I thought you'd like to see where some of the photographers have hung the Gowns here!!

This Gown is hanging in our Bride's room's closet! The closet is hand painted with vintage accessories, included  shoes with real jewels! This shot is  one of my favorites! Well done Renee!

 Here, Michael of memoriesbymichael.com hung Denise's gown on a tree in the front courtyard and added her boots in the shot! The contrast is striking!
Erika's Gown was hung from the Estate's front door! (Another one of my favorites!) We teamed the Gown with the bridal bouquets for a beautiful vintage keepsake!

Kim and Jeray took this picture with the Vienna Gates in the background. The black scroll work on the gates accented the scroll work on the gown! 

Megan and Micah took this picture of Rachel's Gown from a high branch at the entrance of the property with the Vienna Gates open. Behind the Gown, the road to their future awaits! 

This photograph was another one by Memeoriesbymichael.com that I love.  I posted it because the gown   hung in the background has such softness and adds another dimension to  Denise's boots, her bridal bouquet and one of her tags (There was a special hand written quote on each tag  for all the guests). 

This is the same gown as above but this photograph is in color and shot from a straight on location. I still love it.

It's so much fun walking each Bride into her room on the day of the wedding. Here at the Estate, we allow the Brides to bring their gown (sometimes I pick it up!), their accessories, gift favors, toasting glasses and etc, the week of the wedding rather than the day of the wedding. In that way, when she arrives everything is here and organized for her! The expression of seeing  her gown hanging in the closet  ready for her day is priceless! It's those moments that set the stage for the rest of the afternoon!

Enjoy your day with us  at the Jones Victorian Estate.
Michelle Gregory

Monday, November 28, 2011

Special gift giving that is fun!!

Wondering what to get family or friends this holiday season? Did you make a list for Santa?
What about dance lessons? My all-time favorite Dance instructor is Ms. Kathy Cocoron. She is local, right in Yorba Linda but the best part is... you can have personal one-on-one dance lessons! 
She has her own private studio so no one is watching!!!
She is so knowledgeable and a joy to learn from!!! She teaches all sorts of dances and can help you every step of the way. Call her for one date night or a months worth of lessons. You don't have to be getting married to have a ball!!
You won't be disappointed! 
It really is  a wonderful date night !!
Call her today at 714) 993-0906!!

Looking for something just for you? How about a astrological reading? Ms. Sharon Martin is a wonderful astrologer and is just a phone call away! It's a great gift for anyone. Do you want to know more about you? How about a reading with you and your honey? It's amazing what the planets know.
           Call Sharon today at (760) 586-7776 or email her at crystalclearastro@gmail.com!
Try something different and exciting!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Let's support our local businesses so we'll all thrive!
Michelle Gregory

What's Vintage?

What's vintage to you?
Vintage is all about the special touches that makes your event truly amazing. Those unique touches don't have to be expensive or large like a table but may be simple and elegant. Take vintage silverware, Theodore Haviland china and assorted vintage floral tea cups and saucers for example. They are simple decorative pieces but have a big POW effect. 

 Here, the beautiful gracefulness of the Haviland china teamed with the silver fork (with "Bride") adds the feel of yesteryear while creating a special elegance just for you.

The Haviland plates were added to the walls of the Gazebo! We began with two plates and then loved it so much, we added different sizes and lots more!! You may use any china or plates that you find or ones that Grandma has!!!

The cake added to the vintage feel with an ivory base with white  frosting flowers. The cake topper was a mini tea cup just perfect for top layer size. We finished the table with a crystal cake stand, moss green satin floor length linen with a delicate floral organza overlay.

Pictured here, the tea cup and saucer with the floral arrangement completed this vintage look to our Gazebo's windows. Each windowsill had a different tea cup but all had the same lovely color scheme.

Other items may be easily added such as picture frames, canisters, old hats and tea pots to create a look that is special to you. Remember, the items way be used in different ways! How? Turn the tea cups on their side or upside down, add candles to them or in them.  We recently used a mini tea pot for the flower girl! Katie glued it to a decorated pole and whaaalaa! A gorgeous
flower girl accent!! (I'll post the photo soon! I just received the link from the Photographer!)

Whatever you do.... have fun. Isn't that what it's all about? What's in your cubboard?
Michelle Gregory

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Please buy American this holiday season!


We can all do our part this holiday season by buying American!! The news reported that we'll be spending close to 3 BILLION dollars this Christmas! So, I thought it would be fun giving another idea to your gift giving....

       Gregory Palm Farms is a local business and has an amazing variety of palms for sale. AND, they
deliver and install. If you have a parent or grandparent or husband or wife or friend that has everything, how about a yard up-lift with a beautiful palm tree or trees! Did you know the Butia Palm, known as the Jelly Palm, has delicious seeds? Yes, they do. I make jelly... it's called Jelly Palm Jelly!! They taste like a woodsy apricot! I bet you didn't know palms have fruit!!

Palms can be for the yard; plant it in the ground or create a lovely accent with a palm in a pot with flowers or spruce up an old planter. Giving green helps the environment, helps us breathe and is a terrific gift that's American. I thought you'd like to know!

Go to www.gregorypalmfarms.com and check out all the varieties!! You won't be disappointed!!!!

I wish you the very best this holiday season.
Michelle Gregory

Picnic Baskets are definitely VINTAGE and fun!


When I look at my collection of picnic baskets, they just make me feel so GOOD.  I picture a green meadow with a soft breeze, a colorful, comfy quilt to sit on and the basket filled with goodies! I imagine this wonderful quiet and peaceful place to spend enjoying a special meal.  It's these times that we so desperately need in our busy everyday life. 
You can have this same wonderful feeling incorporated into your wedding by simply displaying them or including these special baskets (or ones like it!) in your overall design.

  How about at the guest book table? They can be stacked and a cute sign (I used a chalk board!) could be displayed on top. Flowers and photographs could be added to the open baskets to create a lovely vignette of wonderful family treasures. If you don't have any, don't worry! An engagement or funny photograph   will also do the trick. 

 These playful picnic baskets may be used for the safety of the card gifts or  hold special accessories at the bar, such as colorful straws, napkins and licorice! 
How about a basket as your cake stand! I used vintage canisters in exchange for a cake!! hehe

The ideas are limitless! Have fun with any vintage item and use them in new and different ways!
Michelle Gregory

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hillary is Stylemepretty!

Hillary just let me know that her photos were choosen for the stylemepretty blog! We had a blast planning her wedding with all her special vintage touches. I added old buttons to ribbons and other special touches, her Dad made a wonderful moon-stool for the backdrop of the photos, her Mom made the beautiful cake topper and Hillary's vision all came together!
I love vintage and the touch of home arts!!!

Michelle Gregory

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some of my favorite pictures this year.....

Here are a few of my favorite photos this year.  As soon as I receive the links of the weddings this year, I will be sure to post them. In the mean time, thank you for an absolutely wonderful year. I enjoyed getting to know all my Brides and Grooms and it's bittersweet now that the year is coming to an end.
Enjoy these as I have.
Michelle Gregory

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Guest Book Table: A table to have fun with!

I love the extra details that go into the guest book table. It's the table where the guests have an opportunity not only sign your book but also to drop off their gifts and find their seating. With just a little bit of thought, your guest book table can be welcoming and beautiful while being practicle at the same time.

Here, we found a picket fence that Kristen wanted to use to display her guest seating cards. It was perfect because it mirrored the details on her overall Hallowedding theme! (Did you see the picket fence on the cake?) At the time, we hadn't figured out what size or what the cards would look like. The wheels started turning once we found this fencing  and the family helped bring it to fruition.

 What a difference it makes when all the details come together. We started with a burlap overlay, added a Mr and Mrs. Pumpkin couple, a couple of claw votive candle holders, an old trunk for card gifts, different sized pumpkins, a bird cage with a crow (what else!),  a beautiful "Guest Book" sign and the leather bound guest book and the vision becomes a reality.
Thank you April Smith Photography for the images!
Here, we played at Shinoda's design center with the different elements that Kristen found. It gave us a perfect start and the picture preserved our vision.

Welcome your guests your way!!
Love and Smiles,
Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Cake with Spooky Style!

This cake was a spooky accent that was just so intricate! The picket fence, the ghoulish eyes peeping out of the darkened windows, the ghosts, the goblins, the bats and the grave stones, all helped to make this Hallowedding cake perfect.
Where do you get such an inspired cake? Maryann of Missy Devine Cakes and Desserts: missysdevinedesserts@yahoo.com (714) 366-8472!
The table was draped with burlap and black organza. Underneath the linens, green twinkle lights added to the fun and spookiness of the design!

"Love Never Dies" cake topper was just the piece we needed to finish this cake. 
In the gazebo, we strung spiders from spider webs and had crows looking on.

What's your dream? I'm here, let's talk!!
Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator

It was a Hallowedding!!!

Our Hallowedding was an absolute blast!! Saturday included spooky decorations that mixed with costumed guests!! I had so much fun planning her wedding with her. We painted signs, picked out pumpkins, looked for unique centerpieces, created spooky table numbers, found fun accent pieces and more! 
It was a special day for Kristen and David that was filled with spooky fun!

 Kristen found skeleton stockings and I painted a skeleton heart for the ceremony!
 The ladies all wore something different. They were beautiful! The flower girls created their own fairy costume and carried lanterns with fire flies inside!
 The men looked regal in the vests along with the Ring Bearer. He carried a coffin that read, "'Till Death Do Us Part!"
 Kristen carried a colorful bouquet that included succulents!
 Her shoes, her jewelry and her head piece all worked to create a stunning finish!
 Here's our Welcome sign at the entrance to the property along with the Ring Bearer and Flower girls
walking down the aisle.
 The ceremony was accented by Chinese lanterns and black chairs! There was no arch that day but instead we created a curlie willow back drop with flowers and pumpkins. Twinkle lights were added and  the look was complete!
 Even the table numbers had a creepy feel.  Tables were draped with burlap and black napkins were accented by a hang-man's noose and autumn leaves.
 Even our D.J., Jon Muir, was dressed up and joined the fun! Check out Kristen's votive candle holders!!
 The Father of the Bride gave his toast in the Doctor from "Back to the Future." He did wear a tuxedo during the ceremony but changed to join the party!
 Here, Kristen and David hold up a gift from one of the flower girls... mini coffins.
 Alyssia was more comfortable giving her toast with her bird costume. She even added yellow contact lenses!
 A walk down the back road was a perfect backdrop for the Couple... woodsy and old!
A special thank you to April Smith and Company for the photos! Congratulations to Kristen and David Cushman! Thank you for allowing me to share in your day!!!
What's your dream? I can help you with it!
Love and Smiles,
Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator