Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Guest Book Table: A table to have fun with!

I love the extra details that go into the guest book table. It's the table where the guests have an opportunity not only sign your book but also to drop off their gifts and find their seating. With just a little bit of thought, your guest book table can be welcoming and beautiful while being practicle at the same time.

Here, we found a picket fence that Kristen wanted to use to display her guest seating cards. It was perfect because it mirrored the details on her overall Hallowedding theme! (Did you see the picket fence on the cake?) At the time, we hadn't figured out what size or what the cards would look like. The wheels started turning once we found this fencing  and the family helped bring it to fruition.

 What a difference it makes when all the details come together. We started with a burlap overlay, added a Mr and Mrs. Pumpkin couple, a couple of claw votive candle holders, an old trunk for card gifts, different sized pumpkins, a bird cage with a crow (what else!),  a beautiful "Guest Book" sign and the leather bound guest book and the vision becomes a reality.
Thank you April Smith Photography for the images!
Here, we played at Shinoda's design center with the different elements that Kristen found. It gave us a perfect start and the picture preserved our vision.

Welcome your guests your way!!
Love and Smiles,
Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator

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