Monday, November 28, 2011

What's Vintage?

What's vintage to you?
Vintage is all about the special touches that makes your event truly amazing. Those unique touches don't have to be expensive or large like a table but may be simple and elegant. Take vintage silverware, Theodore Haviland china and assorted vintage floral tea cups and saucers for example. They are simple decorative pieces but have a big POW effect. 

 Here, the beautiful gracefulness of the Haviland china teamed with the silver fork (with "Bride") adds the feel of yesteryear while creating a special elegance just for you.

The Haviland plates were added to the walls of the Gazebo! We began with two plates and then loved it so much, we added different sizes and lots more!! You may use any china or plates that you find or ones that Grandma has!!!

The cake added to the vintage feel with an ivory base with white  frosting flowers. The cake topper was a mini tea cup just perfect for top layer size. We finished the table with a crystal cake stand, moss green satin floor length linen with a delicate floral organza overlay.

Pictured here, the tea cup and saucer with the floral arrangement completed this vintage look to our Gazebo's windows. Each windowsill had a different tea cup but all had the same lovely color scheme.

Other items may be easily added such as picture frames, canisters, old hats and tea pots to create a look that is special to you. Remember, the items way be used in different ways! How? Turn the tea cups on their side or upside down, add candles to them or in them.  We recently used a mini tea pot for the flower girl! Katie glued it to a decorated pole and whaaalaa! A gorgeous
flower girl accent!! (I'll post the photo soon! I just received the link from the Photographer!)

Whatever you do.... have fun. Isn't that what it's all about? What's in your cubboard?
Michelle Gregory

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