Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Picture of Your Gown!

There are so many locations for those special photos of you and your Groom, here at the Jones Victorian Estate. 
There's one detail that is fun that I don't want you to forget. So please, add this to your photographers list of "must haves!" 
Photographs of your Gown!!
Talk with your photographer and see what she or he has in mind. Remember,  you also need a special hanger. Padded Satin hangers are my favorite!  
It's all in the presentation and this simple, little detail will matter later. 
 I thought you'd like to see where some of the photographers have hung the Gowns here!!

This Gown is hanging in our Bride's room's closet! The closet is hand painted with vintage accessories, included  shoes with real jewels! This shot is  one of my favorites! Well done Renee!

 Here, Michael of memoriesbymichael.com hung Denise's gown on a tree in the front courtyard and added her boots in the shot! The contrast is striking!
Erika's Gown was hung from the Estate's front door! (Another one of my favorites!) We teamed the Gown with the bridal bouquets for a beautiful vintage keepsake!

Kim and Jeray took this picture with the Vienna Gates in the background. The black scroll work on the gates accented the scroll work on the gown! 

Megan and Micah took this picture of Rachel's Gown from a high branch at the entrance of the property with the Vienna Gates open. Behind the Gown, the road to their future awaits! 

This photograph was another one by Memeoriesbymichael.com that I love.  I posted it because the gown   hung in the background has such softness and adds another dimension to  Denise's boots, her bridal bouquet and one of her tags (There was a special hand written quote on each tag  for all the guests). 

This is the same gown as above but this photograph is in color and shot from a straight on location. I still love it.

It's so much fun walking each Bride into her room on the day of the wedding. Here at the Estate, we allow the Brides to bring their gown (sometimes I pick it up!), their accessories, gift favors, toasting glasses and etc, the week of the wedding rather than the day of the wedding. In that way, when she arrives everything is here and organized for her! The expression of seeing  her gown hanging in the closet  ready for her day is priceless! It's those moments that set the stage for the rest of the afternoon!

Enjoy your day with us  at the Jones Victorian Estate.
Michelle Gregory

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