Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Picnic Baskets are definitely VINTAGE and fun!


When I look at my collection of picnic baskets, they just make me feel so GOOD.  I picture a green meadow with a soft breeze, a colorful, comfy quilt to sit on and the basket filled with goodies! I imagine this wonderful quiet and peaceful place to spend enjoying a special meal.  It's these times that we so desperately need in our busy everyday life. 
You can have this same wonderful feeling incorporated into your wedding by simply displaying them or including these special baskets (or ones like it!) in your overall design.

  How about at the guest book table? They can be stacked and a cute sign (I used a chalk board!) could be displayed on top. Flowers and photographs could be added to the open baskets to create a lovely vignette of wonderful family treasures. If you don't have any, don't worry! An engagement or funny photograph   will also do the trick. 

 These playful picnic baskets may be used for the safety of the card gifts or  hold special accessories at the bar, such as colorful straws, napkins and licorice! 
How about a basket as your cake stand! I used vintage canisters in exchange for a cake!! hehe

The ideas are limitless! Have fun with any vintage item and use them in new and different ways!
Michelle Gregory

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