Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vintage Wine & Garden at the Jones Victorian Estate

Wine me and dine me please in this over the top table design!

Love to go wine tasting or take a drive and explore
California's wine country?

This table has all the elegance and flavor of an upscale wine tasting with a wine cellar backdrop, vintage velvet chairs from the 1890’s mirroring the turn-of-the-century velvet patch-work quilt, and wine inspired centerpiece design.

This Vintage wine table hosts a large wine jug, courtesy of FOUND vintage
rentals, green wine glasses and mini vases, topped with succulents, red
roses, dahlias, and
palm seeds.

For an elegant Vintage wine inspired place setting and napkin design, we utilized the Estate's Prince Albert gold edged plates and placed them atop gold chargers with a burgundy napkin tied with gold twine and a wine cork! And to finish the desing, palm seeds mirroring grapes rested on the gold chargers.

And don't forget about those little details! Adorning the entrance to the Estate's old wine cellar,
a vintage crate and wine jug are decorated with moss, leaves and bottles.

Designed by Michelle & Erica Gregory of the Jones Victorian Estate and Alison Becker of Flower Allie!!


Monday, July 19, 2010

"Eclipse" and the Jones Victorian Estate


I forgot how much fun going to the movies with 12 and 13 year olds really is! We saw Twilight's latest saga: Eclipse. We went representing, "Team Jacob!" I felt a wee bit
silly covering my eyes at the fight scenes and tearing up when Jake got hurt, butthere
is a wedding pending and that's right up my alley!!

So, I can hardly wait to see what the decorations and ceremony will be like in the next
saga! You can bet I'll be there with the giggling, sighing and crying 12 and 13 year olds!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Romantic and Beautiful... Michelle and Sky!

The planning seemed so far away and then all of a sudden, it was Michelle and Sky's wedding day! A romantic backdrop for the ceremony and stunning table decorations were created with purples, lavender, blues and soft pink flowers. The lilac napkins were tied with a raspberry ribbon that Michelle and I thought might not work.
After putting the tables together... waaaalaaa! It's perfect and stunning. Since the couple is from San Francisco, everyone enjoyed the weather that cooperated with a cooler day. Wayne of Wayne Toshikazu Photography was a pleasure to work with. Here are a few of the pictures he sent! He even stayed to the end for our rose petal exit!!!
Congratulations Michelle and Sky!
Love and Smiles,

"This beautiful wedding took place at the Jones Victorian Estate in Orange, CA, a wonderful little historic venue built in 1881. What’s funny is that I lived in Orange for about 10 years and never knew this little gem even existed. I definitely recommend this venue if you’re looking for a beautiful, full service location where the venue can take care of nearly all of the needs for your wedding day in-house.

Thanks as well to Michelle Gregory and her wonderful staff at the Estate for her wonderful coordination services. It certainly made my job a lot easier the day of." by Wayne Toshikazu Photography; waynetoshikasu.com

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Wonderful Thank you!

Spreading the Love!

I recently recieved a "thank you" from the Brandel's, parents of Kristen Brandel, my June 13th bride and wanted to share such a wonderful thank you note!

"Dear Michelle,

We want to thank you for the guidance, organization, enthusiasm, and service you provided to Kristen and Jason before and on the day of their wedding, June 13th. You enabled us to enjoy the day completely, without fears or reservations. We were all relaxed and ready for the celebration.

Thank you also for the refreshing and tasty food and drink. Our guests were all smiles, sitting under the umbrellas, taking in the ambiance of your Estate.

Carrie & Paul Brandel"

Your are most welcome Carrie & Paul! Thank you for choosing the Jones Victorian Estate and allowing me to be such a special part of your childrens beautiful event!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Romantic Wedding Pictures in the Parlour!

Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, we have so many beautiful places for picture opportunities! Just look at these romantic pictures! These pictures were taken in the Estate's vintage Parlour room!

With the glow of the afternoon sun streaming in through the large picturesque windows, the Parlour and our Bride and Groom's sparkled!

Thank you to Lauren and Ryan DeMotta, and Rachel for sharing your beautiful pictures! And a job well-done to Micah and Megan Dahlberg and Bryan Gordon for the beautiful picture photography!


Pamela and Wei Liu

Greetings from Pamela and Wei!

I had the pleasure of assisting Pamela and Wei plan their wedding at the Jones Victorian Estate about three months ago. They were so thoughtful to share a few pictures from their wedding!

Together, we planned an afternoon, garden wedding with sweet pink and green accents, as you can see from her beautfiul boquet of blushing, pink roses and peonies. To satisfy their guests' sweet tooths, they chose Croquembouche with bavarian and strawberry cream topped with Kiwi sauce to complement the theme of their wedding.

Here is a note from them:

"Hope you enjoy the pictures!! Again, tons of appreciation from Wei & I for your assitance of our wedding!! You're the best!

Best regards,
Pamela & Wei"

Thank you Pamela and Wei! I had so much fun getting to know you both. Thank you for enabling me to take part in your beautiful wedding!

Love and Smiles,


Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Celebration Parade in Orange, Ca


Today, I had so much fun riding in our 1952 Bentley in the Orange Park Acres 4th of July Parade!
It's a down-home celebration that everyone can enjoy! If you missed it, mark your calendar for
next year! You won't be disappointed.

I decorated the car with red, white and blue ribbons. Alison at Flower Allie made beautiful
arrangements for the front and back bumpers of the vehicle. I tied ribbons with cans to the back bumper to drag behind! I loved the noise it made and everyone heard us comin'. On each side of the car, I attached a sign that read:
Weddings and Receptions
The Jones Victorian Estate

The responses were adorable! Comments like: "Will you want to do it today?", "How much money do you have?", "Can my wife come to?", "Can I get back with you?", and finally from
one of the judges (I didn't even know there was going to be judges when we signed up!), he
said YES!! It was so much fun and so many people got a great chuckle from it!

We threw hand fulls of candy out the windows to the eagerly awaiting hands of the many children along the parade route. "Happy 4th of July, Happy 4th of July!" rang out all along the route!

Thank you so much to the beautiful and talented Ms. Fran Klovstad, the Grand Marshall, for the invitation. If you have never been to Orange, take a stroll. Our city is so diversified and beautiful with amazing people.

Orange Park Acres, you won my heart!!! My vote is for NO-rezoning! Let's keep Orange Park Acres an equestrian community it has always been! Parades like
this are so few and far between. It's the love of community that rings clear. Let's not change that!!
Thank you so much!!!! Lots and Lots of love!