Friday, July 29, 2011

A New Slide Show!!!


We just received a sneak peak slide show from Micah and Megan Photographers!

Please check it out:

Michelle Gregory

Our Park Swing!


Here, Shanntel and Aaron take a moment just to enjoy!! They are so sweet!!! Actually, it's bittersweet because they are married now and our planning is complete. Please come back
and visit!!!

I just L O V E our swing and the romance that it invokes. Take a moment out of your day and savor it!

Thank you to Michael and photography. It is ALWAYS a pleasure
to work with you.

Smiles and love,
Michelle Gregory

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Personal touches are our specialties at the Jones Victorian Estate!


Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, I work with you on a personal bases to help you every step of the way. Are their special elements that you hold dear but you don't know how on earth
you could incorporate them?

Do you have old photos of your family that you love? How about displaying them for everyone to enjoy! Here, this table had a host of elements that were special to the Bride. We incorporated them on their special table! Did you see that beautiful quilt? A soft and wonderful way to bring love to your event.

Let's talk!! It will be magical!
Love and Smiles,
Michelle Gregory

Thank you Joel of EMP Studios for the photos!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Green never looked so good!! Are those wine bottles?

I just love this table!! The mixture of green bottles, assorted green vases with a pop of burgundy is amazing!

Check out the quilt as the overlay! The wine cellar as the back drop, it's to shabby either!!!

We used a burgundy napkin and accented it with wired corks! A gold bead on the top and presto!

Rich burgundies and reds made this green container pop!! If you can use a variety of textures, each vase will have a character of their own!

Wine bottles added just the right touch. We added slender candles to the wine bottles as the sun set! Let's talk about romance without hurting the budget!!

Large vases, small vases, tall or short, they all worked with this incredible design.

A big shout out to Alison of Flower Allie of Fullerton for your amazing flower design. Thank you for seeing my vision. A big shout out to Joel of EMP Studios for the stunning photographs!

What's your vision? I bet I can help you make it better. Let's have some fun together!!!!
Michelle Gregory

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Jones Victorian Estate, the site for you!

Here are just a few of the many spectacular locations at the Jones Victorian Estate!

The Vienna Gates are a beautiful detail backdrop!!
Photo by Kim of KimRobbinsphotography.

Here, Erin and Gab are enjoying their beautiful wedding day by the brook!
Photo by Joel of

Our famous and fabulous road shot!! Yes, it's our road coming into the property!
Photo by

We have our own swing and perfect for some cuddling time!
Photo by Michael of

The hill shot! Just another location that is breathtaking at the Jones Victorian Estate!
Photo by Joel of

There are always flowers at the Jones Victorian Estate! Photo by Michael of

The Jones Victorian Estate is more beautiful than ever! Check out some of these locations!! AND Guess what?? They are all right here! Talk about diversity, the Jones Victorian Estate is it!
Call or email me and we'll get together to discuss your event!!!
Michelle Gregory
set a time and date to meet!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Polka Dots and Stripes with a touch of pink peonies!


Did you ever think about incorporating polka dots with stripes? Did you ever think about adding vintage, colorful canisters to the polka dot and stripes? Did you every think of colorful canisters with polka dot and stripes and buttons? Did you ever think about tying it all together with a touch of pink? Erica did just that in June. It sounds over the top complicated but it was fresh and gorgeous!!

Here, top and bottom, the cocktail tables were draped with black and white polka dot satin linens. Each table had a different tin! She incorporated buttons in polka dot and stripe for fun!

It was interesting how each tin brought together its own floral design. With the help of Alison at Flower Allie, Erica's vision materialized beautifully!

Here, the dinner table linens were white with black polka dot. The white napkins included a lovely striped menu card and it was all tied with a striped bow and wrap finish!

The tins were filled with pink and white peonies. Some tins also had pink depression glass to lighten the arrangement.

Erica loves detail as much as I do. Think about it! The smallest details, such as buttons, can be fun and creative and add a special touch that is unique to you! Be Bold! No Fear!! You'll enjoy it!

These photos were provided by Brandi Barr Photography. I want more, I can hardly wait for the rest!!!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"JUST MARRIED" at the Jones Victorian Estate


After all the planning and fun, the wedding day arrives with all the expectations and excitement. There is one detail that I don't want you to forget .....your departure!!!
It's one of those details that you can delegate to a family member or friends.

No matter what automobile you two are leaving in, don't forget the "Just Married" or "Just Hitched", or "Just Begun" sign. The sign can say anything, have fun with it!

For Erica, her Maid of Honor, Rachell, made this adorable "Just Married" sign with her pink and black and white polka dot! The polka dot ribbons tied it to the Bentley for their first drive to their future!

It can be made of fabric or paper with the words stitched or printed on them. It can be the shoe polish markers for the windows or the inflated prophylactics (hehehe) and balloons strung from the door handles. It can streamers and ribbons with shoes and cans! It can be all of these! It's a celebration for your new life and don't you want to ride in style???!!!

Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, we want the departure to include all the love and fun of the day! We gather everyone for the final goodbye by showering the Bride and Groom with rose petals and one last kiss and hug.

It seems like such a silly detail but why not carry all the enjoyment to the end?!!

Special Thanks go to the Photographers that stay ALL night with us;,,, and

Love and Smiles,

Friday, July 1, 2011

Erica and Charles' Wedding in the new garden area!


Pink, black and white polka dots and stripes was the theme for the day in the new grassy area for Erica and Charles Presley at the Jones Victorian Estate!

Erica's aisle was covered in rose petals. The asile chairs were decorated with mini Peony bouquets and assorted ribbons that danced in the soft breeze. Thank you Flower Allie for all your hard work!!

Instead of having all the flower girls, (five total!) and ring bearer stand during the ceremony, we used a vintage pink quilt to sit on! We included goodies for them and they enjoyed the wedding along with the rest of us!! Gage, the little ring bearer, took a little nap and was ready to go when the ceremony ended!

Surrounded by beautiful flowers that grew in the garden, tall and shady trees the created a lovely canopy over the wedding site and the sweet songs of the birds as the background music, Erica and Charles exchanged their vows. It was the first time we used this grassy area and it was the perfect backdrop for their wedding.

We were blessed to have Pastor Mark Manning officiate because he always brings so much joy and fun to each ceremony. He had the Bride and Groom turn and look at their guests. It was the perfect opportunity to take a couple of adorable pictures of the Bride and Groom!!

It was a spectacular day!! Thank you Brandi Barr Photography for these sneak peak photos!
Love and Smiles,