Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"JUST MARRIED" at the Jones Victorian Estate


After all the planning and fun, the wedding day arrives with all the expectations and excitement. There is one detail that I don't want you to forget .....your departure!!!
It's one of those details that you can delegate to a family member or friends.

No matter what automobile you two are leaving in, don't forget the "Just Married" or "Just Hitched", or "Just Begun" sign. The sign can say anything, have fun with it!

For Erica, her Maid of Honor, Rachell, made this adorable "Just Married" sign with her pink and black and white polka dot! The polka dot ribbons tied it to the Bentley for their first drive to their future!

It can be made of fabric or paper with the words stitched or printed on them. It can be the shoe polish markers for the windows or the inflated prophylactics (hehehe) and balloons strung from the door handles. It can streamers and ribbons with shoes and cans! It can be all of these! It's a celebration for your new life and don't you want to ride in style???!!!

Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, we want the departure to include all the love and fun of the day! We gather everyone for the final goodbye by showering the Bride and Groom with rose petals and one last kiss and hug.

It seems like such a silly detail but why not carry all the enjoyment to the end?!!

Special Thanks go to the Photographers that stay ALL night with us;,,, and

Love and Smiles,

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