Monday, July 11, 2011

Polka Dots and Stripes with a touch of pink peonies!


Did you ever think about incorporating polka dots with stripes? Did you ever think about adding vintage, colorful canisters to the polka dot and stripes? Did you every think of colorful canisters with polka dot and stripes and buttons? Did you ever think about tying it all together with a touch of pink? Erica did just that in June. It sounds over the top complicated but it was fresh and gorgeous!!

Here, top and bottom, the cocktail tables were draped with black and white polka dot satin linens. Each table had a different tin! She incorporated buttons in polka dot and stripe for fun!

It was interesting how each tin brought together its own floral design. With the help of Alison at Flower Allie, Erica's vision materialized beautifully!

Here, the dinner table linens were white with black polka dot. The white napkins included a lovely striped menu card and it was all tied with a striped bow and wrap finish!

The tins were filled with pink and white peonies. Some tins also had pink depression glass to lighten the arrangement.

Erica loves detail as much as I do. Think about it! The smallest details, such as buttons, can be fun and creative and add a special touch that is unique to you! Be Bold! No Fear!! You'll enjoy it!

These photos were provided by Brandi Barr Photography. I want more, I can hardly wait for the rest!!!


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