Friday, July 1, 2011

Erica and Charles' Wedding in the new garden area!


Pink, black and white polka dots and stripes was the theme for the day in the new grassy area for Erica and Charles Presley at the Jones Victorian Estate!

Erica's aisle was covered in rose petals. The asile chairs were decorated with mini Peony bouquets and assorted ribbons that danced in the soft breeze. Thank you Flower Allie for all your hard work!!

Instead of having all the flower girls, (five total!) and ring bearer stand during the ceremony, we used a vintage pink quilt to sit on! We included goodies for them and they enjoyed the wedding along with the rest of us!! Gage, the little ring bearer, took a little nap and was ready to go when the ceremony ended!

Surrounded by beautiful flowers that grew in the garden, tall and shady trees the created a lovely canopy over the wedding site and the sweet songs of the birds as the background music, Erica and Charles exchanged their vows. It was the first time we used this grassy area and it was the perfect backdrop for their wedding.

We were blessed to have Pastor Mark Manning officiate because he always brings so much joy and fun to each ceremony. He had the Bride and Groom turn and look at their guests. It was the perfect opportunity to take a couple of adorable pictures of the Bride and Groom!!

It was a spectacular day!! Thank you Brandi Barr Photography for these sneak peak photos!
Love and Smiles,

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