Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Professional Pictures from Tiffany and Andrew's Wedding!

Here are some more pictures from Tiffany and Andrew's wedding! They were such a pleasure to work with, and as you can see, so much in love!!

Romantic road shots!


The cake's soft, whimsical design piped onto the cake was accentuated by white hydrangea and golden glitter added some sparkle! Even their cake knife's sparkled with jewels!

Cutting the Cake! Don't forget the aprons! To help keep the bride and groom clean and looking adorable, a friend made them personalized
aprons! SO CUTE!!

Thank you for sharing these beautiful shots with us!
Michelle & Erica

A Thank You from the Minegars!

On August 1st, Tiffany and Andrew Minegar were married at the Jones Victorian Estate! I just received a thank you from the Minegar's and wanted to share it with you all!

"Dearest Michelle,

I apologize for how long it has taken me to finally sit down and write this email. After our two weeks in Cabo San Lucas, we immediately came home and had to prepare for our move to Northern California (San Francisco) three days later. Needless to say, we have been quite busy trying to get everything unpacked, organized, and actually get internet! However, I do want you to know how much we appreciated everything you did to help us make our wedding a dream come true. It could not have been done without you and so many people were completely impressed with the Jones!

When I first started planning for my wedding, I knew that I wanted to be part of the planning process and wanted to be able to create and design my wedding. I looked at many venues in hopes of finding the perfect place for our wedding, but nothing quite fit. I felt like I would be settling instead of having the "fairytale" as cliche as that may seem. When I found Jones Victorian Estate, I was overwhelmed with the kindness of the staff and the beauty of the estate itself. I knew it was the perfect place for our wedding. Not only could I be a part of the planning process, but Michelle made it feel effortless and was able to answer all of my questions. She was eager to find out what I wanted as a bride and how to incorporate important things like family, tradition, and our personal style. The wedding planning process did not seem stressful for me because I felt reassured by Michelle's experience and genuine desire to help create the perfect day with me. Not to mention, we were able to plan on a budget! Michelle helped me to stay inside our budget and create a day that was completely above and beyond what I had ever dreamed. Thank you so much to Jones Victorian Estate for making our wedding day so special and memorable.

Tiffany and Andrew Minegar"

We enjoyed working with you! Thank you for choosing the Jones Victorian Estate! Have a wonderful life together!

Michelle & Erica

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jill & Damon's Rockin' Roll Red Wedding!


Here are some pictures from Jill and Damon's rockin' roll red wedding at the Jones Victorian Estate! The Bride and Groom are one of our L.A. couples
who love music and wanted to include musical elements into their entire wedding.

When guests entered the Estate, tables with whimsical centerpieces of chinese orchids, roses, red Gerbera, and dahlias, topping a vintage record greeted them. For their table numbers, Jill and Damon made street signs with actual streets from Los Angeles and included a story below each of the street names.

Surprise! V.I.P. Passes!! Jill and Damon wanted to do something
different then traditional guest, n
ame tags. Guests got invited to their V.I.P. wedding with their very own personalized V.I.P passes complete with nicknames and
their seating assignments. Guests loved the VIP Passes and wore them throughout the entire event!

For the arch, Jill went with bright red Gerbera's along with black magic roses to make a beautiful, bold statement for her rockin' roll, red wedding.

These are just a few we took!! Check back soon for professional pictures from Wesley Kong

Love & Hugs,
Michelle & Erica

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Options at the Jones Victorian Estate


Kim Robbins and Jeray Lynn teamed up as the photographers for Susan and Tom's wedding on the 6th of August. They just posted their pictures on their blog:
Check out their work... it's amazing! Here's a few I took! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lanterns Jones Victorian Style!!

I love the look of lanterns! Adding a candle or just
flowers, lanterns add interesting feature and texture to any wedding. Here, Simone and Brandon (or just Brandon - hehehe) painted their lantern finds in white. They shopped at TJ Max, Michaels, Ross, Marshalls - anywhere, where there was a great deal. Flower Allie of Fullerton was the florist and added just the right
flowers and presto! A gorgeous table decoration and keepsake.
Simone teamed each large lantern with two smaller lanterns for a
variety of size and design. I love the flowers spilling out on her Sweetheart table!
If you are considering lanterns, change them to reflect your own design. They are great
brown, black, silver, white or what you would like!!! Be bold, be creative and be unique as you are!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trees and family made a heart warming Wedding and Reception!

Tom and Susan picked a tree theme, originating from a family book called the "Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein... Greens and Whites were the order of the day!
To their surprise, her MOH brought the book and everyone signed it! (They didn't find this out until the next day after the wedding!)
We decorated the arch with actual tree branches on the sides and add flowers on top. I wove tiny white lights later in the afternoon so when the sun set, the tree came to life! Down the aisle,
we added branches to the chairs with floral bouquets that were later used for the cocktail table centerpieces.
Her cake stand was a tree trunk we cut and Tom carved their initials in it! It was the perfect
accessory that displayed his handiwork!
The tables weren't neglected, we cut wood "wafers" and Susan and Tom painted table numbers!! How about that for a great accent!!
Their guest book table was a wonderful display of family pictures from both sides. The frames were different but the content was endearing. It warmed the guests hearts from the beginning. We added three potted trees to hang the seating cards from and wow, a great display!! (picture taken before seating cards were displayed) For her guest book, Susan chose a beautiful tree without leaves. The idea was that every guest would place their finger print on the artwork in different green colors. The end result was a hit and ready for the frame!
Bring warmth to your event by adding a favorite personal item. It's fun and it's worth it!!
p.s. The photographers, Kim Robbins and Jeray Lynn Photography pictures will be amazing, these are the pictures I took while setting up. Check back for more professional ones!!!

Vintage details are our specialty!!


Brandi and Kyran arrived the Monday before their wedding to drop off all their decorating supplies; all three cars full!! It was amazing! Everything that we had discussed, Brandi had
thought it through and improved on the ideas. Their wedding was fun and interesting and a delight for all the guests. Here are just a few details we put together for them!
Seating: two glass pane doors with calligraphy with their photo hung in between with an adorable tricycle filled with flowers topped with a chalk board that welcomed the guests!!
Crystals were everywhere! From the crystal cake stand, to the crystal flower holders down the aisle, to the crystal chandelier at the arch to the crystals that floated in the tall vase centerpieces. In a simple word, Gorgeous! They added black lanterns on every other table keeping the design fresh and amazing!
Thank you Brandi and Kyran!!!!
Add charm and elegance to your event, it's easy.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sunset Over the Ocean with Orange and Blue for Laura and Matt!

Sunset over the Ocean!

When Laura and Matt chose their Wedding date, July 24th, they knew they wanted fresh and bright colors to go with their summer wedding.

For the sunset, Laura and Matt chose a warm orange and
accented it with light blue. The blue tone they chose came from the floor length bridesmaid dresses from Alfred Angelo in "pool" blue with sashes in "tealness."

Centerpieces were filled with orange roses, blue hydrangea and accented with dusty miller to make a sunny look.

And don't forget the cake! More chocolate mouse please! Laura and Matt love chocolate mouse, so they chose chocolate mouse for their frosting and filling! YUM!!

For your wedding, try some bold and bright colors like Laura and Matt for a refreshing summer look!

Congratulations Laura and Matt!


Erica and Michelle