Sunday, January 29, 2012

From Inspiration to Finding Originality to Final Design....


Today, I had fun just exploring my attic! With my faithful dog, Cricket, at my side, we had a blast thinking about items in new ways.
Let me explain. I worked with Brandi this week and we had so much fun working out her design. I'm not sure if I showed her the photo below or if she showed it to me first, all I know is that we both loved this!
So, as I was rumaging through all the supplies, I kept thinking of this lovely photo.

 I came across this old step ladder. Now, at first glance, you might be saying it's just a step ladder. Yes and No. It's a great accent piece! With a little imagination and a few props.....
 I transformed this old step ladder into a whisical design that is unique and original. I added some old
lace dollies, vintage crystal glasses and vases and topped them with flowers! Waalaa! A new twist to an original inspiration. I sent Brandi the first and  second photo through my phone and we both agreed that we just loved it.

This is how I spent part of my Sunday; creating and enjoying every minute of it. 
What are you thinking about? What is your inspiration? 
Let's get together!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Marysia and Matt's engagement shoot!

Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, 
we offer our Bride and Groom's the Estate for their engagement shoot!!! 
As I previously mentioned, it's not only a wonderful experience but your photographer is able to relax and enjoy all the many locations available that he/she can't possibly get to on the day of the wedding. 

I just received these engagement photos from Marysia! You can see all the photos at Dexter Lo Photography!

Well done!!! I can hardly wait for the wedding reception!
Thank you Marysia for sharing.
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Chandelier for the Gazebo!

Welcome our new/old Chandelier! I am so excited because this precious element may be used in all sorts of ways! For example; in the gazebo where the cake is displayed!, incorporate it in the Arch for the Ceremony!, strung in the front courtyard above the Sweetheart table! 

With an elegant accent like a chandelier, it's only getting better and better at the Jones Victorian Estate.
Call me today and let's start designing and planning!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Bold and Beautiful

I met with Kallie and Nick this weekend to begin their wedding design/planning and a funny thing happened. 
We were tasting cake and deciding on the design. Kallie mentioned that she had purchased all sorts of items that were rich in color but didn't think it would go with her vintage theme. She showed me this beautiful ribbon design that she loved.  I asked if she could come back and bring all her accent pieces so I could have a look!

This is what she brought!! Bright and beautiful,  fun and playful and she loved it all. So did I!

We started talking and putting together different elements. This one needs paint, this one we can sew together, this teamed with this one is perfect, this one for a "welcome sign" and in an instant, we had her theme design and she loved it. 
I want to address her first concern; she was worried that all her items didn't have a vintage feel. In the pre-Victorian era, before Queen Victoria wore white to her wedding, all the Brides wore  rich color; burgundy, chartreuse, green, purple and so on. 
The elements that Kallie brought this weekend, all have that vintage feel; Bird Houses, fabric place mats, and floral cones. 
Your vintage theme can be anything you want it to be. Bringing all your elements together in a cohesive manner is the key. If you find something you love, find a special place for it!
You might have to paint it or team it with something else, but don't rule it out.
Have fun!! We did!
Thank you Kallie and Nick!
Michelle Gregory
Stylist/Coordinator of the Jones Victorian Estate

Friday, January 13, 2012

Yellow and Black! Wow!!

How funny another yellow posting! But, take a look... the black and yellow are breathtakingly refreshing!!
This is Joe and Stacy Brown's Wedding and Reception. Congratulations you two on your Wedding and new family!!

 This is our black floral organza overlays! Teamed with bright yellow flowers, black candelabras and presto, you have a winner!
 Thank you Flower Allie for this stunning bouquet with ribbon and jeweled stems.
 Here is Stacy getting ready in the Bride's room! It's your room for those last minute touches!
 Black and yellow abound! I found our old black striped Hat Box for the Cards, a black photo of a chandelier, the invitation mounted for the guests to sign, the black scrolled candle and holder, the black book stand and a birdie candelabra all made this table worth stopping at.
 Calla Lilly! They make such perfect boutonnieres! Here's a shot of one of our black candelabras on the table! Stacy and I scoured the thrift and antique stores and antique flea markets to find the candelabras! I wonder what color they will be next?
 In August it's normally really warm! We provide the free standing umbrellas to offer the most comfort for our guests.
 Ah, the Sweetheart table. We used the white candelabra for the Bride and Groom's table. It's complete with a large box of Kleenex!
 The Ceremony with Shepherd hook decoration! I love those chiavari chairs!
 Gorgeous Stacy!
 The girls were a blast! Each of them had a black accent in their hair depending on their  own style. Lovely!
 The men. What can I say? They are all just tooooo cool!
 An up close photo of the guest book table and her invitation! Now, that's how you tie it all together! It started with the photo on the table and blossomed from there!
 A private moment with Joe!
 First look!
 Floral crystal hangers that worked perfectly with the black shepherd's hooks.
 The Ceremony!
 Is this breathtaking or what?! Well done Flower Allie. I just love this photograph. Well done Jeray and Kim Photography too!
 And the whole bridal party... What a wonderful day!!

Special thanks to Flower Allie for the bright and beautiful flowers that popped! Thank you Kim and Jeray Photography, it's always a pleasure working with you.
Smiles and Love,
Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator

Floral Appointments!

Wednesday, Brian, Ashley and her Mother all met me at the Flower Allie for our floral appointment and did we have a ball! Now, I can't tell and show you EVERYTHING that we did because it has to be a surprise!
What I can say is; it's going to be very elegant with a sophisticated shimmer!! 
 Brian, the Groom, came to the floral appointment! I loved having him with us and his input was so valuable. Besides, he handled us so well. hehehe

 A quick pose and we're off! Thank you Alison of Flower Allie of Fullerton. We always have a blast
thinking outside the box!
All I can say is that there's crystal, silver, mercury glass and XXXXXX besides the  fun that's  in store!
Thank you for a wonderful morning!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just Because!

Just Because? Yep, just because these pictures are so bright, cheerful and fun,   I wanted to post these photos! Michael of sent over these and a lot more and I just can't seem to get enough of them. They are so much fun and since it's January, I thought it would be a great pick-me up (especially if you live on the east coast)!
So, here's the new Shanntel and Aaron Hobbensiefken!
Can they DANCE!!!

 Shanntel choice yellow as her accent color and it worked beautifully!! Here are the Bridesmaid's Bouquets! This is my favorite back drop for the bouquets!
 Is this just awesome!! Thank you so much Michael!! Do you see the jewels in her bouquet? How about just the slightest hint of yellow? Thank you Flower Allie!!

 I love it!!
 Here's Aaron!!
 i just love that we added bows to the centerpieces. It was styled after Shanntel's gown!

 The Flower Girl was a true star and she loved my Ice cream bars!
 The Arch was a lovely back drop for their wedding. The bows were included!!
 I said he could DANCE! Here's Aaron when he was introduced! Check out those pointed toes!!! Remember Tom Cruise?
 And then "Here's my  beautiful Bride...
 Opps, someone forgot to crop! I still love it!
Shanntel preferred the old fashioned chair covers with organza ties. They are soft and just the right accent!

 Yes, these are vintage plates table numbers!!

 Like I said, they are incredible dancers. Aaron and Shanntel ordered a black and white checkered dance floor! And....
 Here they go with their own choreographed dance with all sorts of special features!! They brought the house down!!
 It's time for a  different cake eating photo!

 The money dance was next and she's all ready to go! Did you notice the vintage quilt that we used for the cake table?
Ahhh, the rose petal exit! The amazing finale to an amazing day!
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wedding and celebration!
Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator

What Makes a Style Work?

What makes a style work? It's easy!
It's incorporating something that you love. It's tying the elements together beautifully from the Wedding to the Reception.  It's about enjoying the process!
Let me give you an example! This is Denise and Jeff's wedding. Their theme was all about bringing out the "green" in nature and surrounding themselves with that natural essence. 
 Here's Denise was her bouquet with just a touch of green in her bouquet! Thank you Flower Allie! They are both absolutely gorgeous!
 Her green accents didn't stop there! Her spectacular bracelet included green as did her Maid of Honor's dress!
 We didn't stop there! Here's the cake displayed on a real stump! Fresh fruit and flowers decorated the old fashioned frosting! Denise added a playful backdrop with multi-colored streamers. I tucked them under the base of the overhead light to create a ceiling of streamers as well.
We have lots and lots of old beautiful trees at the Estate so finding one that she liked was easy!

 The Bride and Groom's chairs had just the right touch!
Even the front door of the Estate was decorated with the Green element!!

Here's Denise's son and the Ring Bearer! He didn't carry the traditional ring pillow! He carried a bird's nest with the rings inside! Did you see his boutonniere? Nice! Thank you Flower Allie!
And the Centerpieces!! These were a blast to put together! We started with the burlap overlays and added a tree stump with moss and cute little features such as mini mushrooms and snails! All hand made! Then, we added clear, green and amber wine bottles. I saved the bottles from my past weddings and scrubbed the labels off! Waaalaa! Perfect for candles! Next, Amber votive candle holders, wooden "wafer" table numbers, an assortment of green vases filled with fresh cut greens and the seed pods finished the look! 
Guess what we did for the napkin?
We used brown linen napkins tied with twine and stuffed with fresh rosemary! Now, that is a GREEN look that is elegant and diversified... smells good too.

Green was the accent of the day and the bouquets beamed with it! Jeff's daughters and the Maid of Honor carried these gorgeous bouquets made by Flower Allie! Each of their dresses were different, all based on their own style!
The Guest Book Table was a feast for the eyes with a photo of the couple, the seating board, a plant box with a Kumquat tree (The tree was to young to bare fruit so we added tied real kumquats to the tree for color and texture!), her hand made invitation, woodsy pens in a "dirt" bowl made of whole grain rice, candles, tree stumps with mini mushrooms and tied it all together with a burlap table runner!

Their arch was a mix of branches! That's right, just branches. Actually, that's not completely true. We tucked in the branches a couple of bird's nests with blue eggs!  It was her "something" Blue!! 

 The invitation!  It's a sneak preview of what's to come! Here, Denise made the template for these wooden invitations. She did an amazing job with the artistry! Now, if you received this invitation, would you wonder what the wedding was going to be about?

What's your style? Tying all the details together can be so much fun!! Remember, it's not hard at all. I'm here to help!
Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator