Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cakes... in new ways!!

I am so excited to share this blog with you! This new year brings wonderful changes to the Jones Victorian Estate. We have teamed up with ABC Cakes and it's a blast already!!
They bring with them  delicious and wonderful options for cake flavors and fillings (giving us an assortment of three cake flavors and fillings instead of two!!) as well as beautiful and personal designs but also creative and yummy additions! Here are just a few!!

These cute mini cakes could be an  addition to your traditional cake or a shower dessert or even a gift favor! These mini cakes are sure to be a huge hit however they are displayed. They are tasty and you choose the cake flavor, filling as well as the icing! These little morsels remind me of the "Ding-dong" but so much fresher and colorful!!

The Push Pop cakes were a show stopper for me to be sure! I thought they'd be a perfect "thank you" for any Ring Bearer and/or Flower Girl (s) at a wedding. It would be a extra special way of making them feel appreciated! What kid (or adult for that matter) would turn down these pops!

 Are you thinking of a cake topper and just not sure what to do? Well, these delicious chocolate Bride and Grooms would be perfect. You could have your topper and eat it too!!! That's not all! They would be a wonderful gift favor or a delightful suppliment to your candy station!!!
 Here's an areal shot from above! The chocolate cake opens to reveal candy or nuts inside!! They also have baby designs as well but that's for later! hehehe.
I have first dibs on  the Elmo Cake Pop!! Are these fun or what? I think they bring out the kid in all of us! 

There are a lot more choices at the Jones Victorian Estate this year and I am so excited!! Make an appointment today to visit us! Cake tasting and designing is just one of the many enjoyable aspects of Wedding planning! I'm here to help!

Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator

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