Friday, January 13, 2012

Floral Appointments!

Wednesday, Brian, Ashley and her Mother all met me at the Flower Allie for our floral appointment and did we have a ball! Now, I can't tell and show you EVERYTHING that we did because it has to be a surprise!
What I can say is; it's going to be very elegant with a sophisticated shimmer!! 
 Brian, the Groom, came to the floral appointment! I loved having him with us and his input was so valuable. Besides, he handled us so well. hehehe

 A quick pose and we're off! Thank you Alison of Flower Allie of Fullerton. We always have a blast
thinking outside the box!
All I can say is that there's crystal, silver, mercury glass and XXXXXX besides the  fun that's  in store!
Thank you for a wonderful morning!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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