Monday, June 11, 2012

The Wedding Shoes...

Ah, the Wedding shoes! They come deliciously colorful, high and low heeled, sandals or closed toe, the options appear to be limitless. 
Whatever you choose, those beautiful shoes may be comfy or a real pain.
My suggestion to all my Brides is this, "buy one for show and one for go!"
Those high heels are great for awhile, but remember, you will be in them all day. Even if your second pair is equally as high, maybe a wedge would be just the trick to keep you light on your feet with a smile on your face. 
Check out a few of these Wedding shoes...
Kathleen Murphy and her pink, sparkling shoes to go with her "Country Sparkle" theme. She had a second pair!

Emily Freeman choice blue for her something blue!

 Hillary Murphy went vintage and they were comfy too!
Rachell Vasquez decided on Bridal Rainbow Flip-flops for the Beach Ceremony and the Jones Victorian Estate Reception!

 Kristina's shoes were orange to match her Bridesmaids and decorations!

 Jill Andres wore her black stilettos that was just her style and Damon wore his Converse, that was his!

 Katie and Teddy Dykier were in purple all the way!
 Denise Magstead loves her cowboy boots so her wedding was no different!

 Rachel's shoes were stylist while low and comfy!
 Kristen Cushman had a lot of fun with her Hallowedding theme and didn't forget to include her shoes and tights!

Shelby had adorable shoes that went with her colorful and earthy wedding style. Michael Jonathon Photography teamed her cute shoes with our vegetation for a Great Shot!

 All of Kari's the wedding party shoes; Bride and Bridesmaids that featured their own style!
Kari's shoes were low and beautiful and just what she wanted!

Whatever shoes you chose, remember it's a very long day! Treat yourself with a second pair, you're worth it!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Tammy and Andrew Kim! Purple!!!

I'm still waiting for the professional photographs  but I just had to post a few photos from my camera. 
It was a purple/silver day!

Here's Tammy! Just lovely!!!
The Bridesmaids were added and I took a quick shot before the photographer set up!

And... what about the men? Here's Andrew with his groomsmen just before the ceremony! They were a great group!

The Arch was breathtaking. For their Unity Candle table, I tied the linen with a silver bow and added orchid blooms. It was light and elegant, just like Tammy! 

At the end of the evening, I presented each Mother with an armful of gorgeous orchids. 

More pictures to come....
Congratulations Tammy and Andrew Kim!
Thank you Samantha of Flower Allie for the magnificent Arch! It was just what we had envisioned!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Having Fun with the Bridesmaids!

With all the planning and getting ready for the big wedding day, Kathleen added fun to her picture taking process. Not only did she have beautiful portraits with of each Bridesmaid, she also took pictures that were playful and adorable! They were actually my favorites! 

 Kathleen (Swain) Murphy, April 7, 2012~ Congratulations!!!! Her Gerbra daisy bouquet was just perfect! She loved her daisies and they were everywhere adding light and color!! Thank you Flower Allie!

 Here's all the ladies including the adorable flower girl!
 One by one, Kathleen had fun. Isn't that what it's all about?
 This one is one of my favorites! So Cute!

 A really good joke works well anytime especially while taking pictures!!


 Everyone got in the act and it was such a pleasure for me to witness the fun!

 Click, Click, Click... and the photos are done!

 The flower girl was part of the group and she added that special youthful charm!

Lovely picture!!
Thank you ladies for such a wonderful day.
Congratulations Kathleen and David!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Friday, June 8, 2012

A View From the Top!

A view from the top!

So Precious!
It's wedding season!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Windows,Windows, Windows... Window Fever!

Windows!! I just love them! 
After Brandi had decided on using windows as a decorative accent, she got window fever! She found them in different sizes and shapes but they were all beautiful!! She bought five!
We had so much fun figuring out what to do with them! I caught her window fever and we laughed and laughed about all the creative ideas we came up with.

The first two were for the seating! Brandi, an artist herself, painted ALL the windows. She even painted flowers on them to create an amazing display! Check it out... the numbers are so cute!!

An up close picture of her numbers and names!! Great Job!
I got in the act because they were so well done and I loved her peonies bouquet!!! Thank you Flower Allie!

 Details were all around. Her Bird Cage was wired to our Bird Stand and it was in easy reach for those precious card gifts!
We included in her design a window for the Arch - the ceremony site. This was my favorite window! She painted her vows and I added two precious bouquets to the overall design.  


That's not all. Brandi painted another one for the entrance of the property. I added our vintage stool with crystal and flowers! "Happily Every After Starts Here!"...

Not pictured here are actually two more windows! She painted one with the menu that we displayed on a free standing easel and the other window listed her bar items. We displayed that one on a vintage wine barrel with her decorated canning beverage jars she had made! I'm hoping her photographer captured that one!

Windows! I love them! Congratulations Brandi and Josh Coker!! Brandi, you really are amazing!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cake Cutting at Its Finest!


See  Kallie and Nick's beautiful Cake...

See Kallie and Nick cut their cake...

                                               See Nick smash cake in Kallie's face...

See Kallie with cake on her face.
See Kallie armed with cake.
See Nick begging for mercy...

See Kallie smash cake in Nick's face.

See the happy cake couple!!

 I heard Nick was taking her on another special extended weekend of pampering and worshipping. 
Here's to the both of you. Thank you for being such great sports!!!
This is a perfect example of why I always have wet hand towels ready! :)
A special thank you to Brandi Barr Photography for capturing the "in action" cake cutting!!!

Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator
the Jones Victorian Estate

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Guest Book Bench?

Have you ever wanted to do something different than just a guest book? 
There's homemade Scrapbooks and Photo Booth Scrapbooks, quilt squares for a quilts,  finger print tree posters, mat boards around the engagement photographs but did you ever think of a park bench?
Susan did on May 19th. 
She was lucky! Her fiance, Travis, has a Father, Steve Moore,  who is an amazing artist  - woodworker. He had made the bench for their new home and Susan thought it would be fun if the guests signed it!

  Since her theme was all about birds and nature with the vintage feel tossed in,  Susan decided on a card display for the guest's seating. She solicited  his help once more in making a frame out of real branches. 
He attached wire and we attached the cards Susan had made with decorated clothes pins!
This wonderful display of the seating cards and the park bench was a huge hit!

 Birds were added to the branches and as the guests took their card, we replaced it with a picture of them.
 Even the clothes pins were adorned with flowers!

 The park bench sat just adjacent to the frame for easy access. Brown "Sharpie" pens were available for the signing! It was so comfy, some guests forgot that they needed to sign before they sat!

The guests were creative in their signing since there was so much room to write and draw! 
A little varnish and this bench will be enjoyed for years to come! What a great idea!!! 
Congratulations Susan and Travis Moore!!!

Do you need extra encouragement to bring your ideas to fruition? 
I'm here for you!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate 

Special Homemade Treats Just for You!

Has anyone offered to make something homemade for your Wedding?
 Do you know anyone who can?

It can be Cookies, Candied Citrus Peels, Pretzels or in Susan's case, Cheese Cake Bites!
Susan's friend was very generous and it was decided that the Cheese Cake Bites would be a lovely treat during the Hors D'oeuvre hour!
We started with a cute cabinet Susan found at Marshall's and our vintage step ladder. We added vintage cake stands, vintage plates,  lace and flowers....

And during the ceremony, the Cheese Cake Bites were set out and ready for the guests!
The drawers were slightly open and filled with flowers on one side and napkins and more Bites on the other.
The step ladder included a delicious selection of Cheese Cake Bites!

 Ah, the homemade goodness that just makes you smile even before you taste them!

Plan something special for your guests... something homemade and from the heart!
Michelle  Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate