Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Guest Book Bench?

Have you ever wanted to do something different than just a guest book? 
There's homemade Scrapbooks and Photo Booth Scrapbooks, quilt squares for a quilts,  finger print tree posters, mat boards around the engagement photographs but did you ever think of a park bench?
Susan did on May 19th. 
She was lucky! Her fiance, Travis, has a Father, Steve Moore,  who is an amazing artist  - woodworker. He had made the bench for their new home and Susan thought it would be fun if the guests signed it!

  Since her theme was all about birds and nature with the vintage feel tossed in,  Susan decided on a card display for the guest's seating. She solicited  his help once more in making a frame out of real branches. 
He attached wire and we attached the cards Susan had made with decorated clothes pins!
This wonderful display of the seating cards and the park bench was a huge hit!

 Birds were added to the branches and as the guests took their card, we replaced it with a picture of them.
 Even the clothes pins were adorned with flowers!

 The park bench sat just adjacent to the frame for easy access. Brown "Sharpie" pens were available for the signing! It was so comfy, some guests forgot that they needed to sign before they sat!

The guests were creative in their signing since there was so much room to write and draw! 
A little varnish and this bench will be enjoyed for years to come! What a great idea!!! 
Congratulations Susan and Travis Moore!!!

Do you need extra encouragement to bring your ideas to fruition? 
I'm here for you!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate 

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