Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Good Florist...A Great Florist!


What makes a good florist? A good florist is one that is timely, for sure. They understand your vision and on the day of your wedding, delivers what you ordered.

What makes a really GREAT florist? A really great florist not only is timely, understands your vision and delivers what you ordered, but they listen and take your vision to a new level of  creativity and detail.  Let me explain a little bit better and offer some examples.

I use Alison of Flower Allie in Fullerton for all the reasons I have stated above and because she gives me and my Brides so much more. Every wedding I have at the Estate, I receive buckets of extra flowers to do as I please. I am not talking about a couple of roses and some greenery! The bucket I receive has a couple dozen roses, peonies, hydrangea, lisianthus, tulips, mini roses and more. Not only are the bouquets and centerpieces full and beautiful and completely amazing, Alison "gets" it! I really appreciate her creativity, her generosity and most of all, I love that she helps inspire me to find solutions to make each of our events that much better!

Here's a wonderful example: Brandi Pate and Josh Coker - June 2, 2012 Wedding and Reception

I created this vignette as the guests make their way to the ceremony site. I used an old frame of Brandi's and wired it to the wrought iron. Next, she had a gold oil can that I spray painted ivory and attached lace on top. (Her colors were ivory and peach with a mix of textures of lace and organza!) For their engagement shoot, she had these signs; "He Asked" and "She Said Yes." I thought they would be perfect touch for the entrance to the ceremony!

 These are the gorgeous "extra" flowers I receive every week from Alison!

Next, the Cake Table!! Brandi chose real Cream Cheese Frosting so the cake had to be set out a little later in the day to keep it from melting. It actually worked out well because the main cake was butter cream (not shown yet) and the other "Brandiettes" had lots of  flowers to off set the missing cakes. (Brandiettes were cake stands  made by gluing  glass candle stick holders to old vintage plates. 
Cute Huh?)

 Our vintage aprons adorned the table all the way around. I had the flowers to take this design to a new level. I placed flowers on top of the table and included flowers in all the pockets of the aprons!!
                                             It was absolutely adorable!
On the lattice work structure behind the cake, I wired milk glass vases and crystal glass vases and filled them all with flowers also.  This is a Michelle original that is even better because I had the resources to take my ideas of detail to that other level.

The Arch! Brandi had purchased windows for her seating chart, a welcome sign, the bar menu and the buffet menu. Since she had one left, I suggested that we incorporate in the Arch! 
  Brandi painted this window with her VOWS!!!
Isn't that  romantic and perfect for her ceremony!
 I added organza, floral clusters and my favorite part of this display....

                                             Mini floral bouquets for the window itself!

All the tables were gorgeous and the Sweetheart table was no exception! Check out the "L"  "O"  "V" "E" jars in front! Her theme was "All You Need Is Love!" and it was wonderful!

How do you select a great florist? Talk to them and see if they listen. Check out their work and see if you can see your vision in their work. Better yet, see if they can take your vision to new heights. If you don't have a vision, that's when they are really important. Let them help you!! It's all about enjoying the process. Check out Flower Allie in Fullerton, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you Alison, Samatha and Nick at Flower Allie for making me look good!
Smiles and Love
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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