Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beer from a Wine Barrel?

Have you ever heard of getting Beer from a Wine Barrel? 
We have and did!
One of my Father's of the Bride were concerned about a bar line following the ceremony. He wanted his guests to have access to the beverages without waiting!
I came up with a solution that was so much fun as well as  pretty!!

Brandi's theme included lots of lace, organza and vintage accents! 
So, before the wedding this wine barrel was disguised! Can you see the lace and peach ribbon peeking out?  A linen was draped over the barrel,  a basket filled with flowers and an old lace parasol was added..... 

 And after the ceremony, the linen came off and .....Let the Party Begin!!
                                The wine barrel doubled as a beer barrel!  So Cute!
    I placed a lace lined bucket inside the barrel and filled with  beer and ice! I added a sign and waalaaa... Beer from a Wine Barrel!!

I added two bottle openers that dangled from twine for not only a great accent but for opening bottles too!  
 One of my staff stood nearby inviting the guests to enjoy and refilling when it was needed!  
It was the perfect solution to the bar line!

I loved it!!
Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator
the Jones Victorian Estate

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