Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Special Homemade Treats Just for You!

Has anyone offered to make something homemade for your Wedding?
 Do you know anyone who can?

It can be Cookies, Candied Citrus Peels, Pretzels or in Susan's case, Cheese Cake Bites!
Susan's friend was very generous and it was decided that the Cheese Cake Bites would be a lovely treat during the Hors D'oeuvre hour!
We started with a cute cabinet Susan found at Marshall's and our vintage step ladder. We added vintage cake stands, vintage plates,  lace and flowers....

And during the ceremony, the Cheese Cake Bites were set out and ready for the guests!
The drawers were slightly open and filled with flowers on one side and napkins and more Bites on the other.
The step ladder included a delicious selection of Cheese Cake Bites!

 Ah, the homemade goodness that just makes you smile even before you taste them!

Plan something special for your guests... something homemade and from the heart!
Michelle  Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

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