Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cake Cutting at Its Finest!


See  Kallie and Nick's beautiful Cake...

See Kallie and Nick cut their cake...

                                               See Nick smash cake in Kallie's face...

See Kallie with cake on her face.
See Kallie armed with cake.
See Nick begging for mercy...

See Kallie smash cake in Nick's face.

See the happy cake couple!!

 I heard Nick was taking her on another special extended weekend of pampering and worshipping. 
Here's to the both of you. Thank you for being such great sports!!!
This is a perfect example of why I always have wet hand towels ready! :)
A special thank you to Brandi Barr Photography for capturing the "in action" cake cutting!!!

Michelle Gregory
Stylist and Coordinator
the Jones Victorian Estate

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