Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thank you!!

Hello Michelle,
I know that this 'Thank You' is somewhat late. I am constantly reminded by ribbons and 'favors' left on the table at Richard and LeAnne's Wedding.
This was such a lovely and beautiful event. I don't know how you pulled it off, but it was a real success. We enjoyed our time with them
tremendously. The food was incredible, table decorations over the top and the service was stupendous. Thank you so much for making this special
event so perfect and so special for everyone that attended, especially us.
Best Regards,
Rosemarie Nearhoof and Gloria Ishamoto

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The definition of an ESTATE

According to the Oxford American Dictionary, "an Estate is a property consisting of an extensive area of land with a large house."  Wikipedia states: "the grounds surrounding a very large property." 
The Jones Victorian Estate is a true Estate with rolling hills and orchards of palm trees as our back drop. With all our towering Eucalyptus and Ficus trees, we have the freshest air in Orange County. 
Complete with its own private entrance, this  tree and flower lined drive is  over a 1000 feet long. (Please check out our drive pictures!!! They are unique and enchanting!)  We have our own private parking lot that includes valet parking for security and convenience. For an added romantic touch, our lagoon with waterfalls and water fountains are lush with flowers and plants to  create a memorable and unique Wedding experience! 
Are you tired of sites that host more than one event per day? Are you weary of the lack of privacy? Are you looking for something spectacular that won't completely break the bank?
It's a perfect venue for your private romantic event. With only one event per day, we specialize in creating a day from your ideas and dreams.  We are here to assist you throughout the
entire process. Call us today for your appointment to step back in time at this Historical Estate.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Slide show from Studio7photo

Emily and Mark forwarded their slide show of their wedding. They did an incredible job and 
fun to work with. It's always nice when we all "click" together because it makes the day
that much more magic!
Enjoy the slide show!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's July!! happy Anniversary from the Jones Victorian Estate

Happy Anniversary Annie and Bill and ...
It's July and wow, another month just flew by!! I wanted to wish my July brides a happy anniversary!! Kendra and Parick Hunter 7/1/2000, Roseanna and Thomas Mahler 7/8/2000, Stacy and Greg Schmitz 7/15/2000 (Greg loves our Crab Puffs!!!), Lisa nad Noel Baggett 7/22/2000, Amy and Clint McLaughey 7/29/2000, Stephanie and Scott Cox 7/7/2001, Jennifer and Adam Steward 7/14/2001, Dionne and Peter Johnston 7/21/2001, Krista and Patrick Spartks 7/28/2001, Stacy and Nick Wolfenden 7/6/2002, Danielle and Kevin Kelililoa 7/13/2002, Jennifer and Dan Murphy 7/20/2002, Adriana and Brent Young 7/27/2002, Betsy and James Song 7/12/2003, Jennifer and Joyd Pilkenton 7/19/2003, Kristen and Josh Arimond 7/26/2003,  Amiee and Trevor Cullen 7/3/2004, Kerri and Keir Fitzsimmons 7/10/2004, Karri and Jason Bos 7/17/2004, Ann and Kevin Yamamoto 7/24/2004, Aliea and Eric Mastronni 7/31/2004,  Amber and Ben Johns 7/2/2005, Matt and Diana Bowman 7/16/2005, Jill and Rich Parsons 7/30/2005,  Amie and Brian Bement 7/15/2006, Vanessa and Mike Azanza 7/22/2006,
Jennifer and Tim Montez 7/7/2007, Stephanie and Brian Beardshear 7/14/2007, Kirstie and Dorron Margalit 7/22/2007, Bria and Hector Moreno 7/28/2007, Anne and Bill Swetnam 7/12/2008, Naomi and Phil Masi 7/19/2008! And that's just from 2000. 
Here at the Estate, we only host one event per day! It's you and you only baby (as they say). Check out our availability today. Our Estate is gorgeous... historic, garden setting, private...completely private Estate and what's more, I work with personally to ensure a most perfect day.
See you soon

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hey check out this slide show!!!

Bree and Darren were married on June 6th in style!!! Michael of Memories by Michael was the photographer and what an awesome job he did. There are all sorts of details that I will post when I receive his C.D. but for now, I have the slide show for you to enjoy..... go to:



I wanted to wish all of my June Brides a Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary:
Casandra and Jarvis 06/03/00, Kris Ditmore 06/10/00, Carrie Andrade 06/17/00, Diane and Rudy Rivera 06/24/00, Ken and Vivian Walstrom 6/2/01, April and Glen Klimek 06/9/01, Lisa and Jose Villaneuva 06/23/01, Brandi and Scott Reindl 06/30/01, Katie and Corey Henniger 06/01/02, Jane and Jack Wang 06/29/02, Julie and Brian Holden 07/07/03, Jessica and Steve Frank 06/14/03, Nikki and Ryan Bertoni 06/21/03, Sarah and Russell Glass 06/28/03, Patty and Ralph Spada 06/05/04, Kim and Tom Rincon 06/12/04, Michelle and Michael Saravia 06/19/04, Amy Redmond 06/26/04, April and Milos Gabrilovic 06/04/05, Dawn and Ricardo Garcia 06/25/05, Melissa and Eric Marcus 06/10/06, Nicole and Aaron Holliday 06/17/06, Jeanette and Ismail Rameriz 06/02/07, Monique and Ernesto Chavez 06/10/07, Summer and James McMasters 06/23/07!! And that's just for 2000 and later!!
If you're looking for a private, beautiful, enjoyable and stress-free, The Jones Victorian Estate is the site for you. We will plan your day together and make it an enjoyable experience to remember!! Call today (714) 744-1608 or visit our website at www.thejonesvictorianestate.com
Happy Anniversary!!!!