Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I wanted to wish all of my June Brides a Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary:
Casandra and Jarvis 06/03/00, Kris Ditmore 06/10/00, Carrie Andrade 06/17/00, Diane and Rudy Rivera 06/24/00, Ken and Vivian Walstrom 6/2/01, April and Glen Klimek 06/9/01, Lisa and Jose Villaneuva 06/23/01, Brandi and Scott Reindl 06/30/01, Katie and Corey Henniger 06/01/02, Jane and Jack Wang 06/29/02, Julie and Brian Holden 07/07/03, Jessica and Steve Frank 06/14/03, Nikki and Ryan Bertoni 06/21/03, Sarah and Russell Glass 06/28/03, Patty and Ralph Spada 06/05/04, Kim and Tom Rincon 06/12/04, Michelle and Michael Saravia 06/19/04, Amy Redmond 06/26/04, April and Milos Gabrilovic 06/04/05, Dawn and Ricardo Garcia 06/25/05, Melissa and Eric Marcus 06/10/06, Nicole and Aaron Holliday 06/17/06, Jeanette and Ismail Rameriz 06/02/07, Monique and Ernesto Chavez 06/10/07, Summer and James McMasters 06/23/07!! And that's just for 2000 and later!!
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Happy Anniversary!!!!

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