Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The definition of an ESTATE

According to the Oxford American Dictionary, "an Estate is a property consisting of an extensive area of land with a large house."  Wikipedia states: "the grounds surrounding a very large property." 
The Jones Victorian Estate is a true Estate with rolling hills and orchards of palm trees as our back drop. With all our towering Eucalyptus and Ficus trees, we have the freshest air in Orange County. 
Complete with its own private entrance, this  tree and flower lined drive is  over a 1000 feet long. (Please check out our drive pictures!!! They are unique and enchanting!)  We have our own private parking lot that includes valet parking for security and convenience. For an added romantic touch, our lagoon with waterfalls and water fountains are lush with flowers and plants to  create a memorable and unique Wedding experience! 
Are you tired of sites that host more than one event per day? Are you weary of the lack of privacy? Are you looking for something spectacular that won't completely break the bank?
It's a perfect venue for your private romantic event. With only one event per day, we specialize in creating a day from your ideas and dreams.  We are here to assist you throughout the
entire process. Call us today for your appointment to step back in time at this Historical Estate.

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