Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Hallowedding Posted Four TIMES!


Well, as Halloween night is coming to a close, our awesome Hallowedding was picked up by four... that's right, four websites to date!  Here they are:
1) The Frosted Petticoat
2) Paper Moon Weddings
3) Something Turquoise
4) Love Wed Bliss

It was so excited planning and shopping and designing and discussing and just having a ball with this themed wedding. I love the quote by Kristen, "Do what you want!"

So, you may or may not like this particular theme, but if you can take one suggestion from this post, it's this:
Everyone has their own ideas and comments, let them use it for their wedding.  The final decision
on what your special day will be, IS YOU. Don't forget that.  Be Bold! Have fun! Push the limit!

Thank you for reading!!
November 1st is right around the corner and I can hardly wait to see what is in store!!

Love and Smiles,
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate



Happy Halloween!
In honor of Kristen and David, here's their Hallowedding at the Jones Victorian Estate.
It was filled with lots of fun decorations and everyone had a spooky good time!

 Here's the entrance gate sign we designed... A perfect precursor for the event!!!

Here's beautiful Kristen and her mother getting ready!

 The Bridesmaid's all had different dresses but all carried floral, black lanterns.
The Groom, David! I added the skeleton with a bottle of "Love Potion #9!"

And the ring bearer carrying a mini-coffin... "Till Death Do Us Part!"

The guest book table was a blast to put together. I included different colored pumpkins in various sizes to go with her seating "fence." Added a few more of Kristen's Halloween touches and waaa laaa!

A heart made by the skeleton's hands, perfect! It went with your tights!!!

We added black crystals to the curlie willow for the ceremony. I added twinkle lights to the display after the wedding!

Here's the toasts! Dad in fine form as everyone dressed up for the occasion!

 What centerpiece at Halloween would be complete without a black candelabra?
There were three different types centerpieces but each had a spooky charm.

 What would you do for gift favors at a Hallowedding? Candy! You are right! Trick or Treat for sure!!

It was an amazing day with fun for all. Kristen and David allowed me the special pleasure of adding my creative touch to their wedding and it was a blast!
The best part of planning a wedding of this type is that they did it their way. I call it "My Way Wedding."

They loved how it turned out and I'm sure the guests are still talking about their special day!
I am!!!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Friday, October 26, 2012

Bridesmaid's Dresses: Soft and Flowing and Different!

Selecting Bridesmaid's dresses can be difficult at times... but not for the reason you may think.
Most of the time, the Bride really has an idea or the color of what she wants.
What often is missing is the belief that she can find it!

Here, Brianna had the confidence to go for it! She actually selected two colors; pink and grey, and 
let the ladies select the gown of their choice in those two colors.
What happened? 


The ladies looked amazing with gowns that fit each of their personalities.

Each gown was soft and flowing and was a wonderful accent to the Bride's gown!

Now these Bridesmaids and Bride are ready for the party!

I loved the two colors! 
I loved the softness of the dresses.
I loved that each dress was different.
I love these pictures!!!!
Congratulations Brianna and Christopher Romero!!!

A special thank you to photographer; Mr. Kevin Lee Voo for the pictures!!

Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

What are you thinking?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A New Slide Show!!


I just love new slide shows and this is definitely no different. sent over a slide show of Ashley and Ron's Wedding day here at the Jones Victorian Estate. The weather was clear and gorgeous, the flowers colorful and beautiful, the Bride breathtaking and fun and the day... spectacular!!

Thank you Michael for the incredible job. A big thank you to Ryan too for the overhead
shot of the ceremony and all the assisting you do so marvelously!!



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An Eleven Year Anniversary Note!

On September 15th of this year, I received a lovely email from Jamie Foley Hood.
Who's Jamie Foley Hood?
She's one of my Brides and she was married here 11 years ago!
I was so excited to hear from her and see her lovely family.
There is a lot to say about Facebook; good and bad. 
 The wonderful aspect of having a site there is connecting and seeing and enjoying. 
I wouldn't have been able to see her beautiful daughters and all their family pictures if it wasn't for Facebook... or at least as easily. 

So, Thank you Jamie for the beautiful photograph and note!!! 
I know I left you a message in September on Facebook, but I wanted to share it on my blog!!
A Great Big Congratulations to you, Mr. and Mrs. Hood, on your 11th anniversary.
Love to you and yours!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate