Friday, October 26, 2012

Bridesmaid's Dresses: Soft and Flowing and Different!

Selecting Bridesmaid's dresses can be difficult at times... but not for the reason you may think.
Most of the time, the Bride really has an idea or the color of what she wants.
What often is missing is the belief that she can find it!

Here, Brianna had the confidence to go for it! She actually selected two colors; pink and grey, and 
let the ladies select the gown of their choice in those two colors.
What happened? 


The ladies looked amazing with gowns that fit each of their personalities.

Each gown was soft and flowing and was a wonderful accent to the Bride's gown!

Now these Bridesmaids and Bride are ready for the party!

I loved the two colors! 
I loved the softness of the dresses.
I loved that each dress was different.
I love these pictures!!!!
Congratulations Brianna and Christopher Romero!!!

A special thank you to photographer; Mr. Kevin Lee Voo for the pictures!!

Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

What are you thinking?

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