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Haven't you heard? It's all in the details!
Why do the details matter?
Each of those special touches brings your personality to life, and what better place than your home and your wedding! 

If you are purchasing a car, you're deciding on the make and model, the color, the engine size, the interior, the special wheel treatment (some do!) and more before the final purchase...Right?

Wedding planning is really not that different! 
And, that's a perfect analogy for the Grooms that they will love!

Here at the Jones Victorian Estate, we offer so much more than just a location.
We offer the assistance, the care and the details in all our packages. 
Personalizing is our middle name... the Jones Personalizing Victorian Estate!

Your event should reflect your style and rather than being overwhelmed by the process, (did you get overwhelmed buying your last car?), this is the time for creativity (you can do it!), a time for fun (enjoying the planning equals a fun wedding day) and time that you can call your own, (seriously, it's your day!).

After all, it's your day and together we can make it grand!!
Without the extra rental costs.... check out some of these props!

Luggage, crates, silver trays, silver tea pots and smalls, and books!

An old dresser instead of a cake table, frames, assorted cake stands, pink depression glass.

Old wine barrels! Who says you can't get beer from a wine barrel?!

French doors, old doors, old windows, vintage china and
Chandelier lighting.

Shutters?! Right. Who knew they would be so cute for your seating cards. And, they re-purposed, we can use them as a vignette with the old bistro set...

Old gates with hearts... old pallets with hearts! Hearts? I love 'em.

Wine barrels as tables bases, old doors for table tops, old picnic baskets!!!

Silver and gold charger plates, old vintage blue trays, vintage tins, tea cups (stacked they are so impressive... table number or as a gorgeous accent), vintage napkins....

And of course, chandeliers and crystals. 

So, whatever your decorating style, let me help you find it!
Let's have some fun!

Call me or email me today!
(714) 343-1964 -
Have a fabulous day!
Michelle Gregory

OUTDOOR WEDDING AND RECEPTION VENUE the Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964 The way YOU want it!


The Jones Victorian Estate is a  hidden jewel in Orange that has been hosting events 1881!

We are all outdoors for a safe and wonderful event. Each event is personalized to you!!

 And we are dog friendly too!!

Call today (714) 343-1964





I recently saw a posting on line that mentioned us as a budget venue along with other venues that are just a house.  "Just a House" is an inaccurate description and in no way the Jones Victorian Estate.

So, I wanted you to know a few wonderful features that makes us so unique and absolutely wonderful:  

We are completely private on many acres of land.

We have a breathtakingly, beautiful drive (over 1,000 feet) into the property that is part of the Jones Victorian Estate!
We have our own parking lot that is fully serviced by our Valet. 

We have a secluded wedding site with water falls and beautiful surroundings.

We have a separate yet inclusive reception site that is accented with chandeliers and old street lamps. 

We have a rich history dating back to 1881. 

All of this and more is tucked into the hills of Orange for complete privacy. 

I work as your personal coordinator and stylist and together, we create your day based on your style and ideas.
 I am there every step of the way to make sure your day is as special as you are. 

So, make your appointment today and find out what thousands have experienced at the Jones Victorian Estate....

the Jones Victorian Estate

What's Included In An All Inclusive Package at the Jones Victorian Estate? (714) 343-1964 We are here for you!

Our packages are all inclusive but if you have been looking, each location's packages differ.
I know this without a doubt because I am constantly comparing!
So, in order to answer your question, here is a breakdown of everything we include.  

I love this picture of Kathleen and David... no they are not included! hehe

What's included in the Jones Victorian's All Inclusive Packages. besides love..

Wedding Stylist and Coordinator during the planning stages as well as the entire day of your event.
Set Up of All Detail and Accent Pieces
Valet Parking - Three to Five  Attendants 
Secured On-site Parking Lot
House Staff with Valet Attendants for greeting (first impressions are the best)
Old Time Lamp Post Lights with Twinkle Lighting Wrapped Posts
Guest Book Table
Guest Book Greeter - (House Staff) 
Gift Numbers, Scotch tape and Kleenex 
Guest Table Floor Length White Linens
Bride’s Room with Beverages and Lunch 
Men’s Room with Beverages and Lunch
Wedding Arch (White Wooden or Birch Tree Branch)
Lapel Microphone for Officiant
House Music System  as Guests Arrive, Hors d’oeuvre Hour and Dinner  
Bridal Bouquet  
Bridesmaid’s Bouquets  
Boutonnieres and Corsages  
Vintage Aisle Decoration
Hand Held Microphone System for  Toasts 
Custom 4' Banquet Bridal Head Table 
Guest Tables: 60” Round , 6 and 8' banquet style tables
Assorted Table Numbers
White and  Gold Chiavari Chairs
White Floor Length Linens
Choice of Color Linen Napkins
Vintage Floral Dinner China
Vintage Silverware: Dinner Fork, Salad Fork, Knife, Spoon
Stemware: Champagne Flutes, Water goblets, Wine Glasses
Votive Candles
Butter, Salt and Pepper Service
Coffee Service and Coffee Station
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade - Free Flowing
Iced Tea - Free Flowing
Mountain Water Bottled Water - Free Flowing
Custom Bar adjacent to our Old Wine Cellar
Old Vintage Wine Barrels for Design or display
Bartenders (2)
Bins, Ice Chests and Beverage Cups for the Bar
Cork Embellished Bar Menu Chalk Board or Large Gold Mirror Bar Menu
Wine Cellar Storage
Sous-Chef and Kitchen Staff
Customized Dinner Menu with Hors d’oeuvres
Dinner Menu Chalk Board, Mirror or Window
Tray Passed Hors d’oeuvres or Hors d’oeuvres Station
Silver Serving Trays
Buffet Tables
Buffet Linens - White Floor Length with Ruffled Top
Lighted Carving Station
Steak Knives with Wooden Handles
Salad Bowls and Supplies
Busboy and House Staffing
Cocktail Tables
White Floor Length Linens
Old Fashioned Bulb Lighted Dance Floor 
Professional Disc Jockey and M.C. for 5 hours
Gazebo with vintage dresser or cake table
Twinkle Lights for Ambiance
Vintage Crystal Chandeliers  
White Floor Length Linen 
Lace or Colored Overlays
Gazebo and Window Sill’s Decorations
Assortment of  Stands; Crystal Cake Stand, White Porcelain Cake Stand, Vintage Silver Cake Stand, Floral Cake Stand, 
Tree Stumps or Wooden Stick Stand 
Three Layered Wedding Cake - Your Choice of Flavors, Fillings and Design
Serving Utensils: Silver Cake Knife and Server
Cake Cutting and Service
Dessert Plates, Forks and Napkins
Vintage Plates for the Bride and Groom with Engraved “Mr.” and “Mrs.”  or "Bride and Groom" Forks
Rose Petal Formal Departure
Copy of the Marriage License - Certified Mailing
Pre-packing of the Wedding Gifts  and Accessories in Designated Automobile with Item List
End of the evening Clean-up of the Estate
And countless vintage decorative items such as vintage canisters, crystal and wood items
                                                                    WOW!! Right?!  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!! 
(714) 343-1964 -

Let's have fun!
Smiles and Love,
Michelle Gregory

Tree Branch Cake Stand made for the Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964

I have to tell you that I just love my job! 
As I look at these pictures, they just make me smile!

I want to send out a huge thank you to Susan's Father-in-law, Steve Moore, for creating the cake stand of her dreams. She had found a picture and that particular stand was really pricey! 
Steve came to the rescue and made it just for her!

  He even carved a heart with their initials, just like a real tree!!
We added birds to the limbs and flowers on top and waa laa, an amazing display!

 The cake was stenciled beautifully by ABC Cakes and a bird's nest was tucked beside it.

Hanging Birds in the windows, frames with canning jars filled with flowers on the lattice work, vintage blue/green corning ware on the window sills, they all added that special touch that made the cake stand the true centerpiece on the design!
Thank you again Steve! I love it!

There's always a solution! Let's get together!
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Flower girls, flower girls, a whimsical addition! The Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964

Are you thinking of adding a flower girl and/or ring bearer to your wedding party? Are you thinking maybe two, or maybe three, or even four, what about five?
Erica and Charles did just that! They had five beautiful little flower girls ranging from the age of 2 years old to 8 years old. We didn't think the 2 year old would make it but just having her in the wedding was magical.
Erica decided to do something different then a mini bouquet or a flower petal basket for her little girls. She came up with these "floral wands" idea and they were a huge hit!!
She started with a wooden dowel that she covered with ribbon. She twisted and wrapped the green stem of a silk peony around the ribboned dowel. She then hot glued more peonies to the top. Underneath the flowers, she added white polka dot organza ribbon bows along with a pink satin edged ribbon bows. Black and white stripe ribbon in long lengths were glued with pink polka dot ribbon and a tiny pink satin ribbon. Each dangling ribbon was a different length. We spray painted a galvanized tin bucket white and added ribbon and a button on top for decoration. It was a perfect choice to hold all the wands!!!
Erica loved baby's breath wreaths for the flower girls and they looked adorable.
Here she goes, she getting ready for pictures!!
It was wonderful to see the girls get along so well. As it turned out, the two 8 year old girls paired up and the two 6 year old girls paired up! Walking down the aisle with your new friend turned out to be perfect. We add animal crackers to the vintage quilt that they sat on and everyone had a great time.
Here's Erica with the first two flower girls, Kendal and Katalin. The others joined the group shortly there after.
Are you thinking of adding flower girls to your Bridal Party? They are so much fun and add a
magical touch! I'm here to help with goodies for them! Enjoy!
Thank you Brandi Barr Photography for the photos!


Aahhh, the beauty of outdoors!!

And, here at the Jones Victorian Estate, there are countless backdrops in which to celebrate the splendor of the environment...


Our famous drive...


And, playful.



New Sustainability Efforts for Weddings! It is easy at the Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964


SUSTAINABILITY! It is time and it is now.

The emphasis is on putting sustainability as a top priority in the wedding planning. So what does that mean exactly?

According to Junebugweddings: "When it comes to sustainable weddings, it's all about locally sourced and seasonal food, natural materials over plastic, recycled paper and goods, eco-friendly and all-inclusive venues, and mindfully choosing decorations (reusable is preferable).” 

I think we have all had enough waste of the throw away utensils, plates, cups and etc from 2020. We all should want to reduce are carbon footprints! 

The awareness of all the dumping  in the land fills is giving people new incentives not to waste but better, to find new ways to re-purpose. It is now all about purchasing locally (Etsy, farmer's market, or a garden supply for flowering plants), finding a venue with natural and beautiful backdrops that are all inclusive (YAY,  JONES VICTORIAN ESTATE), Meals that are based on raw ingredients from Farmer's Markets and even implementing VEGAN options,  finding local spirits (breweries in your neighborhood) for the bar supplies, local entertainment and prioritizing how ethical and sustainable practices are each purchase. It is about finding out about what they are buying and who they are supporting. 

At the Jones Victorian Estate, we offer all inclusive  events with vintage, mismatched China, vintage silverware, as well as re-purpose and recycled design elements to personalize each wedding to each Bride. 

According to google, here is a list that will help in making your event better:


  1. Incorporate natural elements in your wedding details. (such as living plants, tip eucalyptus leaves in gold paint or  branches)
  2. Choose reusable signage options instead of printed signs. (like the mirror above)


 3 Make upcycled wedding decorations.  (shutters, French Doors, frames, vintage china, tea pots etc)

4  Buy used wedding decor.  (borrow or rent!)

5. Choose reusable items over disposables. (definitely, like assorted stemware)

6. Select organic materials for your decor. (see below, the containers were covered with fabric)



Make an appointment today and let's plan your day together. With so many options, the real fun begins by bringing all the elements together.  AND, with our extended inventory, you don't have to purchase anything! We have them at NO EXTRA COST!



the Jones Victorian Estate  (714) 343-1964

CAPTURING THE MAGIC AT THE JONES VICTORIAN ESTATE - Beautiful, personalized events - Orange County Weddings


One of my favorite spots at the Jones Victorian Estate is the front picture window!

With the light that streams thru the lace curtains, the silhouette of the draperies and the Bride and Groom's eagerness to enjoy this moment, makes it all just perfect. 

Here is another beautiful silhouette!

Ooooo, black and white silhouette!!

  And, the Bride and Groom for that sneak peak.

Whatever your dream photo is, it is here at the Jones Victorian Estate.


A big thank you to Marcella Treybig Photography, Santiago Valencia Photography, Michael Jonathan Studios, April Smith Photography, and Kamee June Photography

Thursday, May 13, 2021

What is a Wedding Vignette? Ask Michelle at the Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964

What is a Wedding Vignette? 
According to Webster, "a small ornamental design filling a space in a book or carving, typically based on foliage."
To me...
"A Wedding vignette is a beautiful space with an intricate design based on detailed elements."
I love vignettes because they not only fill space but done well, the space has a personality all its own and adds a warm and charming feeling to the event. It gives the guests a peak into the personality of the Bridal couple. 
And, hopefully, they show case items that are special and important to you!

Here are a few Examples: 

We used an old door at the entrance to the back courtyard, where the ceremony is located. I felt it need a little more accent than just a door with a floral arrangement. So, for Sarah, I included a wonderfully vintage crate, vintage luggage, flowers, old tea set, books, lace, and the Bride's sign! 

Here, I used our old shutters for the seating arrangement. I painted them green and accented the shutters with not only the place cards but with photographs, vintage china and floral bouquets. To complete the look for Jade, I included an old Bistro set I painted white. 
(That's an old french watering can on the table.)

The entrance became more charming with the old door! The old door was accented by a galvanized floral box filled with flowers, lace and a special message painted on the window. 

Checkers anyone? This vignette was created with rocking chairs, an old window, galvanized tub, a watering can and a wine barrel. The wine barrel hosted a checker set I created by painting an old children's desk top. The checker pieces were cut from wood and the Bride and Groom's faces were added to the top of each piece. I found an old Checkers guide book on line and included that as well. 
The guest's loved it! 

Carissa found this lovely mirrored table that worked perfectly for her guest book table. She added the chair, the card box and the light. I added flowers and the window with the painted words "Guest Book,  xoxox Carissa and Lee" to complete the design. 

The French doors are one of my favorites for the guest seating. For Jessica, we added old crates with lace, flowers and succulents,  luggage, an engagement photograph, a vintage lamp and plates to create a lovely vignette between the French Doors. 

There are all sorts of elements that can be used to create something special for you.
I first start with "what do you love" and then the fun begins as we watch it evolve. 
What is your dream?
Call me today,
(714) 343-1964
Michelle Gregory
the Jones Victorian Estate

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR TEA PARTY WEDDING OR EVENT? at the Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964


Since all our events are personalized, why not have fun! 

What is your dream? An old fashioned Tea Party wedding? A big Blow out wedding and reception party?

A traditional elegant affair? A wedding and reception with personality? 

Whatever it is, the Jones Victorian Estate is an absolutely, enchanting location that is one of a kind.

Let's have fun!


(714) 343-1964


Wedding Trends for 2021! The Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964


Here comes the wedding trends for 2021! I sourced them from Harper's Bazaar, Pinterest, Greenweddingshoes, Wedgewoodweddings, Onefabday, Weddingwire, theKnot, countless blogs and even from the UK, all for a quick look at all the excitement!

1. RELAXED VIBES/BREAKING THE RULES: The couples are choosing to host less structured events with the emphasis on fun and designs that don't fit the classic mold. The celebrations  have more lavish decor, color, great food, entertainment and amazing photography. The focus is on mingling and conversation with quality over quantity.

2. HANGING ACCENTS: The florist are creating clever hanging florals from chandeliers, from wire, from lamps, whatever is up high. Sites are creating more overhead lighting with chandeliers, Chinese lanterns or large flowers, tiny lights, and bulb lighting. The results are stunning. Even at the Jones, we are adding more lights to our already stunning backdrops to create more magical appeal. 

3. SUSTAINABILITY: The emphasis is on putting sustainability as a top priority. I think we have all had enough waste of the throw away utensils, plates, cups and etc from 2020. It is spilling into the Wedding Industry and I am thrilled. They want to reduce their carbon footprints! The awareness of all the dumping  in the land fills is giving people new incentives not to waste. It is now all about purchasing locally (Etsy or a garden supply for flowering plants), finding a venue with natural and beautiful backdrops (YAY  JONES VICTORIAN ESTATE), Meals that are based on raw ingredients from Farmer's Markets and even implementing VEGAN options,  finding local spirits (breweries in your neighborhood) for the bar supplies, local entertainment and prioritizing how ethical and sustainable their wedding dress designer practices are. It is about finding out about what they are buying and who they are supporting.

4. OVERSIZED EVERYTHING (OVER THE TOP!): Is it a wonder? Since 2020's designs were rationed, it is the oversized fun with a HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR and BOHO (Bohemian) VIBE touches that are the rage. Large flowing bouquets,  long flowing veils, two gowns or dresses instead of one, Grooms with a change too, bouncing or groupings of balloons, sparkling hair accents, chandelier earrings, pearls, rhinestones and glitter galore,  and lots of accented colors of Ochre, Mustard, Buttery with lush greens, and the dusty hues are integrated into the theme.  I love the mismatching of China and these refresgubg color palettes.

5. HEIRLOOM INVESTMENTS: Connecting back to our past whether it is a grandmother's old China or her jewelry or even a gown, this is front and center. It is those relationships that were so devastated during this pandemic and the need to embrace them now is a priority. The treasured items that mean so much are being repurposed for and in the wedding decorations creating new memories with the accent of the past. Couples are bringing items such as candles, mirrors, and even furniture. It's about creating a personal atmosphere with history.  Here at the Jones Estate, we create just that. If you are missing those items, we have them here; vintage China, silverware, linens, quilts, chandeliers, crystal and more that will help link you to the past and history.  


6.  DIY: This is a year, DIY projects are not only being embraced but cultivated. With the enormous amount of tutorials on line, family and friends coming together to create one of a kind decorations. With the watchful eye of the Bride and Groom, these items are reflecting their style while bringing out the fun! 


7. OUTDOOR EVENTS: What can I say? The Jones Victorian Estate has hosted outdoor events for over 140 years. It does not get any better than that! The events might have fewer guests but the emphasis on close family and friends brings more meaning and love to the event and it has never been more necessary than right now. 

There is lots to look forward to in 2021 and beyond. Contact us today and let's see how we can make your dreams come true!


Michelle Gregory

the Jones Victorian Estate (714) 343-1964